Essai AUDI Q4 e-tron – Très belle config mais à quel PRIX !?

first discovery I haven't seen anything to see yet little light animation wow oh hello to all friends today it's not customary I'll give it a try but completely different in blog mode I just got the keys to this Audi Q4 etron is and audi who kindly gave me the keys we are in saint-malo station on thursday we but you and me somewhere and look at what i have in front of me so that's pretty cool discovery a first discovery I haven't seen anything yet goodbye small light animation wow then we will take a tour of the owner together of course we will see a little the prices the tour also inside the options all that all that the consumptions the time of charge because casually at first glance can it be seen that it's an electric frankly usually we always have pretty ugly electric cars so at audi it's okay he manages to make very nice electric cars but there frankly you see her ez to talk about I have a little full except for the fact that there are no longer two pits exhaust cannula in real life it's pretty not bad go we will have a close look inside inside immediately and then we take a little tour together so already oula it's obvious there is a lot of space on board here and then I'll do a full turn one right away I will do a full turn in the rest of the video the drinks coughed coughed in any case red so I was not pretending in video and photos of the steering wheel but frankly it is not bad I like very much I like very much I like my beautiful little surprise its atmosphere very technological in novel I tried it a little firm choice we open the sunroof up touch and me it never works must I turn on the ignition and nice light no frankly up there said ah no there I was wrong I was open the sunroof me I just want to open the curtain here we will get there and we will do together e in turns behind the wheel of this new bone 10 4 itron the game starts in silence of course then strangely on this part it is from the top says there is a mixture of q3 there is a mixture said ron even very beautiful interior I find and So this part clearly makes you think that there is the same platform as the four-bed idea Detroit is also the sco dia and only one Clermont sees it besides the space on board and it takes over the same platform ah yeah yeah I stop talking and we take a walk on board go hop we put on the seatbelt we put the keys on then there is orange internet – besides I can see here and we can change our phone the socket usb is with usb adapter for those who do not yet have sbc we are here on a model the q4 56 tron quattro of memory and must make about 300 horsepower 299 horsepower 80 kilowatt- hour battery 77 kilowatt-hours in useful estimated autonomy in standards of the tp label 488 km which is rather not bad we will see besides I will see done that all How old are 2 km right now then 440 it's okay no it's still honest then this is active I can't I really have trouble one month I'm an anti-touch gentleman so that's true that the new cars are admired if I hide the lah this city so we still think we are but we in saint malo friends welcome to saint malo it is not raining yet but that should check out the technical sheet if you like of course you will look at the price is yes sixty seven thousand nine hundred and fifty euros for my model so it is the most powerful version the 50 itron quattro and we are on a black interior with rock gray stitching or nothing extraordinary inside but I love this steering wheel it's funny they even had small bottles of storage it is known we have a lot of small storage on the right to the left still holds at the same time and total freestyle very large glove box at the perfect foot and transmission buildings c ' is cool and space on board ç was weird to see the only audi made in an audi that I had seen in suv mode between quotes it was it was lithrone lithrone it was a bit like that but was really more massive there we have the impression of have a kind of between a q3 and a q5 template that does not exist what do we have other good here on this model there it is still worth 88 1590 euros oh yes it stings it stings a little bit very good listen now that we have seen the price sheet coughed coughed coughed we are going to give I gave my little impressions behind the wheel hop go it left in silence listen to a manually adjustable steering wheel or so there I have a small parking lot here and at iosis are too strong everything is almost that we are connected direction a little a little heavy on the other hand I find my man so what should I do friends we are not going what this guy is not Ok, we'll close the door so 440 km of autonomy is pretty good its 48 km two months of what was planned in w the tp so it will depend a little bit on how the people who were before me listen friend what are we going to do then what is not bad is that the gemmi navigation and I have augmented reality so I used to see it on other experienced cars for example on the s class or other high- end cars but it is true that in this category it is really damn good and the impression that it even in a great guy I do not know if it is done on purpose or not but yeah it is rather not bad his car had traveled littered with technologies