Ethereum (ETH) – Análise de hoje, fim de tarde 02/06/2021! #ETH #Ethereum #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple

Hello everyone, I have a lot of people asking me to talk a little about FH's ethereum folks, it's eternal one follow your bull saga your bullish bias is confirmed in all indicators here, look what our Bolshoi ballet there is drawing with a Impossible leg a little more open than initially scheduled but never mind the most important fact is that aetherium has already crossed our mm200 from the bottom up, our dear 200-period moving average, see that we had difficulty going from the bottom to the top here on May 31, the ship at dawn from May 31 to June one then the paper gave who held the paper was the top line of the shimoku cloud that's why I say that a schmorl cloud with a thick relevant thickness is very important because it represents a powerful support up front, so it's this thickening of the thickness of the nervous schmorl novo in the greenish cloudiness up front it will be very important that it will represent a very powerful s support for ethereal but The hardest thing is serious, it was crossed from the bottom to the top anm200 that was the Mack is our private slab now the most relevant resistance of the empire is this band here, 2902 860, which is this congested region here that when it tried to overcome it already tested the bottom of the channel so it's the market has memory So this congested region that we know Also with this between 2 and 900 2800 it will be the next resistance band that is eternal will have to overcome But there won't be a problem it can even give a congested shape to suddenly a triangular figure to explode upwards, but nothing to stop it from completing this impulsive leg towards this congested lane here, it's going to be 3,400, 3,500 and it's going to arrive fast, ok guys, it's not take this step here when we get Bitcoin sideways or threatening to break this congested lane here, because the next Bitcoin target is 40 thousand 41 thousand that was this reg ion congested here, Bitcoin I can overcome it and it returned to the bottom of the high virtual channel so if Bitcoin hits $40000 when we look at the ethereal I'm already there in the range two three and 400 3500 Bitcoin actually it's aetherium actually is very sensitive to this disruption of Bitcoin is and this in relation to this Bitcoin needs to get rid of these last tops here Bitcoin seems that it is not managing to overcome 37/38 $1000 but it will when it gave up on overcoming this congestion band here and back to region of $41 42 thousand it will be one step away from returning to see the appeal of the region of 44 45 thousand dollars and then when we look at this impulsive leg of Intel it is already because ae th is one of those very high octane altcoins that go to the aetherium probably at the end of this cheating This bull run is for the tens of thousands of dollars and surpassing these two conditional ranges here in the region of 2800 2900 will catapult ethereum to this the region of 3,400 3,500 will probably get congested there, this crossing will get the all time High here in the region of 4,300 4400 ok guys, this is PH's record that is ending up concluding its impulsive leg to overcome this congestion region here between two and eight hundred 2900 and facing this next congestion here in the 13 500 region, it's good to control the asset by the purchasing forces confirmed by Trixie here in the Upper band of the metric in a little while I'll be back to do the late-afternoon analysis at btc

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