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Hey guys let's move on from Ethereum, Eth, the coin of Vitalik buterin, the man who revolutionized the world of Encryption . in a day The thirteenth in the lower band of the Kelton Channel, was following this downfall of Bitcoin More quickly, the paper was actually back on the top bar of the Kelvin channel now and now in that one The moment the paper tests the top of the Kelvin channel and the top line of the Timor cloud what is Force the green cloud cover to open, and note that the cloud is still in it The cloud cover is red but is narrowed to create an amplitude of the green cloud cover Where the seller traffic has occurred to more than just exhaustion it has really created Wave amplitude of Jupiter's karate indicating a clear trend reversal It is the same mckidd method there is a short exponential roughly to the upper metric scale a And the long exponential signal line is going in the same direction, so I opened up that force of Jupiter's motion Already in the histogram is a wide ripple of Jupiter's personal aetherion giving upward strength Savage is now at $ 4,077 for gimmicks even though it's still at the Band America Bottom Already to the top strongly it should now migrate to the top of the range aeterio it has nothing Talking about the right person, she has brutal basics that this block has revolutionized my world Crypto practically all cryptocurrencies listed on coinmarketcap at least who were in the top 20 places At some point the erc20 code was from the ethereal network, and I talked about fund-raising For their own air ventures, they have been the main ones responsible for the boom An anxiety that was there in a good 2017 that was created in that beginning even this gas war IOS iasi connects all these blocks at some point in time 20 tokens from here from ethereum And where their anxiety shifted and they wanted erc20 for their own cloud endings, So she is an eternal character who transcends history, she revolutionized the world segment that contains brutal essentials, Network centrality is unmistakably good, as people are on the high default channel This personal technical analysis but works on a very aggressive virtual high channel with Some needles are outside the channel and their needles are in the channel if they forget here, It's likely to take an all-time high this high kick now at 4079 Dollars and you'll find resistance for me only at 4373 and she'll probably climb that streak The top here of this virtual channel is high and is running successively for the root team because it is even those The moment Ester didn't reflect all this blackout it is Bitcoin aetherio that saw Bitcoin out $ 10,000 exceeds the all-time high of Bitcoin itself.

It was in 2019 1900 and a few dollars 20 A thousand dollars in the great 2017/2018 I stood there in the language there between a thousand and a few cos in dollars and every Once the iPad was high in 2017/2018 it was $ 1,300 1,500 and now only are you serious that you are Reflect all this evaluation of Bitcoin as follows in your own role in wake Appreciate all changes. And Perez is unimpeachable In fact, ninety-eight percent of all clips in the current top 20 were actually in At some point in their history the erc20 code from the network until I already talked about the history of those Currency The story of the story of the Vitalik buter in the ability to create the first block To be able to run applications and smart contracts, so it is essential not to talk about it who will be responsible The eternal symbol of Oi for the traditional financial market is what Is already happening. Guys here, my analysis is there, seriously in my reading For the market, it achieves that and is respect for this high virtual channel for me, the next phase of The Empire is breaking this time and is high at 4373 of course it has a rendezvous With this peak at 4241 you will quickly beat this peak to get to 438 4373 which is a counter turn At least $ 5,000 at this new station will potentially climb this upper line of the canal For the Shimoku Cloud to once again meet a temptation of over $ 4000, well, that is My Ethereal Analysis Anyone who has any suggestions for analysis can put the name of the origin in the messages Below and I find a good opportunity from the crypto world to report a big hug again

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