of all kinds so we could also see in terms of new products that it has a configurable led system a matrix display the parameter setting help say that you can have four different displays whether it is a gadget or not is it useful really to stand out from the others and I don't know where that is, however, it's true that the dashboard is really oriented here towards the driver if I told you and I confirm to you they are a bit a bit steep too much for my taste I like when it is comfortable direction a little hard for my taste also good and then there we are on some all the same raises which are of the first order since we are on accelerations 0 to 100 if it is not the vocation this kind of vehicles rather family suv we are on a 6.4 thing 5 also second of kings sense and we have to about 400 wines newton-meters of torque I don't think I even woke up my daughters I'm going I know it's 299 euros here and 80 kilowatt-hours in battery and not very useful 77 claude here I would have aimed you know everything everything everything everything everything and we can even recharge 80% of the battery in 30 minutes on unity charges otherwise if not payment you will be able to change the car on a domestic socket on about 15 15 15 hours easily that's small voice charges to speed up ah yeah it's pushing it's not the big one push of one and risk eight for example but it pushes on the other hand the brake [__] brake 13 people it's a little difficult to dose will usually take a little time but we do not have this brake stroke how can we believe when we press hard on it is very progressive so it can surprise from the first kilometers after this habit silence on board after it's all the same with electrics silence on board we accelerate it pushes immediately c ' is instant me it does the job I will turn off the gps because otherwise you will ask what though now I bought a microphone so that's pretty cool was going like on a model which is worth 88 1000 euros then and loaded with options but then without options I look at my file sixty seven thousand sixty seven thousand euros there it starts to do a little yeah really not bad that they now call it the double flattened steering wheel atmosphere of the future clearly it's true that I have had a few comments rs my videos on all the audi that I could do and you were tired of seeing the same steering wheel whatsoever on a tune is cooked I will come recently tried that on an audi a3 and the art is evolving to believe that they you have heard they have changed the steering wheel we like it or we don't like it maybe a little bit back to the old style a little horizontal it's that changes it feels good changed and in sion we are on a phase and electrification inevitably you have to bring a little freshness here is good on these are my keys so where can I not there the next one on the other hand we have a very very beautiful vision we really feel the desire for space on board and and that c 'is really 6 provided by its long glass surfaces it is very pleasant in any case I clearly prefer that a haiti 4 for example skoda there is that I have not yet tried but I really like its look a little cheap and rather minivan really has it they are on the same aux i base with the q4 but they really have design and another way we have the impression and 7.1 almost and followed so I don't think we are going to do off-road come all the way with that but it can do since the ground clearance is a little higher gilles brunn bearing then there two goals in their consumption I did not force too much on it a little surprised 31.31 kilowatt hour that's a lot anyway we agree I'm going towards Cancale I'll give you a bit of an idea about a few tens of kilometers since saint malo and we start again just after here then on the very special finishes since I am on a one black edition here so do not panic at the price level I prefer to tell you right away from a pricing the q4 start at from 43,000 euros it's about 4,000 euros more than its cousin the flight again eye 10.4 yes you follow me at 10.4 even if it was three at the same base in short you understood what you see me rank and a little bit my little skull 1-1 no more hair no more nothing by what I just saw the price of the model I just tried 88 1590 euros exactly that is with the special edition with special equipment options in addition otherwise the version I have is with 480 him km of autonomy battery 77 kilowatt hour so it's the audi q4 54 'here you follow and so this one starts from sixty seven thousand nine hundred and fifty euros yes you saw my look because the technical sheet is just below I do not yet know all the prices in terms of driving pleasure listen it's not it's not a rocket like lithrone gt nothing to do there we really live to drive quiet like all the electric cars in its market it is really nice where I can compare what is comparable with the adie 4 since I allow the comparison even if we do not clearly authorize it is that there is a technological gap which has nothing to do with the finishes strictly nothing to see there we could criticize the 10.4 on plastic ues hard the audi justifies the additional 4000 euros per month the definition the steering wheel everything is in its place there is no it is not disappointing