EP 116 – Compound Interest I Referral Program

Hello IoTeX community and welcome to this
week's News Digest! Here are the latest updates for you. This week we launched Ucam Referral Program You can now refer Ucam to your family, friends,
and network and earn a commission on every sale You accumulate referral points and cash them
in for cash prizes and the more you refer – the higher commission
rate you receive! In this thread, we provide detailed instructions
on how to get started, how to register for the program as well as helpful resources that will support
your referrals, and how to redeem points for cash Make sure to read through these instructions.

For those that are interested in placing a
group order, or being a local distributor of Ucam in your country please
reach out to us on Telegram. For those of you that are interested in learning
more about Ucam or having resources to support your referrals, we have prepared a Ucam Media Pack as well
as a one-pager with all the info that you need in order to make referrals simple and effective! Another cool feature that has been introduced
this week is a Compound Interest Bucket. Now you can automatically restake your staking
rewards and maximize your IOTX returns! This Halloween you can put on your best costumes
and tune in for Tales from the Crypto REIMAGINE's 2020 behind the scenes look into
the scariest stories in crypto. Larry Pang, Head of IoTeX's BD will be presenting
and telling you stories! Don't forget to register and share it on Twiter! And these were all of the updates for you
this week. Thank you much for your continuous support,
stay tuned for more news!

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