Ethereum DeFi’s Top Ranked STAKING Altcoins Revealed!

Eggg Yolk, what is going on with my people,
my crowd..who I like to call the viewers of the tube! If it’s your first time here, my name is
Tyler the host of the crypto channel that hopefully doesn’t put you to sleep like
this putty tat getting beautifully lullabied by his master….WAKE UP. Cuz it’s time for Chico Crypto! Staking cryptocurrency. It’s one of the easiest ways in the industry
to earn passive income, by just doing what you usually already do HODL. With the smart contract king Ethereum on it’s
way to proof of stake, the case for staking is going to get a significant boost as this
will be the first times, a robust DECENTRALIZED network with many dapps, users, and actual
transactions will be functioning as proof of stake and not proof of work. So I mentioned before my break I was going
to be diving into my favorite stackable coins besides what will be Ethereum, and that is
what we are going to do today…plus some tips and tricks for each of them.

So let’s begin with one of my newest holds,
which I haven’t made a fully produced video on, but has been mentioned in my livestreams. Which keep on getting shadowbanned so if you
don’t tune in for those, MAKE SURE NOT TO MISS THEM! What coin is that? Energy Web? Nope but it has something to do with them. The coin is Kusama, and as they always say,
the coins tagline….EXPECT CHAOS! So what is Kusama? It’s the experimental, developer version
of Polkadot….Gavin Woods interoperability protocol. yes the Gavin Wood, OG founder of Ethereum
who led the creation of Solidity and the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

So experimental version Chico? Do you mean like a testnet for Polkadot? Well yes & no. Kusama is more than a testnet, as it’s live
and the tokens have value. There are real world economic consequences,
for holes in dapps, smart contracts, and the code developed. So no it’s not a testnet, like Ethereums’s
Ropsten or even Eth 2.0 as those tokens are worth zilch. This is a proving ground for robust, enterprise
level dapps and smart contracts because it allows the teams and developers who will eventually
build them to first build and deploy a parachain or try out Polkadot’s governance, staking
and validation functionality in a real environment…the Kusama environment.

So, what I like to think of Kusama as, is
a place where true innovation will happen as that is what Kusama was built for, to reward
developer innovation for the Polkadot network. Kusama is the pre-production environment for
any new Polkadot feature… So staking how in the hell do you do it with
Kusama? Well since Kusama, is in its infancy stages
the solutions built, are the in house ones, which require a bit of crypto knowledge.

So if you are just looking for a wallet, that
automatically does it for you….you aint getting that with Kusama. YET. So, the first thing we need to do is download
Polkadot and Kusama’s browser extension…basically their version of metamask. You can download it from the google play store
and for the firefox browser, links are in the description! Once downloaded, run through the setup of
a new account, which are steps you should remember, like a seed phrase, and more. Once you have your address, it’s time to
get Kusama sent to it. Not going to recommend any exchanges, but
you can use Coingecko to see where it is trading. Once you have some Kusama at your created
address, it’s time to start staking! To do this, we need to open up the polkadot
web application, the link for that is also in the description. Once you are here, it will ask to connect
to your address, allow it…and next we need to change from polkadot to the kusama network,
the first on the list is aOK! Click save & reload.

Once connected to Kusama, go to staking on
the left menu…and then on the top menu, click account actions. To the right there will be a stash button
with a plus symbol, click that. Now in the pop menu, you will enter the number
of Kusama you would like to stake in the value bonded section. We will do 100 as the amount you stake should
be no larger than 95 percent of your available amount, they warn you right there. Now click bond to continue, make sure you
have the slider set to sign, confirm and then sign the transaction through your address. Finally wait a bit but look how fast that
is confirmed. Now we have a stash, and it’s time to nominate
who we will be staking with. Click nominate, and built in they will pick
the most profitable validators to stake with in Kusama, but you can also deselect and stake
with whoever you choose.

We will do the automatic, confirm and sign….then
wait, and it should confirm after a bit! And we are staked, which we can see the details
of, and stop at anytime…one thing I really like about Kusama, is the ability to drop
a stake in an instance. Stats on this are to be seen, but I will make
sure to come back to all coins talked about in this video.

Now..The next coin I would like to highlight
is that good ole 0x protocol as I’m sure some of you hold the tokens, but aren’t
staking them when you should be because it’s super easy & they have awesome tools built
to help you pick the most profitable pools to stake with…and that is the 0x staking
wizard, link for that is also in the description. So, 0x is an erc20 token, and the staking
wizard directly connects to a metamask or coinbase wallet, simple easy and quick. That is what we like to see.

Then it asks you your stake amount, you can
manually put it in, or select a percentage. We will do 100 percent for this example…ten
it shows you, throught the wizard, the most profitable market maker to stake with…and
that is VollyFire in our example, and they are sharing 33 percent of their market making
staker fees, with those who stake with their pool. So lets do it! Just click next, and then approve tokens. Sign the transaction, from your ledger or
wallet, wait a bit……then it will come up with a confirmation, and as we can see
the next epoch starts in 5 days, which means that is when our stake begins. Staking rounds go for 1 week, so in total
our ZRX will be locked for 12 days, and by staking with volley we are giving 50 percent
of our voting power away. If you accept, click stake…wait for a bit,
and you should get a congrats…you can go to the dashboard, and check your account to
make sure your stake is pending.

We are good to go! And finally, your boi Chico has to end it
with a coin, that’s going to get the major upgrade of staking and the rewards come in
the form of ethereum. You talking about Ethereum staking swope? Nope, as I have recently covered just that. Rocketpool? Nope as I covered just that too. I’m talking about Kyber network, and their
Katalyst upgrade hopefully coming by the end of the month. So this upgrade yes has staking for KNC holders
like myself and thus value creation, but it also does 2 other things, which create a self
reinforcing loop.

Powers network growth, and improves the decentralized
liquidity for the network ecosystem. Which means the goal of this upgrade, is for
Kyber to become the single liquidity point, where DEXs, Swap protocols, automated price
reserves, and the kyber reserve all power the dapps and products of the growing web3
ecosystem. But there is one thing at the heart of the
upgrade, which is misunderstood. The KyberDAO, where certain parameters and
changes of the protocol will be left to the community to vote on and decide the outcome
& for their participation they will be rewarded with staking rewards from the networks fees. So in Kyber right now, over 70 percent of
collected fees from token swaps on the platform are used to purchase and burn KNC tokens,
while the other is distributed to top performing reserves…which from kyber tracker we can
see from the over 6.8 million in collected fees, over 4.9 million of those have been
burned and destroyed.

But with Katalayst this changes the fee allocation
model from 2 parts to 3, you have of course the burn, and rewarding reserves, but also
staking…and the DAO votes on how this allocation is broken up percentage wise. For example, 10 percent burn, 10 percent for
reserves, and 80 percent for staking, which of course are paid in that sweet sweet ethereum. Which once the beacon chain launches, and
ETH 2.0 gets rolling, you could then stake, your staking rewards. So, I gotta end this video with a tune…YEEEAHHHH
Stake it up baby now, stake it baby….Chico’s out, Chico’s out…come come come swap it
now, come on baby. Cheers I’ll see you next time!

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