Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2020 to 2021 – ETC Price Prediction | The Top Coin

If you're new to the world of cryptocurrency and 
seeing the name Ethereum Classic may confuse you.   You might have seen Ethereum being traded. You 
could be wondering if they were in fact the same.   Ethereum and Ethereum classic are two separate 
cryptocurrencies but do share similar frameworks.   They were once a singular cryptocurrency after an 
incident in 2016 where a hacker stole 50 million   dollars from them. There was an inevitable split 
as half of the company wanted to go in a different   direction.

They thought that would be safer. 
Ethereum Classic is still focused on being a   decentralized currency and still has people loyal 
to it. However, Ethereum has gone in a different   route and is now not only a cryptocurrency but 
also a developer tool that many major companies   such as Microsoft use. This is led to many people 
jumping ship to Ethereum as it has more name-value   along with its new business model. It is much 
safer in the event of a crypto market crash.   People do still trade in Ethereum Classic although 
it isn't worth as much as Ethereum these days.   Ethereum price as of now is 533 Australian 
dollars. Ethereum Classic as of now is 7.52   Australian dollars. We already know from the most 
recent crypto research report that Ethereum will   show an increase in value over the next five 
to ten years but what about Ethereum Classic?   According to the economy forecast agency, Ethereum 
Classic will not show much of an increase going   into 2021.

In fact, we will see a small dip 
throughout the year by December of next year.   Ethereum classic will be worth 3.32 cents its high 
will come in February where it will reach 5.41.   This is concerning for anyone who 
is still trading in Ethereum Classic   as there does not appear to be any kind 
of spike coming within the next year.   Should you sell your Ethereum classic now? As it 
stands with the predictions, it would be best to   sell now and at the latest in may of next year 
as after that we will see a consistent decline   over the next two years. The market could 
always change due to unforeseen events   such as the crash of Ethereum but just going 
by the predictions it might be time to sell it.   Just to reiterate these are only predictions 
and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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