Ethereum (ETH) – Análise de hoje, 09/09/2021! #ETH #Ethereum #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple #ETH #Ether

Yeah guys, let's see ethereal a coin by vitalik buterin now 16:10 here in Spain in Brazil 11 and 10 in the morning you see it's eternal she's respecting this high virtual channel despite the violence of this stab on September 7 that she tested the bottom of this channel she even made 3005 US dollars a brutal sting But she is forming now Kendalls with real bodies sellers ever smaller for now rehearsing creation of a real body greenish buyer is likely that it is popping here between 4000 and little and testing eventually the lower edge of this virtual channel of high numba injury just like she is promoting to a Bolshoi ballet so there to go at some point she will unfold to break her all time High which is at 4,372 to go get her new track This is the angle of aggressiveness with which the ethereal is climbing, you can see that even with the brutality of this drop in the 26-period projection of both the upper and lower lines of the ichimoku cloud in the 26-period projection remained, the two parallel flats remained, and the upper, which is more skittish, which is lower, which is more conservative, did not indicate downwards, remained flat and is a very strong sign of Dominho still the buying forces here MEC says only confirms this with the slow and short exponential fixed here in the third quadrant of the upper band of So folks metric follows the ball aeternum the tag with its upward bias she barely managed to migrate to the lower band the Keltner channel ie buying pressure continues brutal even by virtue of this needled brutal that tested the the lower edge of this virtual channel high she kept here in the upper band of the Keltner channel and now that time the quotation's there in 3528 almost a little above the upper line of the coconut cloud in the projection that is at 3530 ie This demonstrates the pressure of buyers on aetherium which is one of those altcoi very high octane ns that you must have in your wallet in a little while I'll be back for Solana's analysis whoever wants to suggest some analysis Just put in the messages below big hug

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