Ethereum $2,500 NOW (Strongest Case For $25,000 ETH)

– It is inevitable that it's going to happen at some point.
– It is. Of course, it's going to happen
in the next few weeks or maybe in the next few months, – but inevitably Bitcoin is going to reach $80,000.
– Yeah. – I think we can both agree on that, right?
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Carl from The Moon channel on YouTube to talk about the charts.

What are we seeing with Ethereum? What is a potential price point
we could be looking at? And could we still be looking at an Ethereum
price of over $25,000 for this bull run? Carl seems to agree.
It looks like it's possible. Now, if you want to take advantage
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where the price of Ethereum is going, you're definitely going to want to check it out. Alright, let's go ahead and jump into the video. Hey, everybody! After a week off,
I'm once again joined by my friend, Carl from The Moon channel on YouTube. Glad to have you here. The markets are going crazy. How are you doing this week? Hello, I'm doing very well. Yeah, the markets are exploding. Altcoins are exploding. Ethereum is exploding. Bitcoin is doing well.

I think this is a great time to be alive in crypto. So I think congratulations to all of us here. That's it. I mean, that's the ticket. Everybody who's been in crypto who
has made it through the bear market, or if you got in early in this one, you're doing great. And we think there's more to come as well.

And, guys, if you're watching my channel, you know, and you have not
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and support Carl. But let's talk about what's going on
right now in the markets. What are we seeing? Are we near a top? What's your analysis telling you right now
about what we're seeing? Yeah. So, last time we spoke,
I was very bullish on Ethereum. And let's just go into the chart and we can take
a look at what happened ever since that time.

Alright, so this is Ethereum price
against the US dollar. And last video that we made together,
I was talking about this double bottom pattern here, where we see a neckline up there at $1,900 and these two valleys
or whatever you want to call it. And so two weeks ago, I was showing you guys here on BitBoy's channel, we were talking about this,
that if we break this level here at $1,900, then we can make a fantastic trade together, where we go up and we want
to take profits at our target. – And–
– Now, we actually have a clip of that if we want to see what we talked about
last time to catch people up. So we're going to show that clip right now. Exactly. We want to see the targets. And we can do this down to the bottom of this point. We'll put this up like this at the point of the breakout. And this gives us a target of approximately $2,600. Yeah, so in that clip, you can see
that the targets that I was showing was calculated like this.

I will pull this up at the point of the breakout, which happened literally just a few hours
after that video was posted. And you can see that we're getting extremely
close to my target right now. The target was approximately $2,550. And exactly as I predicted, we're getting very, very close now. You can see we're already up 28%
approximately against the US dollar, which is absolutely massive obviously
because if you put in a trade with 10X leverage, then chances are you're up approximately
300% right now on this trade. So a big shout-out to everyone who
watched this video two weeks ago – where we were talking about this.
– Yeah. And– and, yeah, we're getting closer
and closer to that target right now. And that's why I think it's important
that we're making this video now to show that with simple technical analysis,
we can definitely predict these moves here. And actually, BitBoy, I know
that you are right as well. You were calling for $2,500 Ethereum as well. – Just like that– / – We've actually– We've actually been calling
for it for two months now.

– So it didn't want to pick up the phone.
– Yeah? It didn't want to answer, okay? But now, we finally have got the answer. We're very close to $2500. And I know I'm excited.
My people are excited about it for sure because we're going to have a Valentine's Day party. And I'm going to wear a Cupid costume
for $2500 by Valentine's Day.

But, Carl, I want to talk, so last, when we had our last video,
we talked about kind of the range, right? $2400 to $2600 is kind of what we were looking at. And right now, you know, is we've gotten very close. I mean, you know, on Bybit for instance,
I think it was only $5 away or less from hitting $2500. We got a little bit of a rejection off that level. What do you kind of see playing out? Like, we've been talking about on
this channel $2500 for so long. Now that we're basically there, like, what are kind of the next places
people should be looking? – Yeah. So–
– I understand we might have a correction. When we're trading at all-time highs like this, it's very hard to predict the next leg
unless you have a clear pattern.

For example, we had this horizontal triangle,
which broke out, and we had this double bottom. And because of these two patterns, I was able to predict this next leg up
because it basically made sense. But right now, we have to kind of wait and see. And while I'm talking,
we can also talk quickly about the fact that we saw a small inverse
set of shoulders here, and these things, if you pick them up
real quick in the chart, you can make these quick trades. This is just for educational purposes here. You can see that if you trade this
above the neckline, you can see that boom, this broke out, and you could have made a nice trade there. But for the next leg for Ethereum, – I would go over to Ethereum against Bitcoin.
– Yeah.

