EnjinStarter EJS: The Next-Gen Blockchain Gaming Launchpad for Enjin’s Ecosystem – Crypto Games 2021

it looks like engine starter is getting the 
support momentum and traction it needs to   end the year strong so we decided to 
have a look at the first engine based   launchpad the transition to web 3.0 is inevitable 
because the digital revolution is determined to   put the power back where it belongs that is in 
the hands of the people as creators of everything   and this is where engine starter comes to start 
the fire that hopefully will burn for a long long   time in the ecosystem of engine and blockchain 
gaming first of all welcome you to crypto never   sleeps in case you're new to this channel and you 
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notified every time we upload new videos my name   is niko iraci and i'm the host of little show 
co-founded by mr prakash and alvin tang i don't   really know if i pronounce it correctly i hope i 
do engine starter is a blockchain gaming launch   pad similar to kickstarter but for games that is 
leading the charge to create a better world by   responsibly utilizing emerging power of blockchain 
technologies to steadily grow the engine ecosystem   and metaverse furthermore maxim blackoff and 
vtech radomski who founded engine are also angel   investors in engine starter which from my point 
of view really is valuable built on the backbone   of engine's jump knit with the road map leading 
to affinity a poker parachain this innovative   platform will empower depth developers content 
creators and gamers to organize fundraising   campaigns as well as build strong communities 
and support systems using blockchain technology   now on top of simply issuing tokens 
the entire team of engine starter   aims to give developers a way to explore 
other possible ways of generating capital   to kick-start their brainchild projects by 
selling digital assets as non-funchable tokens   and as mentioned earlier since engine starter 
is built on the foundation of engines jump net   it will feature smart contract support carbon 
negative nfts as well as zero gas fees which is   obviously refreshing refreshing change everyone 
involved like developers investors and users   and even you i and kitty let's have a look at 
the price the live engine starter price today   is at 11 the current coin market cap ranking is 
number 2863 and it is currently only i would say   on 10 612 watch lists it is trading 85.5 percent 
below its all-time high which was recorded on   october the 5th 2021.

Now let's get into some 
of the details i'm gonna take you through the   tiers so that you can see what it will cost you 
in order to get guaranteed allocation and also   believe it or not as we were shooting this 
video i've actually just been away for two hours   probably didn't notice that maybe a little bit 
more tired but in those two hours we just saw   a second idea on engine starter take place and it 
was a lovely thing a lovely thing so let's move on   so first of all engine starter they have made it i 
like it they've made it simplistic you know there   are three different tiers so first of all if you 
want to be one of the lucky ones or let's say one   of the wealthy ones and you wanna you don't have 
time to waste well then you go for the guaranteed   pools and this is where you can see the 
guaranteed location pools they get 75 percent   of the id o allocation and it is classified 
into three different tiers the first one we   start off is universe and for that you need 
to hold 25 000 engine starter tokens and   at the time now when we're shooting 
this video that will cost you 2750 now if you're in the second tier that would be the 
metaverse and now you would need to hold 100 000   engine starter tokens that will give you a pool 
rate of 125 and that would cost you a cost you   because you know you're investing you're 
buying the tokens and holding the tokens   we do anticipate when we buy tokens like 
that that they will increase in value   at 11 000 and if you want to go for the 
top tier the multiverse that's where i am   and then you would hold 500 000 engine starter 
tokens you would have a weight of 700 i'm not   gonna go into the pool weight in this video 
and that currently will cost you 55.

000 there is also the common you community 
allocation pool and for that you just   need to hold one engine starter token and 
then you will need to um qualify for kyc   and um then you can participate and you will see 
then if you win so in case you you know don't have   the time or let's say the necessary cash to be in 
the guaranteed well then here it's certainly worth   a try because what we will see now it is worth 
time and money to participate engine starter   ido's now the active and upcoming project 
is scotty beam we won't talk i don't know   much about that but i will look at that after 
this video because some of the good news is   that so far pixel verse we got a location there 
and project athena has already is over and done   got listed and as i said just recently in the 
past two hours gaia everworld just launched   and we made a killing but first let's look at 
the bina so the ideo token price if you would   have participated so either if you were in 
the guaranteed pool or if you would have won   you would have been able to purchase um 
the defender token at 40 cent per token   and um you can see here they got listed on the 
12th of october 2021.

So you can see here that   it started around 1.6 and currently trading 
at 5.71 so that is lovely even if you did not   participate in um in the ido you say you still 
had time to get in and it has continuously   gone up and i like that i think that's good now 
let's good look at gaia i know that this chart   may not look good but that's because we only 
have as you can see here we don't have an hour   and eight minutes of a chart but i can tell you my 
right pocket my left pocket and my back pocket is   laughing all the way down to the to my bank 
you know my later bank and the reason why is   that we got the ido token price at 16 and it's 
currently trading at one dollar and eleven so   that is up more than six hundred percent just 
by launching not a bad thing six hundred percent   on the first day of launching so that's it 
from me um i hope you enjoyed it and if this   video gave you any kind of value well then please 
you know what to do hit like smash and subscribe   and do all of them goodies and um yeah not 
financial advice at all but i believe that   engine starter has has real potential not least 
for the reason that we see we're seeing you know   the co-founders of engine also being behind this 
project and simply because i believe that engine   would become the ecosystem of attracting the 
best developers and developing some of the best   games so being able to participate in a launch 
pad like engine starter where you can you know   get some tokens at a discount to say the 
least of some of the upcoming future market   game leaders of tomorrow is probably not the 
worst thing that could happen all i can say is   engine engine on the wall who is the greatest 
of them all and that remains to be seen i   love you so much thank you for watching and 
don't forget kitty she absolutely loves you

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