friends and if the car of the future it was
without the audition itron 55 and quattro! welcome to this essay it's gone so I do not know what you think
a little bit of the general allure of centrone me it makes me clear
think of the first generations of q7 you know the q7 avus you have
precisely these arches and wheels checkout rack it was a finish
see what we saw on the wings and the q7 at the time the dry ass
the q7 was huge and he does it gives this same impression so pretty mastoc
at almost 5 meters long and over 2 meters wide
so necessarily on the road it stays very awesome so I think you in
do you think of this lebron design a q7 cooked q5 mix
in short, it's the car of the future for the moment it's the flagship of home
audi here we will put the sport mode on word sport I set them myself
I put everything in sports mode so we have very sporty explorations
it's gone 1 2 3 roy c
extremely powerful it's violent from the first few seconds even the 1000
first few seconds it's very very very violent you still have two tons 5
on the scale 100 kilometers hour in less than six seconds it's really
absolutely bluffing we have beautiful used to the electric frankly it's
always always wrong actually to this little game there we are
safer 20 or 25 kilowatt hours on is on 32 or so much more so
actually after the battery already there I just lost 10 km doing this
little game so here is a little game there carried out on closed roads of course
of course friends we will do the safe waiting for the car
also reloads the keys 1 helicopter rather basic
they are heavy are pretty well finished here we are safe in chest volume a
chest volume that reaches 668 loading capacity
we have the possibility here to fold the seats so there it remains a classic suv
if you want we also have a small 70 compartment under the floor
on the other hand it was of course all electric on his
cars recalls it's an electric take a look at the load on at 65
for that she makes noise in the machine unity here here I should hood with
two cylinders of course that thiago is pretty heavy these big we have here we are
sure that electrical wiring is the high duo interâges and if you have a small
chest volume that made me moan at barely 20 liters and 20 points so
this is true that those who are accustomed tesla models where we have a chest
the front a trunk at the back and if that's not the case this car
greatly interested tesla we know but then audi on
not at all familiar with the model electric and so all interest on his
retro these famous retro camera is curious enough it's funny it's funny
so that's in terms of competition I do not know what you are what
you prefer in terms of competition you have the mercedes and cusset 400 to
roughly around 5000 euros you have tesla model x also with its famous
doors that open in such a way butterfly
you also have at jaguar jaguar ipes I believe yes space
I know more or less around the same price range so bah tell me
your comments what are you prefer
audi mercedes jaguar or tesla to you from choose the owner's tour
you have a lot of sensors to front
we have you everywhere hidden everywhere
the passenger here you have
radar below you have fan that we have to break it all down because
must know that we have more than 700 kg of batteries that are arranged underneath
on chassis has the lowest possible for precisely have this center of gravity the
lower to avoid for this purpose a little boat a bit to prevent the car
take roll earlier so 700 kg of batteries the car than more than 2.5
tons it's heavy 1 for a car electric
and for this suv 100% electric so here you have also against a
adjustment of the bodywork to millimeter is really well finished
damn well here is the little novelty that's it
you no longer have retro but cameras
here I already wanted 10 1 2 thousand euros the option you also have another
little camera here is actually the car she's loaded with cameras it's a bit
the car of the future is the car the more futuristic the most technological that
that I could drive now to pass this one light ron wilson gbr skyline
gt-r the old look this niche
Luxembourg and that was the first ones
cars we had on gran turismo I can guarantee you that with a good
says it could go very quickly good little japanese festival
this time we will talk about performance more than the performance of this suv 100%
electric are almost electric but are below a model x or a
tesla model sp 100 for example here on is on a 0 to 100 shot in less than 6
seconds we are on a max speed
hang on no I do not know 280 have not even 200 kilometers / hour sorry
ouhlala I am but I made myself have in my own 200 jokes
kilometers / hour necessarily to electrical
it grows very quickly on the first 100 kilometers
after that becomes complicated especially for questions of autonomy that's so
you ask yourself why m 2000 euros in retro camera ok that
does that gadget not necessarily since we gains in penetration coefficient the
cx is diminished and suddenly we consume much less with his retro and yes
like what then technology sometimes foolish if the car of success does that
the audi etrun is perhaps his future two of the automobile only you in
comments if you are a little agree with what I'm trying
to say go it's gone again the burden of finishing Oh hu Well, yes, we look and we even have to
chambon here on this small 3d screen so actually there is a small
seat she is here it is the true view that we
a little embarrassment is to say the castle de Chambord it's so I can you
actually guarantee the car can to be a little heavy but as soon as you activate
sport mode all sport modes honestly the car she is
radically transforms ie we have a direction a consistency
on direction that a lot more lasts a insists much harder
piloted suspension to culture and art honestly look appropriates already
the usual one is already over 80 km / h on small wheels placed under a
little bit it does not transform radically the car rally car that I the
repeat and because there are masked there but honestly
we take we can take pleasure in edge of this 100% electric suv look yeah anyway in a silence of
cathedral 80 kilometers hour but 0 to 80 km / hour
in 4 seconds then I swapped my place driver as a passenger
precisely can the time of you specify a little bit in sensations of
driving on board it's true that it goes very hard we are on a vehicle
electric so we are on the couple snapshot that's very very
appreciable especially on a 4 4 or that's it to revive to double these ultra
ultra secure comfort in the car she goes on a quarter turn
and this little game indie performance bah must say that the 0 to 100 is shot down in
less than 6 seconds to anticipate a maximum on two things anticipated already
on your trip do not hesitate to their entrance to their teachers including gts
why because the gps will calculate automatically already if you have enough
batteries to arrive safely and that's a bit essential for a
electric because if you have more of battery is not it's going to be enough
difficult to find a station electric it is necessary to project very far
look to anticipate areas of braking because each zone of
braking can recharge batteries and this little game we can save
kilometer per kilometer a lot of autonomy and finally he
there are times we will even end up with more autonomy on arrival than