far from it even look even the lower parts are still well treated but the handles are well treated there is plastic yes we have but it is there that it is black it is good and both qualities if you even want the steering wheel it is really quality so it is really nice to be on board to ride on board honestly it's flawless and then the screen behind the steering wheel with double flattened and really very good quality with precisely on virtual copy the matca the map that appears behind google earth all that is super beautiful it's very beautiful it’s because we have it’s because we find on the neighbor equal to 10 4 excuse me I'm a little bit but here are all those who ask themselves the question honestly if you really want my opinion I choose the direct q4 without asking me questions I take more 4 clearly why by what effectively these 4000 euros more if I have them I would put them in shot 4 but there frankly could even in terms of autonomy I find that there we are more coherent compared to the promise in promise it is 488 km d 'autonomy when I left batteries were full I was at 440 and there I will make a small point conso besides the small point conso small downside is really its touch keys flying over I I I go jump I hard hop there it is almost not even dangerous but you have to in fact suddenly I can not look at the road without looking at my fingers and I need this feeling of currency valley to feel things could have to apologize me and I'm lost I'm lost I'm afraid I'm lost so it's good it's good it's good I'm going to tell you straight away consumption 17 kilowatt hours and driving a cushy on roads at 70 km / hour 97.18 kilowatt-hour per hundred kilometers is quite correct it is almost like all vehicles electric oitures I want to tell you since from we are very light feet on the accelerator pay close attention to the autonomy you can also activate the station wagon mode which goes that you already know for all those who know electric cars who is interested in electric cars you have this famous brick mode which already existed for a long time on certain cars like the nissan leaf so oudina not to revolutionize the break mode web therefore has it and not far from making the station wagon joke and then we what is also not bad is that at the wheel we can also reduce the sensitivity of the deceleration the energy recovery coughs coughs cough you know well we are not bad on board anyway nice nice but I will try to find a little one spot to do just the outside tour of the parts we will start to tour the outside will not even start the keys here are the keys to this audi that four itron and we will immediately pass on the front part so it's true that I was talking to you earlier in the introduction about the fact that an electric car normally we do not have a grille here is a full grille new singleframe signature on the front part with precisely it is the latest generation matrix lake fire you can program four displays different gadgets or not gadget for you to tell me in comment in any case appreciated this very beautiful front face I find that it imposes and I find that clearly it marks the step with a q3 where a q5 clearly has it we are on another generation an electric generation friends it's written here and also on the back small camera that's pretty cool so go stop because we have a little noise I am where I am in dinard on the port of dinars so very very beautiful city ​​go I continue the tour of this very beautiful at q4 their very beautiful configuration which is worth to his dear ones I tell you all he writes from 43000 euros for a q 4 and celu here in this version 50 itron in a special edition we reached 80 8000 euros yes friends it's starting to get expensive good we go around a little bit no entry to earth it is useless today on the electric just this part there is a real air intake that is to cool the batteries use when it on things a little we have deaf in the eyes of the very beautiful rims in any case they are signed rs I do not know why erès the sports range perhaps in connection with the future electric sports range we are on 21 inches 235 45 honestly it does not necessarily harm the comfort compared to some colleagues who could have said that here it can harm the comfort honestly that remains quite comfortable we are on a s line finish the comfort still spoken a little bit inside on the seats clearly it is seats with a little more firmness which normally we like or we don't like profile we are roughly on a length that makes me believe about 4 m 44 meters five years I would put it in description we are on a fairly statutory volume we are on a suv which will be both between a q3 and a q5 so it has the 7th intermediate position and there we are going to let pass this pretty very beautiful advance and we will let them pass as what an advantage it can tow by boat for example to have killed them is what you like besides this pretty steering wheel or not between not pretty me what I not really like it is really here this audi logo it's a little cheap in terms of quality I preferred the old ones or really we had chrome it was a really clear rim feel and there is very little relief nothing n 'It's almost better for you to tell me what you think of this new steering wheel to