Ethereum ПРОГНОЗ от криптоаналитиков и основателя Cardano. Tezos для NFT платформы MCLaren.

This is the 43rd Cryptocurrency Newsletter. In Today's Issue: Ethereum Will Beat Bitcoin In This year according to influential analysts and the founder Cardano networks, as well as an NFT platform based on the tezos blockchain for fans of Mclaren Racing. Ethereum's victory over bitcoin is the most anticipated outcome this year on the crypto market. Now the main thing that worries all cryptocurrency owners is these are digital asset price predictions. Major cryptocurrencies in the field of vision of all cryptanalysts. Meanwhile, Charles Hoskinson, founder of the Ethereum network, made a big statement about bitcoin. As reported by, Charles predicts a fast victory of ethereum over bitcoin. He criticized the excessive slowness of the blockchain bitcoin, which loses in speed even to the ethereum network.

Not to mention proof of stake blockchains. In his opinion, the proof of work algorithm is a long-obsolete mechanism, which is an obstacle to network scaling. Such conservative views make bitcoin the enemy itself. yourself. Technological disadvantages of the first blockchain reduce its approval by regulatory authorities in a number of countries, its recognition as a kind of cryptocurrency brand. In this regard, ethereum is taking global steps in development. networks, evolving with each stage of development. Ethereum's competitive edge can no longer be underestimated. And in the battle between these two blockchains, in 9 cases from 10 points in its favor would get ether, according to the founder the Cardano blockchain. Against the background of current market movements, this struggle is already starts to gain traction and several blockchains strive to occupy the main market share. Cardano of course has plans to compete. all other networks.

And according to Ben Armstrong, the blockchain of the future will be to feed exactly ethereum. He's gearing up for a big bull race. Bold predictions of the price of cryptocurrency issued on the well-known and popular cryptanalyst YouTube author Bitboy crypto channel. reports 25,000 per ether by the end this year is the expected price in the race for the championship with bitcoin. For such optimistic forecasts, Ben Armstrong has there are reasons. Ethereum breakthrough is expected at the end of July, and now it is undergoing only an adjustment that should not exceed 20%. Since the beginning of this year, ether has already grown by more than 200% at the current market drawdown, which is a signal for its further growth amid news of ongoing development the ethereum ecosystem and long-awaited major updates. For a new round of bullish London refresh hardfork with his eip 1559 is essential like air. Because the defi sector, which is tied to ethereum, is waiting for an increase bandwidth and lower transaction fees online. Exponential distribution of defi services and applications, as well as nft platforms that increase the demand for ethereum, may very soon make it the dominant blockchain and raise the price of the coin to $ 25,000 by the end 2021 and 85,000 in 2025.

Mclaran Racing fans don't expect the Ethereum network to scale. To meet the demand of racing fans to create nft platforms with mclaran attributes, the team chose the blockchain tezos, which she called the most advanced blockchain in the world. As reported by, mclaren racing has entered into a partnership with tezos to create an nft playground for sports fans, whose interests have always been the priority of the team. Selection as a technical partner of the team in the formula 1, indycar and esports fell for high energy efficiency technology based on the proof of stake algorithm. As stated by the founder of the Tezos foundation in order to go keeping up with the times requires fast, innovative, safe and effective tool that can satisfy the needs of new interactions between brands and customers that dictated by the rapidly evolving world of technology.

Seems in the race to lead the blockchain world, serious players line up. And that's all. Like, subscribe to my channel and invest only projects that you truly believe in..

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