Ethereum Demand HIGHEST Ever (#1 Reason Price Isn’t BUDGING)

ethereum am i right you guys act sometimes like i'm up here giving you advice i'm not taking myself half of my portfolio is in ethereum trust me i wanted my 2500 by valentine's day prediction to be correct it honestly felt like it was a slam dunk but it didn't turn out to be correct so what gives what exactly was holding aetherium back because one thing's for certain there's no way ethereum should be sitting around eighteen hundred dollars only up a hundred bucks while during the same time bitcoin's up over twenty thousand dollars just as i promise i've dug into the research in the charts and i believe i've found the culprit and it's an old foe find out who it is and the thing that could be keeping eath from mooning in your portfolio let's get it bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges bitswap gives you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to subscribe and smash that like button your ethereum bags got you mad as hell and you won't take it anymore also if you want to trade ether bitcoin on leverage you can do that at buy bit we've been crushing the market lately and we want to help you to be able to do that as well find out more by visiting deals and going to the buy bit and market cipher sections please be responsible with your trading now in this video we're going to get down to brass tacks what the heck is happening to ethereum well bitcoin's been busy busting through all-time high after all-time high and significant jumps as well not small jumps but ethereum's just been slowly plotting along and i'll be honest with you this reminds me of early november and late december during these times bitcoin had hit its stride in november finally getting over 12k ethereum was still under 300 bucks and not really budging late december bitcoin had hit all-time highs and ethereum was dropping back below 600 now if you remember correctly we actually changed all of our ethereum over to bitcoin in early december and then back to ethereum mid-december by christmas i was really questioning that decision we're gonna find out a little bit later exactly why that was but those moments when i found myself doubting the most doubting what i knew was the right decision or the darkest times right before the sun came out and busted leg after leg making all-time highs types of explosive moves only elon musk and tesla can give bitcoin and this is where we find ourselves today another dark knight for ethereum well i certainly would have liked for ethereum to reach my v-day prediction it didn't happen but that doesn't mean it shouldn't have because it should in fact the fundamentals have never literally never been more bullish for ethereum every dj in the world is calling for vitalik's head after gas fees have mooned way quicker than the eth price this is making it hard to work within ethereum d5 platforms and crushing smaller traders but is this really holding the price back well i think not here's why it literally discourages people from making eat transactions including selling eth or sending it into exchanges it would seem to me that this should actually help the price on some level but back to the fundamentals here exchange eats balances have dropped 9 so far this year since january 9th even though the price is up 30 during that same span now what conclusion can we draw from this even though ethereum is up big time people aren't sending it back into exchanges to sell this taps into the long-term potential over 2021 that most investors feel ethereum has now check out this chart here the green line is the price while the teal line is the amount of holdings and wallets ranging from 100 000 to 1 million each now since the beginning of february they're increasing their holdings pretty strange right don't you think the smartest money knows when they should be increasing their holdings and look closely at the end of december and you will see just how the big money perfectly aligned with the prize increase then they sold off restocked and are now ready for the next run on top of this we got the huge bullish news from coinbase yesterday they're going to support each 2.0 staking for their customers this means all users have to do is lock up their ethereum for a term and get up to 7.5 apr on their investment way more than you guys are making on the skunks market and you know it but the ease at which new people to crypto will be able to stake is incredible now if you missed our staking video from yesterday don't forget to watch it by clicking above then we add in the fact that there are two areas where we're seeing explosive growth for ethereum first we have the nft market don't laugh people love their collectibles the total market value of nfts right now is 250 million dollars with a 2 800 percent growth 2020.