say ok good come on I continue the part before the party the profile part we did it you saw it's rather pretty I'm going not dwell on it if they have nevertheless worked a little on the lines on the back there is a little hanc he or and pretty reflections on the body it's pretty nice good we are we are for or we are against a taz logo of ozzy and then the rear is the part that I like the least finally I know not if you hear me these pretty waves which come a little bit to make a little noise but the rear it takes this part there on the version and follow the first electric suv from odile lithrone and then after it's good from there to be proud of the display especially the bumpers and all the plastic itron good for you to tell me here we are on plastic it's plastic it's not it's not aluminum reinforcements not at all sought not the exhaust muffler nor on an electric but here it is go to make a small game of it and if I hid the logo here I hid the logo for you it does what it makes an audi or not for you to tell me and the sale on the other hand finds that there they clearly keep its identities of an audi grille is that you have beautifully masked the logo frankly You can see it right away this is an audi here I am finished for the exterior aspect tell me a little bit what you think about it we will perhaps take a quick tour of the competitors the competitors there has not necessarily lot I think perhaps immediately to mercedes you have and still not sure that they compete directly with that because I think that four clearly has very few competitors if at home and chop garlic 10.4 and skoda there is just a little bit what you think about it but frankly you will see that the interior is also impressive and I do a little storage and I present the interior to you yes then before go inside and talk to each other this new steering wheel I'm going to make a quick tour of the trunk the trunk as it is important go electrically opening trunk please or there I am already being eaten by the waves look at 520 liters load volume and you have another level of storage.

The cables I think they are not there and then we will go through immediately and fight inside go let's start with a rear position promises and have a fairly wide wheelbase suddenly a reduced overhang at the rear and at the front and therefore it benefits the interior space we start a little with the rear doors storage here storage here we can put a bottle also that's not bad we will see the front and then the quality of the plastics it is rather correct honestly there is a real work on the foamed plastics even on the straight ones it is nice then small novelty on an audi electric version so no transmission no tunnel of transmission sorry a floor almost full here we dig and cleverly the seats at the front to save a little more space and then admire this panoramic sunroof is also a good thing and then nothing here you have a foam a typical Audi it still remains firm especially on leather we like we don't like a sliding bench unfortunately and then and then that's about all we will also have the middle seat which will be a little more sacrificed although the foam is paradoxically a little more comfortable and then you can also not connect you will not be able to connect your laptops there is no sbc usb crisis normally I you can manage the air conditioning here here tell me what you think at the back and we go to the before immediately then there before you washing electric seats ok door sills s line aluminum pedals storage here integrated into the apu remove its tips eyes it is to save a little more space it is a little bit family side a finally what 4 we are going to go inside and have a little discussion around this new design then inside silence on board that's cool and then we will start anyway because these black screens are very beautiful it gives shine it gives traces s of fingers also somewhere but it is true that that this more sympathy turn anyway with this virtual copies the turquoise sea and yes we are in dinard we are not yet this game comes back on this interior this oriented dashboard towards the driver this new steering wheel which takes a little the style of the steering wheels of the 90s if you knew a little this horizontal steering wheel with the live horizontal bars a little more modernized good because many already criticized as what here we want audi we had all march the same from the audi a3 to an audi s8 bah listen there that changes very nice also concept on the design of the doors which come to join the two dashboards it is dynamic and futuristic I do not know what you think and then these seats in s line leather with this rock gray stitching it's rather nice I would blame justin on these seats for a firmness all the same on the comfort and the softness of the foam here we are a little bit floating part it takes a bit of the concept of idea 4 to Monday 4 with precisely this speed selector with the word break which is possible or not the same we take a little bit of the buttons of an audi a3 with sensitive keys on the volume adjustment of the sound volume and playback tracks the start is made here the drive thatx c to choose different driving modes that you know the s & p of why not we are going to move forward