Eobot – how to start mining of BITCOIN, ETHEREUM and RIPPLE and make REAL MONEY

Hi guys and welcome to this new video. Today we will talk about Cloud mining and cryptocurrency and about the service given by EOBOT First of all I suggest you to vist my webpage at https:/pcinforma2014.blogspot.it and search the article about Cloud Mining (as you see) Read it all to understand how cloud mining is and how it works and understand how by many services available online and totally free could create an eobot account and feeding it to let it grew more and more in the future so check this article that is really intresting and well did it comment and share it and let me now what you think about it Something about Eobot This is the main page after you red the article and being subscribed to all the services by the page that I suggest to you before, This is what you will see after all the registration's job these are all the cryptocurrency available on Eobot at this time I am mining LITECOIN ..(obviusly you can choose to mine what crypto you desire..) ..Bitcon, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Etc…

How to start in the right way. After the FIRST log in, You will not have enough mining power.. This value (Cloud Mining on the screen), it will set to ZERO This is the number you have to Feed to start the cloud mining First thing to do, before choose the crypto to mine, is ACTIVATE the cloud miming section But How? By select it GHS 4.0 after the refresh of the page, you will able to see CLOUD MINING selected as you can see now, im mining Hashing Power.

So my hashing power is now growing.. After this function is selected, go to PRODUCTS, FAUCET, and by using solving the CAPTCHA services You will be rewarded with a ONE DAY bonus so every 24 hours you can redeem the bonus to let you hashing power grew here it is… I cannot show you now cause I've already done today but if every 24 hrs you will do the same operation You will get a BONUS associated at the function you have enabled at the beginning so.. If you have selected CLOUD Mining and do the faucet bonus will be added to your Hashing Power if you had selected something else for example litecoin, reward will be added to your litecoin address I suggest to have the GS 4.0 option enabled BEFORE redeem the bonus More Hashing Power you have.. Fastest you can earn cryptocurrency so much money you can earn.. this is… a video that im making as an experiment I did not invested real money in this service I had tested it only with FREE FAUCETS that are on internet so check on my page pcinforma2014.blogspot.it to find which and where these faucets are to let you redeem your daily free bonus unlike the Eobot's Faucet These daily bonuses can be redeem not every 24hrs but every 60 minutes so is a little bit easy to earn crypto fastest and reinvest it on Eobot and after a lot of time and dedication you will able to have an Hashing Power huge enough to "play" with the cryptocurrency without spend any real money but spend only a little bit of your spare time for example, I made the faucet you will find on the description of the video at the morning during my coffee break so I just loose 5-6 minutes for solve the captcha on the faucets and Im feed Eobot with the daily rewards always in hashing power After some times, if you have some crypto available we can re-invest how? by selecting Exchange on the upper menu and click on the crypto that have some balance in my case, litecoin and choose how to handle it by exchange it in bitcoin (but now Im not interested in that) or change it in hashing power here we have 2 option available the first one is for rent hashing power for 10 years so your eobot account will use this speed for 10 years about 0,01 ghs that are converted from 4486 litoshi and that will be available for 10 years or..

24 hours (the value converted will be much more higher than the 10 years option) so instead of 0,01 Ghs, we will have 1,05 ghs which is more profitable? It depend from the mining difficulty or from the moment after 2 months of test on this service I've not spend any money and im pretty satisfied and I've tested both the solutions depending on the mining difficulty (higher difficulty less crypto earned) (lower difficulty more crypto earned) depending on that factors, it will be more profitable one solution or the other one at this time that im recording this video it seems more profitable the 24 hours option because if I will invest 4586 litoshi exchange it in 24 hours mining speed at the end of 24 hours, I would have an higher value of the value that i used to start so it means that I would have earned more litoshi without do anything simply reinvesting the initial value so I can repeat this procedure many times in the future until i reached the value that i want. Im doing this "trick" in last few days and now it's working im repeat my self there are 2 months that im working on this service, and times ago, that was not like this Some times ago this trick let me recover only the 80% of the initial investimen so it was not profitable Some times, I try the "trick" to check if it work and if it works, i will repeat it until it is profitable And what I earn, i will keep it until the next time to use the "trick" so that's all guys tell me what you think tell me if you like the video and comment it I remember you to visit my facebook's page for a greating or for read the article that talks about Eobot See you soon on the next video Share if you like.
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