Ethereum (ETH) – Análise de hoje, 14/08/2021! #ETH #Ethereum #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple #ETH #Ether

Hi guys, it's serious as reported here on the channel for more than a week now 20:31 in Spain 15:31 in Brazil it was going to suffer a certain resistance in this range of three and three hundred here precisely because of this popcorn here in this series existing holders here O that preceded this Mega fall that led is th for incredible 1728 on Twenty-Third of May so this here're in the memory market market has memory and trend more you see that even with this cooled buyer momentum toward to our target is our next target that won't stop there, it's 3 and 6 and here it will make an aeterio refuse, it will make a scrap here at the height of 3,600 a wave so yes, test you back and there in the region of 4,372 4372 but the fact is that we had already reported this layer here with a series of supports and resistances that preceded this Edge of the Abyss here right ae th stayed here bordering The sovereign Abyss suddenly tumble came out of three and three hundred three 2 50 went to incredible thousand did the least in 1728 but it remains in the market's memory how it was to end Beira do Abysm This is the market gives a thought but the fact is that the hyper buyer is very strong the next relevant stop of the eternal is 3600 the doubt this little bit in the 26-period projection continues with both the upper and lower lines climbing towards Thirteen 600 on the Mac day despite this cooled down here from the exponential because invents that indicated a little downward migrated from the fifth quadrant to the third the fact is that already they should create a little belly of return in the wake of this undulating unfolding of the ethereum Roma 3600 ok guys in a little while I'll be back with an analysis of the net that the network gas breaths and whoever wants to suggest some analysis Just put it in the messages below the net here he ofanto who from Paris saint-germain big hug

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