ENJIN UPDATE FOR Q3 2021: Will ENJ Coin Get Back On Track? πŸš€πŸ˜ŽπŸŒ΄

engine update for q3 2021 what will happen with engine coin in this video i will give you an engine update for the upcoming quarter nfts have been making a lot of headlines recently and this year has been exceptionally great for the cryptocurrency market as well until the mid of may there are so many cryptocurrencies out there and every one of them is promising something or the other but what's the hype around engine coin is it worthwhile well we'll find all that out in the upcoming 10 minutes this is mason from attain highly the channel where you will achieve greatly be sure to like and subscribe so you won't miss out on your success alright now that you're done with that let's get right into the video shall we every day we read about new nfts and cryptocurrencies in general today we have so many coins in the crypto market that are only focused on going to the moon with no real world utility and these coins are a really bad investment over time but with so many cryptocurrencies out there which one should you invest in with all the nft projects making headlines we also have the engine ecosystem getting attention from the investors well today we will be discussing the engine coin and these coins are a part of the engine platform which hosts an entire ecosystem of products that are designed to create distribute store trade and also integrate tokenized digital assets with these coins today engine coins are used for so many things but it's mainly used for nfts and there's a good reason why this is because the primary focus of engine is on the gaming community and nfts can be used to buy and sell unique gaming assets and can be used across different games too commercial real estate was also tokenized with the engine coin yup you heard it right the engine coins are based on the ethereum blockchain but the engine platform's origin dates all the way back to 2009 with its primary focus on gaming engine is to gaming what bitcoin is to currency meaning engine does have the potential to change the gaming industry forever in 2017 engine began building a suite of blockchain products that enable anyone to easily manage explore distribute and integrate blockchain assets after a successful ico that raised 18.9 million dollars the engine coin works the same way how ethereum works which should be obvious considering the fact that engine coins are based on the ethereum network these coins are mined by miners and the network is also maintained by these miners just like how bitcoin works with a proof of work algorithm the reason why we have these coins today is because the token is made to make it easy for businesses individuals and brands to use non-fungible tokens on the engine network engines are used to buy and sell nfts engine being a gaming orientated blockchain that primarily focuses on gamers having the true ownership of the in-game assets with nfts and they can trade them outside the game or use the same asset in another game as well you need to keep in mind that the supply of these tokens is limited to 1 billion out of which about 834 million coins are in circulation right now as of 6th of june 2021 the engine network creates digital scarcity by infusing every nft minted on the platform with engine coins this means that a set of coins or a fraction of coins will be stored along with the nft depending upon the value of the nfts and this is how digital scarcity is created which can increase the prices of the coin right now the issue when dealing with nfts is the gas fees for those of you who don't know gas fee refers to the fee or pricing value required to successfully conduct a transaction or execute a contract on the ethereum blockchain platform these gas fees can sometimes be more than the nft itself which is a problem as it will turn away the potential buyer of an nft and this can cause stagnation in the market engine is changing the way we deal with nfts and the team behind the coin also addressed this issue of the gas fees and the team is developing two scaling solutions to solve this problem once and for all they are solving it by introducing jumnet which will enable gas free transactions and the second solution is infinity which will be used to move the tokens across different chains so with such a solution the users can now buy and sell items without dealing with gas fees anymore again we still have so many reasons as to why you need to invest in engine coins right now nfts are definitely the future of trading in-game assets and the gaming industry will continue to grow at a rapid pace the adoption of blockchain in the gaming industry makes a lot of sense because gamers spend a lot of time online when they play and they also spend money buying virtual in-game assets so the entire idea of tokenizing these assets will be very much relatable for gamers so for online transactions and purchase of nfts cryptocurrencies make a lot of sense engine is the current leader in blockchain gaming as well and this will likely be the case for years to come engine products are already being used which means engine is not just another crypto with a promise but it is something with real world utility earlier this year microsoft followed up with engine to add cross-platform custom nfts to the market today more than 20 million minecraft players are already using engine's community software suite in order to stay connected with other like-minded players as we mentioned earlier engine will fix the gas fee issue with jumnet and effinity to improve funding for the nfts by eliminating gas fees engine also has partners like samsung unity and a few other companies that are supporting the network engine coin also successfully passed japan strict regulatory hurdles to become the first gaming cryptocurrency ever to be whitelisted in the country according to a press release the most recent update we have for engine is that the team launched the my first nft marketing campaign intending to revolutionize how brands interact with customers so how did they do this campaign well the project completed an airdrop of 50 000 nfts they represent digital artworks to a random set of users who interact with the digital ads and social media posts of engine the goal of this campaign is to bring in more users to the existing nft space all the 50 000 nfts were claimed in less than two days and this campaign worked well because they had 38 000 new app users which shows us a strategy on how to acquire users across the broader enterprise market the campaign showcased the engine beam technology that allows companies to conduct marketing campaigns by simply beaming nfts to anyone that scans the qr code in the general sense such a campaign can be used to promote new launches but when it comes to gaming this technology can be used to distribute in-game assets that are traded as nfts now let's take a look at the prices for the coin at this point we cannot deny the fact that engine coins are something that's clearly very innovative and refreshing in the overcrowded cryptocurrency space the coin has got a lot of potential to transform the video game industry the engine coin price is forecasted to reach 1.46411 by the beginning of october 2021.

The expected maximum price is one point eight six five six two dollars and the minimum price is one point two six eight six two dollars the engine coin price prediction for the end of the month is 1.4925 wallet investor is quite bullish about the coin with the prediction that the coin will be worth 1.46 by the end of 2021 and 3.06 by the end of 2022 and all the way up to 6.89 by 2025 digital coin predicts prices of 1.87 by the end of 2021 2.24 by the end of 2022 2.76 by 2023 2.89 by 2024 3.8 by 2025 and 4.25 by the end of 2026. one thing to note if you're new to cryptocurrency is that these assets are highly volatile so take these predictions with a grain of salt crypto price predictions are difficult because of the high fluctuations in the market that make it challenging to predict proper prices the price action of engine partnerships with microsoft and samsung and most notably the increase in the number of video games and nfts all contribute to an optimistic future price engine has experienced a significant increase in price in 2021 and has gained widespread popularity among the investors and the general public it also has a good founding team a robust blockchain network and a favorable analyst outlook so right now engine still has a lot to go moving forward and we cannot predict the degree of success of this particular coin but if things are going like right now the future is indeed bright for engine and you need to invest your money now engine clearly is a long-term winner in our opinion to sum things up the world of video games is about to change with engine nfts will change how collectibles are traded using blockchain more people will start to take nfts more seriously by either creating nfts or buying them to sell later with the current prices we think this token is worth your money and you need to hold on to your investment with that we've come to an end of our video please note that we are not financial advisors and this is for educational and entertainment purposes only so do your own research before investing what do you think about nfts and engine coin do let us know in the comment section below also drop a like for this video if you are optimistic about engine coins and don't forget to be a part of our community by subscribing to our channel and also click the bell icon to get notified about our new uploads catch you all in the next one

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