And before I zoom out here, we can see that we actually saw a nice
little diamond pattern form here, and Ethereum broke out here, and I made a few videos about this on my channel. – And we're getting closer to that target.
– Yeah. So the target here is actually 0.04 Bitcoin, but we're very close to this target already. What I want to do is I want to zoom out. – I want to zoom out and take a look at
– Okay. what is Ethereum doing against Bitcoin? Because even though Ethereum is exploding
right now and doing very, very well, we have seen nothing yet in my opinion against what
we could see in the next few weeks and months here if Ethereum continues this trend of gaining
momentum against Bitcoin.

So, what we can see here is that
we have higher highs, higher lows, higher highs, higher lows, higher highs, higher lows, so basically we're seeing a trend here of Ethereum
going higher and higher against Bitcoin. And everyone knows that Bitcoin is going up in value. And if Ethereum is going up in value against Bitcoin, – then Ethereum is going to explode obviously
– Yeah. because that means that it's going
to slingshot past Bitcoin. – I'm not–
– Cool. I love that. Yeah, yeah. Right? This is very possible. I'm not recommending to put all
of your Bitcoin into Ethereum, but I do believe it's reasonable
to keep exposure to Ethereum because these things can explode
when they happen, right? One level that is obviously very important
right now is the previous high we saw right there, at 0.0456 Bitcoin approximately, the previous high.

If we break this level, then I think that we could
definitely see another pop to the upside. – And then– Yeah.
– That should be crazy. And let's play with some numbers. Let's say we were to come up to this level, which is previous big resistance
and support here in the Ethereum chart against Bitcoin, then this could indicate that Ethereum could go up
another 37%, 34– or 38% maybe against Bitcoin. So that could put Bitcoin– or Ethereum
well above $3,000, closer up to $4,000. And I think that we can definitely
go even higher than this. Look at this. I mean, Ethereum was
all the way up here at 0.12 Bitcoin. So, there you could see that be– like, Ethereum could go 3X,
maybe 4X, against Bitcoin – Yeah.
– based on previous historical analysis. However, I would not expect that. – That's kind of the extreme.
– Yeah. But let's say somewhere in between. – What if we go up to–
– That's about where I'm looking at. – That's funny you're drawing that right there.
– Yeah? That's about 8%.

– 8-9% is the range I'm looking for
in this bull run for it to get to.
– Yeah. Yeah, I like this level. I like this level. It's kind of a middle ground. – It's not an extreme.
– Yeah. And it's not overwhelmingly bearish. It's somewhere in between. And if we're to see Ethereum top out here, then this could take Bitco– or Ethereum up– let me see here real quick. So that could let Ethereum double against Bitcoin
in the coming maybe three or four months or during this bull cycle. And from these levels, this means that Ethereum could easily go up to,
let's say $5,000 or something like this, right? But I think that Bitcoin is also going
to double or maybe triple – or maybe even quintuple,
– Exactly. so this means that something like $10,000 or even
$20,000 or higher for Ethereum is very possible. And honestly, if you really crunched
the numbers, you can see that something like $30,000, $40,000
for Ethereum is actually possible – if we see Bitcoin completely explode
– Yeah, it is.

And we see Ethereum keep following Bitcoin here. Now, this is of course not guaranteed. The only thing I'm looking at here is the fact
that we have seen a bear market, we have seen a bottoming out, accumulation, and we're now seeing this trend of starting to change
towards the upside with higher lows, higher highs, and in my opinion, usually when I see this, – this is the beginning of a reversal, so–
– Yeah. So this is kind of my targets. I think that anywhere from here to down here
is very, very reasonable to expect. That's obviously a massive range, but I'm bullish on Ethereum against Bitcoin. That's kind of the summary I'm seeing here. Yeah, I think it's good. And I think if you do the math on this, and you say "Wow!" if it can get to 8.5% because,
I mean, we're looking at, you know, 0.085215 BTC, but if you just switch that over to percents,
that's 8.5% of the Bitcoin price.

If you were to say Bitcoin were to get to $300,000,
and I think it's totally reasonable, if Ethereum is at 8.5% of that, that's about $26,000 right there. So $25,500. So that's right in our range where we think Bitcoin–
or Ethereum is going to get to on this channel, which is about $27,000. So, you know, it's very reassuring to see, you know,
the charts kind of possibly backing that up. – Yeah. I mean, people think that
we're crazy saying these numbers.
– They do. I remember when we made a collaboration,
you and me, on my channel where you were talking about $27,000 Ethereum, – and people were saying,
"Oh, this is crazy. This is crazy."
– Yeah. I know, man. But, guys, if you go back like five years ago and said that
Ethereum is going to go to even $1, $10 or $100, – people told you you were crazy back then.
– Yeah. Same with Bitcoin, saying that Bitcoin is going to go to $60,000
when Bitcoin was $100, you would be called crazy.

