Enjin Review ūüĒ• How Did Enjin [ENJ] Develop? (2021) | Crypto Update

yo what's up crypto people the crypto market 
looks good again so i hope that you're all   having a great day back with another video 
and today we are going to talk about enjin probably not that one but the blockchain based 
gaming platform with the enjin coin so what is   enjin and how did it perform in the last quarter 
we're gonna take a look at that and check out what   has happened with the enjin ecosystem in 
the last three months do we have some major   new upgrades events or partnerships we'll find 
out after the intro so let's get right into it first off we clarify in a 
nutshell what enjin is about   if you're familiar with that then the 
second part is more interesting for you   where we look at the market cap and 
price action and in the last part   we check out what has happened for enjin and its 
ecosystem in the last quarter so what is enjin enjin is a blockchain based gaming platform 
that focuses on creating and managing player   owned digital items like nfts enjin has launched 
software development kits that allow users to both   generate and integrate digital assets on ethereum 
into games and apps even without any blockchain   coding experience these items can range from 
in-game currencies to tokens representing   unique game items like swords or accessories for 
characters they can be used in a variety of video   games and across different platforms from pc 
to mobile enjin nfts give players actual item   ownership of their in-game items allowing them to 
trade with others both inside and outside of the   game as the nft market has exploded in trading 
volume so has the cost of sending items the   fees to move nfts between wallets have increased 
tremendously in the last year enjin's objective   is to eliminate the high fees and fraud that 
have plagued the transfer of virtual in-game   items and collectibles by leveraging blockchain 
technology to handle in-game items across   many properties each minted asset can be 
customized to meet the intended platform   and is recorded in a smart contract giving the 
items the benefits of cryptocurrency such as   speed cost and security this is a mission that 
we take very seriously and we are developing two   scaling solutions to attack this problem jumpnet 
will enable gas fee transactions an efinity will   allow tokens to move across chains central to 
managing the digital assets on its platform   is enjin's native cryptocurrency the enjin
coin the enjin coin's core utility is to forge   blockchain assets like nfts it enables users 
to manage and store virtual items for games   every in-game item created on engine is assigned 
a value in enjin coins these coins are locked   in the items and removed from circulation the 
amount of coins can vary from asset to asset   however enjin has a limited supply of only 
1 billion coins which will ever be created   so backing nfts with enjin coins 
guarantees the value and scarcity of items   so you buy enjin coins and use them to design 
in-game items in order to mint virtual items the   developer has to lock enjin coins into a smart 
contract the tokens can then be used in games   be traded or sold for enjin coins enjin has 
its own native wallet where players can assess   their items from multiple games as well as store 
and trade these items and other cryptocurrencies   it connects all of the platform's features it 
has an involved exchange and debt browser alright   so enjin may be of interest to anybody seeking 
to create new kinds of in-game assets they have   already a variety of partners that are actively 
utilizing the technology including samsung   microsoft and even bmw some more came along 
in the last three months which we check out   in the third part of this video so what about the 
team behind enjin there we have maxim blagov and   witek radomski which are co-founders ceo and cto 
and then there's joshua woelfel as lead engineer   enjin was founded in 2009 in 2017 they launched 
an initial coin offering and one year later then   they went live so these are the decision 
makers at enjin but how popular is enjin let's have a look at their outreach   all right sothat's enjin but more importantly what happened   in the last three months let's have a look at the 
market capitalization and price action let's go all right so much for the 
price action and now finally   let's check out what has happened with 
the enjin ecosystem the last three months   do we have some major new upgrades events or 
partnerships let's find it out so let's get it smash the like button if you're still here as it 
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