Ethereum 2.0 Problems & Issues & Disadvantages !

We are getting milked by the huge gas fees
because of a development team that is not coordinated. Vitalik, the Ethereum founder said “One
of the biggest problems I’ve found with our project is not the technical problems,
it’s problems related with people, we have a lot of internal team conflicts in these
five years”. The main issue of this whole project is that
the architecture was not designed from the get go and not having a leader that can take
decisions. About architecture, when you don’t have
a clear vision or a plan for your own product or business and you are just going straight
in blindly, most of the times you will probably just fail or take you a lot of time to develop
which happened in the Ethereum case. A team has different people with different
mindsets and it’s inevitable that they will begin to contradict each other. One team member wants the x feature but another
member thinks that the z feature is more important, so these are probably the internal conflicts
that they have. Every person in the room wants their own thing
to be implemented, and without a leader that can take the decision to unblock the situation
things might get worse.

I’m afraid that these are the reasons why
Ethereum 2.0 takes so long to get fully released. What will happen if an update goes bad and
it starts affecting people, like bugs that can lead to security breakthroughs, just imagine
how long it will take them to come up with a solution. An example where the team can’t take decisions
even when it comes to the roadmap. The Ethereum 2.0, the phase 6 update is about
Super-quadratic or exponential sharding which was ultimately abandoned. Vitalik himself
posted it on his blog. From what I see they develop things blindly which are trashed later. A project needs a team with a clear vision
on what they want to build and also some sort of a leader, or at least make a voting system
for the next features like some other projects have. Another huge problem that I see, if you want
to stake your Ethereum in order to earn stake rewards or interest, you will have to lock
your coins until the full version of 2.0 gets released while the staking rewards are just
about 4% to 7%.

What? I’m sorry but I'm currently earning
about 13% with the coin that I have invested in, and guess what I’m able to unstake the
coins in like 10 days but with Ethereum, your money will be locked for years. If they needed more than 5 years to get phase
0 ready, just imagine how many decades it will take to reach the final stage of 2.0.
I’m sorry but this is a big no no from me. Think really seriously about it, what if you
need the money for an emergency that you didn’t predict, you won’t be able to take the money
out for probably at least 2 years. One more note here, I heard that most of the
platforms are charging 20 to 25% percent of your stake rewards as fees.

Another issue that I see, when the 2.0 will
drop, it will be capable of doing only about 100 000 transactions per second. Great but
I feel that's still far behind, Cardano is able to sustain 1 million transactions per
second with the Hydra layer, Elrond reached 260 000 transactions and I’m pretty sure
that there are other crypto that do a lot better than 100k of transactions, say which
in the comments if you know one. Another interesting fact that maybe not many
of you knew, the founder of Cardano was the co-founder of Ethereum, he got kicked out
after a dispute. Now you can see the difference between a second
generation crypto Ethereum and a third generation Cardano. Most of the time when someone leaves
a company / product, he will make his own one but twice better and address the issues
that he met in the previous project.

Basically the Cardano founder learned what
was wrong with Ethereum so he created his own crypto, a new generation, a lot better
than the previous one. In the end, why should you risk, wait so much
time or spend a huge amount of money on the gas fees while you could choose another option
from the market that already has all the ethereum 2.0 features. Please subscribe, if you want to see another
alternative, check the left side videos, thank you for watching, bye bye..

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