[Enjin Tutorial] Twitch Profile Setup

engine has just released a really cool set of twitch integrations for all websites and profiles to make things easier to follow we'll split this into two videos the first cover and profile integration on the second cover website modules in this video will show you how to setup twitch on your profile as well as explain to you all the really cool features attached ok to start setting up twitch you want to head over to your profile drop down menu and then select the account set in section from account settings you should be able to see a new option at the bottom called twitch set up clicking this option will take us over to our twitch settings page to connect your twitch account you'll just need to click the connect twitch account button this will then take you over to a twitch login screen where you'll need to authorize engine CMS to pull your account data don't worry we don't need any sensitive information we just need access to your following channels data after entering your twitch username and password and press and login you should be taken back to engine and see a little success window to double-check the integration has worked you can head over and check out your new fancy twitch TV profile section from the new section you can see added stream as well as data on total views current viewers and followers we also include sections so you can keep track of any following channels and active streams to increase each twitch streams individual presence on engine we've also chosen to assign each one a custom engine rank your engine rank will be calculated based on the total number of views on your stream you can check out all current rank users in the top engine twitch users section you can also browse by top active streams and games on engine ok let's head back over to the top streams on engine and check out what an active stream looks like after you've gone live on twitch a notification message will be sent to your profile wall notifying all your friends you'll also acquire a live on twitch icon in both your profile cover and twitch TV profile section streams can be watched actively from the profile front end as well as options to follow and place the stream in theater mode click in the theater mode option opens the stream in a new pop-up allowing you to interact directly with the twitch streamer if we head back over to our twitch setup section we've also got some basic options for you you can select whether you'd like automatic notifications to be sent to your profile or when you go live and you could also choose to hide the twitch widget from your activity wall sidebar to remove your twitch account from your profile just click a link twitch account and that's that we pretty much cover all basic features to do with our profile integration in our next video tutorial will cover website integration including the showcase and twitch side list modules if you have any questions on the profile integration please leave a comment or submit a support forum all links included in the video description

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