Enjin Starter – The Gaming and NFT Launchpad

welcome back to the crypto rain channel i'm your 
host jay murph and today we've got a very special   project and guest to speak with us about the 
nft and gaming space now this is a launch pad   coming out specifically designed to help new nft 
projects and gaming projects or play to earn games   they're coming in a space launched correctly and 
they're affiliated with one of the biggest names   in the space so today i have prakash who's the 
ceo and co-founder of engine starter joining us   let me bring him in prakash are you there irene 
how are you doing man fantastic thank you so much   for joining us very glad to have you awesome 
it's a pleasure to be on your show great now   the audience might know a little bit about engine 
starter i've talked about it in the past few days   but they they might not have heard anything this 
may be the video the first video they're catching   about it could you give us kind of an idea what 
engines starter is all about and then if it's okay   i'll ask you kind of about your background and how 
you came to be in the project came to be awesome   so engine starter is focused on blockchain gaming 
as well as meta versus um you know we believe uh   that the meta versus are going to change the 
way that we live work and play uh and you know   we want to be in a key role identifying uh the 
right projects uh to accelerate uh to place them   uh on our launch pad uh and to actually help 
them raise capital uh and build a community   uh consecutively right uh so we see ourselves 
being a kickstarter for blockchain gaming um you   know kickstarter uh naturally attracts people 
uh who are innovators or inventors themselves   uh and they wanna see innovation flourish uh and 
similarly uh we are targeting gamers or people who   are passionate about the gaming industry uh to 
support some of these projects at a very early   stage uh and also to participate in the growth 
of the project by giving feedback by being part   of the early community to play these games 
to share feedback with the game developers   and our vision is really to kind of build an 
ecosystem around it being affliated with engine   gives us a solid foundation to work with uh engine 
for those that don't know is one of the earliest   finance in blockchain gaming they've been building 
the space since they completed their ico in 2017   they built a whole lot of infrastructure in 
blockchain gaming and they are also currently   building affinity which will 
roll out early next year   and that's going to be a new blockchain on 
polkadot there'll be focus on um nfts uh   and that's our big excitement uh so that working 
with the engine team allows us to actually explore   uh the value that the ecosystem brings 
the infrastructure that they have   uh and to actually educate projects on the 
benefits of being a part of the engine ecosystem   perfect well let me ask you how did the team 
come together for this and what kind of started   the whole idea and then um obviously you have 
the affiliation of engine we'd love to hear how   that came together awesome um so we we're the 
the bulk of the team is based here in singapore   uh and a little known fact about engine is that 
they are actually a singapore-based company   so we've had the experience of seeing them over 
the years building through the bear market and   you know kind of really delivering products on a 
regular basis and that's something that's really   impressed us with them i was fortunate enough 
to attend uh one of engine's first meet-ups in   singapore in 2018 so i got to see the team and 
you know know more about the project since then   uh and a lot of this actually came about once 
infinity was announced uh and after i read about   dfinity and read the vision that the team had for 
infinity in terms of building this super corridor   uh for the nft space uh as well as to provide uh 
cross-chain compatibility for all nfts uh that's   when we really got very excited uh and we came up 
with this idea of building a dr ecosystem because   i come from a background of working with startup 
ecosystems i've built startup ecosystems as a   volunteer for the singapore government i've also 
been hired as a consultant by austrian government   the australian government and have helped set up 
ecosystems here in singapore and the vision really   is to kind of explore how this model now can 
be replicated online uh being global and get go   and by leveraging a whole lot of technologies 
to actually facilitate uh this interaction   to actually accelerate projects uh at you know 
double or triple the speed uh that traditionally   uh you know venture acceleration takes place uh 
and it all begins with the community right it all   begins with the community uh being an integral 
part of the process uh you know owning a piece   of that action coming on as ambassadors coming on 
as scouts to actually identify uh some of these   projects at a very early stage uh so that's pretty 
much uh what happened we met the engine team   uh in me here in singapore we preached to them 
the idea they gave them they gave us our blessings   and they participated in our sea round and they 
were joined by a group called base layer which   is started by sash sasha gupta and he kind of 
helped put everyone together uh that's when we   started the team that's when we started building 
uh the platform uh and now we are entering into   september where we're preparing uh for a public 
sale uh and we are working towards launching   uh by the end of september okay so the 
public sale would come out like mid september   probably on directly or is it coming through 
any launch pads that you're able to announce   oh great question so we we decided that we're not 
gonna be uh exclusive um launch threat at start   uh i think where we are doing it ourselves is we 
are doing a distributed ideo uh we're starting   off on the 17th of september with genesis 
shots that's our pre idea and it's designed   to educate the market about what we're doing as 
well as to create some hype for our own project   and then on the 30th of september we're going 