a little because there the sea is advancing up then what do we have others we then have the reversing camera we have already told me you know and then if that is about all if we have two usb sockets this is the 12 volt thing the 12 volt socket sorry because I don't like that's it it's its sensitive touch buttons so you still have to press to select the action but look there I read and I can zoom in so it's good it's beautiful technological but it's not inevitably practical friends tell me a little bit what you think of it from the inside of what 4 for or against is what you like the steering wheel is what you like the new design of the dashboard in comment yeah b let's open where new day it rains and especially new car since this is a four versions ass 40th 'tron quattro so we also have quattro versions are also propulsion only versions up to you to choose according to the transmission I am going to talk to you for a couple of seconds on the load part on the load part you need to know two things if you load in 11 kilowatts on current alternative if I understood you correctly to recharge them in 7:30 hours yes I am reading my notes are right there and if you are looking for direct current at 50 kilowatts you recharge in 1h45 you will have to know that in high direct current power in 25 kilowatts in just 30 minutes you recharge 80% of the battery capacity and that's rather good news we are starting to get used to an elderly group leader look at me this interior r here we are on another style we are on a luxury design finish so we are really earlier there on the side a little yeah of the wood and the inserts of drinking not know if it is real wood but in any case it presents well it goes rather well also with its aluminum inserts game because you think of it but here is good the weather is shitty sorry for the word but the direction direction the beautiful beaches with this nice wind this beautiful rain which will skip us a little the report don't know the most important thing is the car we may be going by the prices on this version we are on a full team and full option version since you know each test these are tests with ultra well equipped cars.

Idea is to let know a little the complete catalog of the brand aï if audi you know we arrive on prices then on this engine there and this finish we are on a 61,400 euros good you are going to tell me it starts to do but it's true that you know very well the electric is not necessarily cheap especially on this type of range since there what is fed up with the range we are going we are on the premium electric and we will compete with the mercedes cuba we go and then and then and then there you go and then otherwise you have the bmw x3 which is a little more much more expensive I believe in terms of price we are seventy thousand euros so 61 million euros is not necessarily reasonable because the entry level at wicker with the q4 it is 43 thousand euros but there on the other hand in terms of finish and especially of equipment you will have really the low level therefore all the same more interesting mounted on levels of finish a little higher in this version there 80 of kilowatt hours 77 kilowatt hour during useful we reach the 60 7000 euros so a year about 7000 euros of options in its 7000 euros of options what do we have we have this blue only to have at 900 euros what 'we have others we have the comfort pack plus at a thousand thousand euros we have the system premium sonos audio it's funny I think it's the first time I've seen this brand's system to be integrated into a box on easter multicolored mood lighting in 110 euros I think and then that's about all if we have acoustic glazing before i think it's to reduce noise the noise cost you all now i will show you a little detail looked at and i will explain to you why disc in front 0 i bat florian was sure included 4 kivu more than 60,000 euros at the rear drum brake was waiting for friends don't get excited I'll explain why the explanation is very simple is that on the rear axle you have an energy regeneration system on the quattro version and on the standard versions in fact you have the electric motor so no need for a disc at the rear if I understood the thing correctly, here it is so I wanted to show it to you anyway because it's always impressive to see here that piece of junk it is drum brakes on vehicles of this category friends of small interesting things on the german plates why there is this or simply because it is an electric car and in germany unlike france they had the presence of mind precisely to indicate if the car is electric or not practical for the emergency services for example who must intervene in an accident on an electric car the test of this audi q4 ends j 'hope you liked this little test in the region of saint malo I hope friends that it was that you liked if it is the case do not hesitate to give a lot of strength once again this video the little one thumbs up and do not hesitate to tell me your opinion in commentary on this new q4 here is surprise or not surprise in any case electric fruits for the future at audi with this range q 4 here are all friends, I tell you very quickly for many adventures in video 3

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