And this will be a multi-billion dollar market in the next few years there's so many new use cases coming out for nfts i'm telling you guys many people have a very small view of what these tokens will do for the world and blockchain we here bipolar crypto are doing a ton of stuff within ft collectibles as well you can check out our nft collection on wearable by visiting we aren't making any more nfts on wearables and once these are gone they're gone we have a bitboy deck builder nft game coming out on wax and of course we will be putting out more nfts on various platforms in the future but celebrities are coming out of the woodwork in order to jump on this craze including post malone logan paul mark cuban chamoth palo hapatiya and others but then the second explosion we're seeing for ethereum and this is the absolute key metric you need to be looking at is institutional demand melton de mears the cso for coin shares says the institutional demand for ethereum is at levels never seen before think back to the whale address chart we looked at earlier 80 of inflows in crypto last week 175 million dollars went into ethereum not bitcoin not cardano not polka dot aetherium process that so somehow 80 of the inflow is going to eat bitcoin bumps like 40 percent and it doesn't budge something ain't adding up here even a quick glance at the e-t-h-e grayscale truss volume reveals a seemingly large drop but when you take into consideration there was a 9 to 1 stock split on the spike see the volume dropping here is just an illusion it's actually as high as ever in addition great skill also is extremely bullish for later this year when eip 1559 gets approved and implemented this could cause the price of ethereum to absolutely explode as billions of dollars in each start getting burned each year crazy bullish so i want to go back to our whale address chart something i want you to see i want you to think about how much money we're talking in these addresses minimum 180 million dollars worth now focus into the top right side of the chart see that drop there at the end right before it starts to head back up who has so much money that they could even scare people with 180 million dollars worth of ethereum into selling because that's what happened there we have you out there definitely blackrock grayscale and i'm sure a few other institutional funds the fact is institutions are definitely playing a role in holding the price back they want you to sell so they can buy more i don't think there's any question that is definitely part of what is happening here now we are even getting public fund stories from places like yahoo finance telling you that it's time to bail on ethereum so let's see if we can find a strategic partner in dumping ethereum to keep the price low enough for institutional investors to get in and for this we turn back to our old pals f2 pool if you're newer to the channel or missed my live stream tirades f2 bull is pretty universally recognized as the reason for all the bitcoin dumps in january and early february we showed you how each of the major bitcoin dumps were directly linked to large amounts hundreds of millions of dollars of bitcoin being sold off by one of the largest mining pools of 2 pool sometimes thousands of bitcoins sold off in as little of a time span as an hour these guys are good at hiding where the bitcoins going to but bad at hiding the overall outflows and i gotta say had to dig pretty deep because the f2 pool ethereum outflows aren't as easy to tell as the bitcoin ones there is no nice little chart on crypto quant but i did find this one showing that f2 pool is the second largest ethereum mining pool you kind of see where all this is going i'm sure so let's see what their ethereum outflow is according to little known website bitquery first i want you guys to notice this date december 23rd this is the day i suffered my worst liquidation ever at that time and certainly my worst eat liquidation ever christmas eve eve if you will tj and i sat across the office at our desk just staring at each other blankly is the price unexpectedly dumped when everything seemed so bullish we even had a large green dot at the bottom of market cipher on that day now let's see if you can figure out which one of these candles was december 23rd without seeing the dates selling off 8 000 each in one day can do that once again you think these guys sell because they're fearful not quite they dump because they're shorting the price down because they know that their selling will drop in the market more this is how price manipulation works these guys are masters of it maximizing their mining rewards is what they call it so let's fast forward to my valentine's day prediction keep in mind this channel is firmly in their crosshairs everybody knows what i predicted we're the biggest crypto channel in all the interwebs by a good bit suddenly on february 13th magically they sold off another 8 000 each this time an actual much larger 14 million eath dump in one day not only that but their massive selling triggered a major market sell-off over the next two days so when did they do this of course exactly as ethereum hits an all-time high and i tell you guys two thousand dollars by the end of the weekend should be a sure shot see once ethereum cleared 1850 2k should have been right on the way the technicals have been screaming at some of the fundamentals but the good news is that now f2 bull has done a major dump and of course we continue to shine flashlights on those little cockroaches it should stop it is literally stopped every time we've called them out and i think these cockroaches are seeing i'm not letting up on this dollar cost average out or face the consequences my light is bright and i got batteries for days you cannot hide so hopefully either will be moving full steam ahead to 2k and then 3k within weeks afterwards but what do you guys think is it the institutions f tubal or a combination i think the evidence here is pretty damning and very obvious but let me know your thoughts along with when you believe eat will finally clear 2k that's all i got be blessed good boy out [Music] you

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