to be hosting our own sale on our own launch pad   and we are also sharing our allocation with 
other partners uh who are also going to be   having allocations of to our ideo uh so this 
way we're gonna come up with a very distributed   idea process uh it's gonna be something that 
we're gonna be proposing to some of our clients   especially if we feel that it's relevant for them 
so this way a new project like us could get a   wider spectrum in terms of exposure and attention 
and this allows us to actually build a community   with our partners uh why we're doing this 
is we're trying to create um you know very   strong and long-term partnerships where they 
would be able to bring games onto our platform   and we will also be able to share a deal flow 
with them and this way we feel being ecosystem   builders will be building more bridges and will 
be growing uh you know in a very collective manner   yeah so question like stepping back a bit 
so your token itself will work like other   launch pads where if you hold the token you'll be 
able to get so much percent of allocation because   when we were talking shortly before um you were 
sharing with me that you'll be launching not not   only token raises for projects but also maybe land 
sales or um nft sales so that that would help them   maybe if they have i guess a lot of launch pads 
work if you have this many tokens you're in this   tier group and this many tokens you're in this 
tier so it's something similar to what we're used   to yes yes definitely except that uh projects 
don't necessarily need to issue a token with us   uh like you mentioned we could do uh nft sale as a 
means to actually crowdfund for some of these game   developers or creators we would also be hosting 
virtual asset sales so it could be virtual land   and it could be uh you know virtual game items 
uh but with everything that we're doing uh nfts   are going to be uh at the core of our strategy 
uh so even for uh the traditional um staking   uh based models we would be introducing things 
like founder tokens which are primarily you know   nfts that actually recognize you for participating 
in a public sale and it actually rewards you for   holding on to those nfds on a longer term basis 
so one of the things that we're trying to change   about the whole launchpad behavior is we want 
people to support projects at a public sale   but actually to also hold on to the tokens as long 
as they can uh and the longer they actually hold   on to those tokens they get privileges within 
the community and they also get benefits uh   like air drops uh whatever that's uh possible uh 
in this way uh you know we can build a whole new   uh value system uh where you know by participating 
in a public sale uh and also to stay uh the course   with the project because some of the projects that 
we're working with uh are gonna take some time   uh to launch uh and game development traditionally 
takes more time than most projects uh and we want   people to actually stay with the projects as 
long as they can and we are going to be creating   a whole range of incentives uh on 
our platform that facilitates that so that's fascinating i like the idea of dropping 
having some air drops and stuff for those who   participate and then hold on to it and it just 
rewards those with that are essentially holders   so then you get more of that um 
i love this space that you're in   uh obviously i'm a big fan of gaming and in the 
integration of blockchain gaming it seems like   there's a couple areas within the space that 
blockchain will revolutionize things first   and one of those is d5 but the other one that's 
really been in focus right now is collectibles and   games right where you can actually own items 
in the video games and sell them for money   and and sell them for whatever value that 
there is you know and you create this free   market where people can trade these assets that 
took time of playing the game or other things   in order to accumulate and that shouldn't be 
so revolutionary but yet it is right where   you actually get to own the items that you earn 
in these games very exciting to me so um what   attracted you to this space yeah so this this has 
been uh engine's vision right from day one right   they've always um you know uh talked about how 
um value creation um will be retained uh via nfps   uh they were also the inventors for the 
creators of the erc 1155 standard which   allows you to actually embed a fungible token 
into a non-fungible token but however the time for   nft is only just recently arrived and we are 
definitely going to start seeing a lot more   ways and we believe that nfps are this tool or 
this asset where value creation will now move   from one game environment to another and that's 
when the true digital ownership is going to come   we're excited because you know we're experimenting 
and working with gaming which traditionally   it's a very early conductor uh when it comes to 
technologies the entire cryptocurrency industry   uh was inspired by the gaming industry uh to 
begin with uh and to be in this forefront i   think you know it's it's pretty exciting and i 
think beyond that i think the whole gaming fight   experience is actually going to bring a whole 
new audience and participants into this ecosystem   um because personally i believe that defy you 
know has reached a certain level of maturity   um and it's plateauing in terms of growth because 
it's still presented uh as a financial uh product   you know there's still a lot of technical uh 
information that's very financially driven   but now there's a whole gamified experience where 
you can form plans you can form gills you can work   together uh organically and you can actually 
participate in a whole range of activities   where you're converting um you know your time 
or your money or your resources or your talent   uh into tangible assets and i think what we've 
also seen with the whole play to earn uh space   especially in southeast asia where it's created um 
you know ways that people can actually earn income   to feed your family during a pandemic you 