So, in crypto, everyone is crazy
until they are completely right. Exactly. And, you know, they called us moonboys
for saying Bitcoin could get to $50,000. And, you know, you see where it is. But I think that– the thing is you really have, you know, three main
kinds of people watching these videos, I think. I think you've got one type of person
who has, you know, they watch the videos, they've been here since 2017 or before, and they've seen everything, and they know
the capabilities and the possibilities.

Then you have the other people that are newer,
and they're just like, "I can't possibly imagine this," because they weren't there in 2017. But then you've got another group
of people that were there in 2017, saw everything bottomed, the bear market made them so hopeless that even though they've seen
this type of stuff before, they just don't think it's possible again. So, you know, obviously, we stopped
through the bear market. We made all these videos because
we deeply believe in crypto. We believe in Ethereum.
We believe in these high prices. We don't just say these prices for shock value. Like, we legitimately believe
this is where things are going. And that's why I love having you on the show,
Carl, because we got the same mindset. And, you know, I tell a lot of people this, it's not just you and me, most of the other YouTubers that have
been around since 2018 or before, we all pretty much agree with what
we think our price targets are, you know? Like, within, you know, give or take
a little bit here or there because we know what everything's capable of, so.

Yeah, I think that maybe before we end this, – I can just take a quick look at Bitcoin
– Sure. because I do believe that, obviously, we might
be bullish on Ethereum, Cardano, whatever, but to really understand where
the crypto market is going, – we have to first understand where Bitcoin is going.
– Yeah. I think that's obvious. I think we all know this. And right now, just quickly, I can show you
here that in the Bitcoin chart, – we seem to be forming a pretty
clear rising wedge here.
– Yeah.

And you can see here, we're bouncing up and down
between support and resistance, and everyone who knows technical analysis knows
that a rising wedge is technically a bearish pattern. But there is something that people should
know about Bitcoin and bull markets. And that is the fact that bearish patterns
in a Bitcoin bull market – tend to break to the upside actually
more often than down.
– Right. That said, I think that we should also
pay attention to this daily EMA ribbon that I'm famously using because I think it's a very, very nice indicator of support
and resistance in bull and bear trends.

As you can see, we're bouncing off
of support here very clearly. And ever since we broke above this ribbon, I've been calling for bullish prices
because as long as we're above here, I remain bullish generally on any coin
or token I'm looking at. And the same goes for Bitcoin,
on the daily timeframe, we're still clearly bullish with the fact that we are getting
a rising wedge here. Now, I would say, I would say this, we remain bullish until the point
where we break the support here because at that point,
we have to start paying attention. Even though we might still be above
the EMA ribbon at that point, I think that breaking this support
could result in either a big correction, but at the very least, longer consolidation.

And the longer we consolidate to the sideways, the bigger the risk of the fact that
we're going to start heading down because that means that
the bull trend will be broken, – or the parabolic run-up will be broken.
– Yeah. So I think this pattern is very,
very important to pay attention to. We can also see that the volume is declining
as we are moving into this pattern, which means that we didn't see a breakout yet. Even though we saw a nice pump
to the upside today here or yesterday, this was not the breakout because the volume was not really there. So if we do see a clean nice break
above $65,000 like this, and the volume goes up something like this, well above the previous volume sticks here, this could indicate the next major move for Bitcoin. And in that case, I would say that
the conservative, very conservative view, would be that we could see something like this, where Bitcoin could actually go up to $80,000, above $80,000, in the next maybe one or two weeks here. Oh, wow. But, yeah, but for this, we need to see
clean break above resistance here, which has not happened just yet.

Yeah, well, hopefully, we're going to get
some nice green candles today. It will get there, right? I mean, let's just pray for the green.
Pray for the green. – It is inevitable that it's going to happen at some point.
– It is. Of course, it's going to happen
in the next few weeks or maybe in the next few months, – but inevitably Bitcoin is going to reach $80,000.
– Yeah. – I think we can both agree on that, right?
– Absolutely. I think we both agree with much higher, but in the kind of short term,
next couple of months– I mean, if we're going to get to the numbers
that we want to get to, then we've got to see a big
breakout at some point.

We can't just gradually step our way up
$10,000 at a time all the way to $400,000. – Alright, guys.
– Yeah. Well, Carl, as always, like I said earlier,
thank you so much for joining us. Always great to talk about Bitcoin, especially people got to understand
how much control it has over the market. If Bitcoin's not doing well,
nothing's going to do well. The sideways consolidation scenario
you talked about is particularly appealing if you're into altcoins, but, you know, obviously, we do need
to see Bitcoin get to higher levels. So we'll just have to see how it plays out
over the next couple of weeks. Guys, down below in the comments, make sure to
let us know what you want us to talk about next week. What do you want to see in these
short videos with Carl? Make sure to let us know. That's all I got. Carl, we'll see you. Be blessed. BitBoy out..

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