departure is quite surprising but it's precisely that the interest of the electric
it's just phases anticipate and roll
quietly on the raises because that vehicle weighs heavy already so he
must go soft on the accelerator for sure if you have a very good foot
heavy and you want to see a little bit what's in the belly
eva autonomy goes fast reduced we go go from 381.1 actual autonomy
observed has rather 200 km or a little less if you only have 0 to 100
here it was you activate the key it's true it's almost 28 degrees there
my autonomy is reduced considerably I lost I will turn off the air conditioning
for me but I think I lost almost 10 km just by operating this
movement almost 10 km this is a choice on
is rather on very fine finishes similar to cooking I was lucky
to try to cook and for me it's identical finish with the screen is
dual touch screen you also have the virtuoso copy that that you know you
have a steering wheel so I think it looks more like the wheel of the audi a8
so it's a mix of a quick docu audi a8 here a step of mystery we are sure
itron and we are on finishes there I do not go wrong if we are on finishes
very very very high end here we have leather stitching then
after I can grant you that it does maybe a little austere but there when
even audi has changed his interiors less
austere a lot more futuristic with this board to see really very
elongated here we have wood of woods wooden inserts highlight by a band
at wholesale my brushed aluminum earlier on has a dash here in leather with
stitching no no one really has very beautiful finishes and very beautiful
assembly and if we have plastic foamed on foamed plastic even here
on the lower parts of the passenger compartment has a very high audio system
quality a bo it's typical of home audi on the alcantara on
counterports good you see it's very very good I think you present a
little bit a few details about this vehicle
notice the huge huge wheels one is on 21 inches 265 45 it's just
huge we are also on big
disc brakes are not at all perforated and cons we are on a
rim very very massive race in terrace killing beast no one you are in
electric it's cool it's just me
pay attention to pedestrians who so it's quiet to the fact
do not pay attention but in any case it's really very nice
Unite to ride in electric without noise v8 without noise of v600
crackling of the akrapovic silencer or only these texts anymore we are in the
future in the silent future then you are going to ask me you are already
many many to ask me about instagram on facebook all that is
that it's not disturbing to have to place mirrors low returns
oled screens Well, I want to tell you
surprisingly used me I did not think my bitumen honestly gets used then the
look of the shot it is a little lower that on an overuse I have more
the reflex of looking rearview mirror I look and I trust the information
what does the oled screen show me if you please
high technology and especially what is interestingly enough it's that you have
an entire information system around this screen that will warn me if I can or
not fall back on the left lane for example
here I was talking to you about this application the shirt application says I
believe and suddenly here you can see the state of charge of the vehicle
and if I'm no longer in charge but you can see everything a little bit all
on your vehicle the photos the remaining autonomy that's the most
important the mileage of the vehicle and everything
who's on board I even have windows to board that are open I did not know
next door here is the vehicle is unraveled so there is all this there is everything
a vehicle information system which remains important precisely for the
electric cars when you charge your car from
know where you are at a distance then something practical at audi
I type the name and the city like that larache and look here
he found directly that it's great convenient to save time left
from yesterday that for limit we forgot that it's finally a family suv
why a little bit inside by already we have qualities finish even on
the rear doors that are very good quality
and then here you have alas alas advantage just before the electric
you have almost no tuner central and so suddenly you have more
available on the the middle floor of the coup I
take advantage of class wharf you have a small touch screen for the back so you
can adjust as you please both the temperature even the seats
nothing heated and that's really not bad could almost say three
real places why because like you play well you're not tunnel
central cushion gain a little bit of place and you still see two
beautiful places very comfortable for us adults even a third in the middle
that's it, even if it's less comfortable than the other two after
you can turn this third place in armrests and even with a
cup holder I forgot you have to the front two usb jacks and also to
the back two usb plugs that's it practice I did not change anything in
driving but to detect that I was on paths and so he went by
default in off road mode and that's all the intelligence in vain
to say of this suv is that in fact it is connected to mapping he knows
absolutely where I put the four wheels by the way in this 1 4 wheel drive
it's an i quattro because that there are two motors and one motor
front electric on the front axle and an electric motor on the axle
back so it makes it possible to have four-wheel drive and so suddenly he
lets see absolutely everything is from know and detect everything on the
topography of the road even on a roundabout he will start to brake
Anticipate braking to recharge drums
so it's really a car connected with its time it's really
the technology of the future and dynamic a little bit like this title in small
train how much 400 horsepower 500 newtons meters
and especially ultra comfort is more its highest quality on August it's
its comfort is not necessarily the performance although it's true that you
will do that you can limit craven crisis but what it is really useful
especially when you're going to die half of trailing tobacco against the convoy in
casting conduct like madam it's really quiet alas his pace
heart on his another life does not get reduced to the lowest so much to lezennes
we will check the heart rate admires 88 it's okay it's coming you were you
not very pissed off you're cool towards the castles of the Loire on
is we electric car is possible eh yes attention we come to
99% friends or it's been almost a time we're here and we wait
wait but it's nice to take advantage of nice weather on this long ride air
view that has more than 6 stations ionide refill so if there is enough
do something about it to do then what is nice here is
that we have pallets driving I you reassure you do not shift gears on
an electric on the other hand we can put ourselves here on the
more freewheeling or on the month one can handle engine brake sentences
I believe two or three phases of larger engine brake that
allow to accurately anticipate and especially to recharge the battery
friends it's time for me to you let's hope this test has you
in any case please do not hesitate to put a little like a small comment
on this 100% electrical test electric I tell you very quickly for
many adventures in video ciao

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