Ethereum (ETH) – Análise de hoje, 26/05/2021! #ETH #Ethereum #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple #ETH #Ether

Well guys, let's get a switch of ethereum aetha dime from a bio-group of men crossed ethereum The keltner channel from the bottom up in a very categorical and extreme way, see That schmorl cloud here condenses into green clouds here in projection for 26 good periods Which gives buying here on all indicators a very expressive increase in the autism movement here , As the amplitude of the double purchase that was not given an opportunity to the sellers here shows a volume This buying pressure on Mac Day, as the short exponential hit a false high – cross to Down now says it intersects from bottom to top, via short via slow which means the two lines have been crossed They have already established themselves in the upper range of the scale with a wavy buy-in capacity and that is not possible And sellers with this against these parents in the sellers are practically insignificant, must be weighed The turn is now a bit until the traffic starts over the green sector of the Timor cloud once Traffic begins here in the green sector from which r this catapult moves towards mm200 The next relevant resistance will be at 3.217, so people have ethereum in chickens They must face the upward movement how to resist as the next resistance 3203 1220 there are 303 1226 or tricks Reflect this case animation with the cursor pointing firmly upwards and already anchored in The upper range of the scale personally, and it will not be a problem to face the mm200 there should be some The resistance is here but the role of this etherium should penetrate from the bottom up with some ease Then face it higher without 3860 and who knows how to face it all the time at 4370 4370, So people get this analysis after a little while, I'll be back with some great opportunities From the crypto world, for anyone who wants to suggest analyzing some assets just put in the Messages tab

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