know it's it's one of the game changers   uh personally for me uh and i think 
that that this trend is going to be   continuing it's going to create a whole lot of use 
cases uh and we're definitely going to see a whole   lot of new applications for the whole play to 
earn space yeah if anyone has any uh questions or   concerns about is there money here like obviously 
it's risky like everything else but i would just   share a story with them two and a half years 
ago there was this company releasing a game   and they had the they already sold some nfts 
which i totally missed and they had a land sale   coming out and it was like well i don't know if 
this is going to work out but animoka brands had   invested in them so i thought hmm and so i bought 
some of these land chests and they had arctic   and mystic and forest and i spent about four 
thousand dollars on it which for me at the time   was a decent amount of money that made up probably 
at the time about 10 percent of my portfolio   and uh that game is actually infinity so i don't 
hold all those land pieces till today in fact i   sold all of them off as they were going up because 
i was always worried at some point they might   release another quarter of the map because they 
only sold a quarter of the map and the minute they   did that it'd probably tank land prices but if i 
still held all those land prices today and trust   me i made great returns on this but what i was 
spending about 80 to 100 on to buy a mystic land   piece is going for 50 to 150 000 u.s today so you 
know i'm i'm a crypto investor and but what i love   about the gaming space is that because some of 
these games will go worldwide there can be massive   money in there it doesn't mean there always 
will be another game that i put a few thousand   dollars into was god's unchained in their genesis 
packs and that's done almost nothing for me right   so um that's why diversification matters but 
like and you don't know at the time at the time   it actually seemed like god's unchained would 
do better and actually infinity was like a well   it was a dud for a solid year and a half until 
all of a sudden it wasn't and then it's actually   outperformed just about everything else on the 
market this year yeah yeah in the morning if you   think about it you know let's just round it up to 
a hundred dollars and let's say it was connected   to a road so it would sell for a hundred thousand 
dollars so that's a thousand x returns over about   two and a half years time i mean microsoft 
never did that and this is this is a video game   i agree and beyond making money is all the impact 
that it's delivering right the whole ecosystem   uh that's being built on it the scholars uh i 
think that that to me is uh phenomenal i mean   definitely from an investment perspective 
is done for normally well but i think the   impact uh angle you know the ability 
for people in developing markets to   find a source of income uh during these tough 
periods i think it's uh you know to me the   the the biggest uh value that's bringing to the 
ecosystem yeah absolutely and i think we're gonna   see a lot more of that as that kind of catches 
on and so exciting to see where this will go awesome yeah we're we're very passionate about 
that space yeah so i do appreciate you joining   us when i heard about your uh project and what 
you were doing in your affiliation two engine i   had to have you on as a guest um because super 
passionate about this base for the fun of it   but also for the returns of it and good solid 
projects tend to lead to good solid returns so   thank you for joining us prakash 
oh thanks for having me on sure   mr pleasure yeah i'm gonna send everyone else to 
this wrap that i that i had created specifically   for my audience that talks about the principles of 
investing and some absolutely love it because the   principles absolutely hold true they're the sound 
principles of investing and if literally if they   listen to the rap it helps on the just reinforcing 
the principles that help me become financially   independent because of cryptocurrency 
investing in just the past four years came into the space chasing all 
of the games chasing the pumps   and all of the hype trains but like 
in life uh [ __ ] right before you it's low they call me rich they call me smart   i'm just a rain maker running the show calculated 
investments i don't leave with my heart   the principles are simple they're leaving a 
mark why when it's boring just gotta be smart   i said when it's hyped like all the channels they 
pumpkin that's when i was selling go parabolic   and dump it they call me rich they call me 
smart i'm a rain maker making my own start   i'm with the future learning the past makes the 
time fly by years going so fast the game plan is   the time like the present is next five years is 
a gift and i'm feeling like heaven i'm committed   to learn i'm studying to know that nothing 
comes easy but with knowledge to gain show   sticking out this wrong consumer come a bear 
market learning and growing and when it's slow   would be the target naysayers come out bitcoin is 
dead the massive decreases can get to your head   i'm sticking around my time is better i'm 
strong like that i'll let the others be fresh   two years time the ball will bring back the 
gains that makes it worth the effort because   here comes the rain so let's go rain makers 
let's make it all happen the goal with the hate   they the haters be crashing i'm here 
for five years let's do this together   the time is right the time could be better 
they call me rich they call me smart i'm a   rain maker making my own start i'm with the future 
learning to pass makes the time fly by it's going addressing what they say when i'm wearing 
my crown they're chasing green candles like   someone who was new i got a vision that 
was bigger helping me to push through   i'm still human and sometimes it is rough and 
that's what makes me special simply i stay tough   cause i'm a rain maker investments i love and 
i follow what i learned not relying on look

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