surprised by the ecn price, so let me give you the answer to this in December 25th. We launched the ecn erc20 address, and we gave 2000 dcn as airdrop , sorry 20,000 ecn as airdrop to 2000 ecm erc20, which is your metamask wallet containers in order and it was trading on uni swap because we did not start mining and we have not yet started this survey and our token economy when you see our tokens blocked, well, so they can only get out by mining and and yield farming and all that you know, all this you can only sign currency, so we had no liquidity, we do not have the liquidity, so what happened because we do not have the liquidity available on one exchange, these only 20 000 ecm people bought and sold and the price was very high because the liquidity was not there, so the price, uh, we have the highest price of dollar four one one uh touched on uni swap and we started the lower price of dollar one, it went 400 times, but this price was not the right price, because we do not have the liquidity available that someone bought and the price shot anyone who bought, spent the price up to 10 percent to 20, it was due to the breastfeeding technology of decentralized wallets that when you buy, it's a price has an impact, just because the price that we had, we did it from one dollar, we went to this price because there was no liquidity available, and also when we started mining, did you know that the packages are a guy for the uh package bnc that mines packages is basic master node mining smart contract and pro master node mining smart contract when we started, we started getting the liquidity of recorded tokens, and we got the liquidity now getting off to a good start when we decided to use 19 ECN as a liquidity to give, in exchange for our people, our community, right if we because if we on erc20 do if we do it with your metamask wallet metamask wallet, it costs the company additional fees of 21, this is the phase of your etherum gas which is very high, so it's one point, let's go to the other point, someone who 19 ECN will receive in their metamask wallet if you trade it on uniswap, must you pay the same fees, probably it can rise to $ 100, depending on the gas fees, so that no one can sell it, because it is a loss that you sell 19 euros and you pay 21 two hundred dollars fees, why would anyone do that, then people will eventually ECN in their metamask keeps it going now only and it does not go us fortune does not change, it is not going to change anything because no one is going to be in return due to the gas fees, so we deployed the drc 20 smart contract, okay and we got a trolling pro because that was the problem, because that was the problem and this was the solution so that people can receive ECN with about less than dollars per fee and people can trade EC and in return with less than dollar fees right, so we updated it and what we did.

We deploy t he has a smart contract for drc20, because our car was not to give you the ecn, and it has no use, our motto was to give you the ecn so you can enjoy the crypto space; you can see the real value of a project realize so we chose trc20 I mean we also planned for it a long time ago and we started giving $ 19 liquidity on your trolling pro wallet, where your face is less than one dollar, and even if you exchange it in exchange for decentralized exchange rates, it is also less than one dollar so that you can enjoy the freedom and you can enjoy the benefits of the most well, so if you remember in my last zoom, I said we keep the ecm airdrop, why do I say airdrop? I say airdrop because you are on our espn platform pay, you pay here and you get the ecn on your trolling pro wallet, so it's to everyone in the crypto space as if it's like an air drop because you did it do not buy it on any stock exchange where you did not buy it the exchange you buy from the internal stock exchange of espn global, that's why we call it airdrop, call it airdrop, it's liquidity, it's the same okay, so uh, we deployed the trc 20 and if you remember that we ECN liquidity has, let me let it say for one day liquidity if you remember that we do not have the liquidity of easy, and because we add the liquidity to the stock market where we have successfully added 15 million tron ​​so far and we have added 263 000 ecm, which is more than 10 million, so once we have added the liquidity, it's because we want the real price sooner, the price was not real because the liquidity was not there and we went down then we added the liquidity, we went down to $ 0.6, that was the price if you look at exchange, because everything is transparent on May 9, it was the price on May 20, the price was 0.6 dollars after we have now provided the liquidity, we trade more than 4.0 dollars, which already are only four days is 6x.

You ne ed to also understand that we, after the addition of liquidity, now has no control in our hand, just as far as the market is concerned, since you can see that your price has dropped to nine dollars. Seven dollars went down to five dollars . up to three dollars even two dollars yesterday it is now about four dollars and this is what you need to make money this is what we call swing this is swing if you buy for a lower price you sell for the higher price what you sell again for the lower buy price for the higher price and since yesterday we were two dollars, we are now four dollars and I have many people who made 2x in 24 hours, you can be the same, it's a beauty of a real product, a real project, so this is the reason for dropping the value, and that was the only reason we did not give the air drop because the day the price was about 76 dollars and suppose someone bought a crusader package from $ 19 to $ 63, which is about $ 1,100 something, and if we have given the price, you can see that you become less ecn, so that we are transparent and that we are honest with the community that we like it, and when we the next day provided the liquidity with with six dollars eighty cents of the price has we also gave the air troop to the old people so that they more ECN with the same price can have because your price is the same here, we say now, uh 15 ECN and with this price with the same amount of money as you have about uh 150 cm, that's the difference, and we wanted our community to understand that we are.

We are the honest in terms of our community, and we believe that was the reason for it, because it was if we go with case number one, it was an advantage for the system because we distribute less ECM if we go with case number two, it benefits the community, therefore we have chosen the community above the system to give you the maximum ECN, let me also tell you that your ECM liquidity is currently being added and it is now on live, decentralized exchange and its nature is the same as the nature of the market , and we expect the market to rise soon, so you need to understand that your ECN will very soon be 4 times 5 times 10 times 20 times what happened in the past that people let me just near me this and let me let me communicate with you face to face because I wanted to talk to you about this right you

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