Ethereum About to GO BERSERK! (Bitcoin & Crypto Run COMING)

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto!
This is your daily crypto wrap-up. A little bit earlier than normal, but how much is this going to be
for the next 45 minutes anyways? Listen. Everyday on this channel,
I give you, at this time of the day, today's crypto news in about four minutes,
three minutes, two minutes, 17 minutes, usually around three. Let's go ahead and jump into it here.

Bitcoin, am I right? $60,918 Holding tough around the $61,000 mark. We're going to talk a little bit more about that. But look at Ethereum. $4,296 It's up 8.7% today. We are on the cusp of new all-time highs for Ethereum. I suspect we may see them by the morning. BNB coming in $500. Look down here at some action. We have DOGE overtaking SHIB. I got a memecoin. I got a memecoin for y'all. Should I give it to you? I'm not going to give it to you in this video,
but I got a memecoin that somebody told me, someone who knows intricately
the beginnings of Shiba, so the Shiba people are getting
ready to push this new coin. It went up like 600% today. We bought like $50,000 worth, but I don't want people to say I'm shilling it,
so I really don't want to give you the coin.

But be aware. There's a new coin coming to roost,
a new memecoin. Maybe I'll tell you later in the week. We'll see. I won't be on the live stream tomorrow,
so who knows when it will be? Alright. Let's look at the biggest gainers of the day. We have DOGE up 26%. SafeMoon is above that, but who cares? We're not going to talk about SafeMoon. It's a scam. We got Dogecoin coming in 26% up.

We got Decentraland. Decentraland coming in at a big move today, 25%. Now, why did Decentraland move? Well, Facebook rebranded.
We'll talk about that in a minute. Metaverse is a big deal, guys. We have, let's see, other 10% gainers, we got Qtum, Secret, ECOMI
off of the Disney news, Polygon up 18.5%, SPELL up 20%. I don't know anything about SPELL. You know about SPELL? Drop it in the chat. Drop it in the comments. Alright. Let's go ahead and look at
the biggest news of the day.

Biggest news of the day, Facebook going all in on the metaverse. We talked about this on Around the Blockchain. They are rebranding. Their new name is going to be Meta. But not only that, they're going to push NFTs through their metaverse. We're going to be having much more
metaverse content from you guys coming up in the next few weeks, so pay attention to that. Then we have here a market wrap-up, Bitcoin heads to $61,000 ahead
of the options expiry tomorrow. Watch for tomorrow to build
a very strong support level. I don't know where that number is going to be, but it looks like we're going to see Ethereum
probably at all-time highs tomorrow, so definitely something to pay attention to there. That could push the entire market up. Last story of the day, memecoins. Memecoins have now triggered triple-digit
gains from BSC-based altcoins.

Why? Why are the Binance
Smart Chain coins moving up? It's because that's where all the degens live. And by degen, we mean the people
that get in the very low cap, really volatile, really risky areas of crypto. They're all over on Binance Smart Chain. So, if that's what you want to do, hey, a lot of those are going up. Be careful. There's a lot of scams on BSC.

So that's all I got.
That's all your crypto news for today. BitBoy out. Also, be blessed..

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