[Enjin Tutorial] Minecraft Sub Domains

welcome to this week's video tutorial on minecraft subdomains setting up a minecraft subdomain is super easy the first thing you want to do is to find our Help Center article and keep this open for reference this article will be really helpful even while following this video tutorial okay step one read the article step two head over to your engine account dashboard from here you want to click manage website under web site settings and then click go to domain management panel note this feature is only available to advanced an ultimate plan customers if you're currently on the free or trial plan you may not be able to access this section from your domain management panel the first finger want to do is scroll down and find the hostname field and to set custom records in this field you'll need to set a name for your server IP but not your intended minecraft server domain so if you want your custom server domain to the MC your domain comm then you'll need to set the hostname to something different this can be a random value like my server my domain in this example we're going to use minecraft next step a bit easier we'll just need to pop in our server IP address you need to leave the record type as an a record and the TTL at that default values next we'll need to scroll down and set up a service record also known as an SRV record leaving the TTL at its default values the first thing you'll want to do is enter a value in the target field the target field value needs to be identical to your hostname value so in this instance we use minecraft in both fields over to the left you'll need to enter your minecraft port number set the weight to 5 and the priority to 0 lastly we'll need to fill out the service and protocol fields in the first box you'll need to enter underscore minecraft in the second box you'll need to enter the value underscore tcp dot your desired domain name so for example if you want your custom server to mean to be MC your domain comm you'll need to enter underscore tcp MC in this field do note the value in this field cannot be the same as your hostname and target field values so for this example we won't be able to use the word minecraft as it currently set as a hostname and target after you have all your fields filled in just click the Save Changes button and that's it congratulations on setting up your minecraft subdomain

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