Ethereum заработок новые 2 крана

Hello everyone, my dear subscribers and viewers, andrik 07 today I continue the heading of earnings on the Internet on the make-up channel, they watch today the speech will go again from 4 yummy only me when I showed it last screen you were the very first you both turned on two more taps, well, or rather, they just showed quickly looked through compared well, I did not review them, they wrote to me there so that asked me to show them in general these taps here in more detail, okay, I'll move on to them to the first and second at once this is the first screen 2 now I will tell the taps firstly right away they say they give every 15 and every 10 minutes so we look confirm captcha we wish here, to be honest, I will no longer work in this project, most likely I will explain why I will not work in both more precisely, but here it seems like they give every 15 minutes in that every 10 but you see the results here every day everything decrease at first it was 40,000 then decreased to 1,500 then decreased up to 800 in my opinion and then up to 600 and now I drink with him yesterday it was my 200 is often 18-30 some win, that is, not enough themselves you understand, but the minimum wage for withdrawal is almost not even almost from 10 million and thorium and that is, it takes a very long time to save for a minimum withdrawal, I honestly do not really I want to save, I really don't want to buy this 10 million no, although if someone wants to save 4 he is an additional income and tenri mind not forbidden to anyone, so you can here this and whether he will earn until soon of course it is possible to change these 10 million for withdrawal but so far, alas, no, by the way, well done anyway far top, of course, you don’t know how free the cue ball is, of course, but I want to do it well say good taps, if they gave okay as at the beginning and the second screen is a serfaus from or is it as little as it is called here at least to 125 150 will also be 45 thousand there was not the same 40 but every ten minutes it was that is, there is still at least somehow, but although here, too, 31 125 I do not remember what conclusion here, but it is also from 10 million and, in my opinion, from one of the developer, but still it is not framed, it is also not top, but it will generally go to us it will go for the time being, you can collect it by the hotel and I will not say that the crane is reliable I don’t know how much, but I wouldn’t work here to be honest, because they don’t my logic, they seem to have now made a large minimum wage for a withdrawal from 10 millions and people collect little they are paid for advertising this is for banners who does not know, that is, they will still collect money while everyone collects these there 10 million for the withdrawal, the crane will already close, that is, they will take the money, honestly, I'm not highly recommend works to work here but someone may work I don't know yab didn’t work, honestly, I only shoot because you asked me for one man dojen there several people asked to shoot this video just for this reason I take it off if it weren't for them I wouldn't even take it off, to be honest, I do I wasn't going to, well, in general, this way such a faucet, and in comparison with fries and thorium, a very good faucet will work which I know is not going to close will still work for a long time and generally hardly will it close in the next two years for sure yes of course we do not give any guarantees, but it seems to me that it will work for for a very long time it may not close at all, that is, here it normally displays like this remember 25 million or out of 10 I don't remember, to be honest, but in general it displays this is a plus, of course, his move is good straight, plus the fact that it is not very accumulated quickly, well, look here 10 million is a dollar, that is, I now have 25 on my account cents, that is, I want to say relatively well, because now let's By the way, let's see how much it costs one, this is Irem.

Honestly, this is also a fake account by the way, who does not know how you can first earn money in mining mana find it in the affiliate program that's not in the top manias, it seems like write that banks are on for multi-accounts, so on, so on, so on, but me never again copy your referral link in another browser just register accounts if they confirm the mail then go at the rate of mail and via a temporary email if it is not even there do not confirm that it does not matter what nickname I drive, for example, I created 50 fake ones here accounts all of them called just my behind my teeth but well, I don’t know what’s in my head came to the bottom this is not my main account, but not here you can see how much now how much it costs and thorium this Rome is already 11 dollars worth although from 4 days ago it cost 10 dollars, that is, I really want to say this profit because in this way it can grow up to $ 100, you know if you are on a coin of 10 million and thorium answer for any 10 dollars and if it will grow and yes there is up to 300 as bitcoin, then this is generally very cool, well, I think on this I will finish in general my conclusion I will appreciate this project most likely both projects due to the small output is not top the site in general design no litter is good but not top and as it seems to me that it will close soon at 2 out of 10 honestly not more so I would not give more when hell they worked for 40 thousand, so then I could give there 6 5 out of 10 no more well on this I think all thanks for watching my dear subscribers with you was andrey 07 subscribe to the channel and like

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