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are you a holder of engine coin what do you think will happen if engine coin goes down soon watch the video till the end and we will tell you all about what is happening with enj these months and if you want to hold on to the coin or not this is mason from attain highly the channel where you will achieve grainly be sure to like and subscribe so that you don't miss out on your success in today's video we'll be talking about engine coin and find out whether it is going down in august 2021 without further ado let's get on to the video ever since the coin was set in motion it's been giving good paybacks to its investors engine has undergone a notable spike in price in 2021 and has gained an overall reputation with investors and the broad public it also has an excellent establishing team a whole body blockchain network and a favorable analyst's outlook each of these factors shows that engine could be a captivating cryptocurrency to keep an eye on enj is one of the digital assets in the crypto system that makes blockchain closer to the gaming world accordingly gamers can now store their crypto and collectibles using the network's technology as of the 20th of june 2021 sunday's current price of enj is 1.275 and our data indicates that the asset price has been in an uptrend for the past year or since its inception and its current rank on the market cap is 75 with a 0.08 market dominance so if you buy engine coin for a hundred dollars today you'll get a total of 85.491 enj based on our forecast a long-term increase is expected the price prediction for 1306 2026 is 10.753 us dollars with a five-year investment the revenue is expected to increase by around 819.06 percent so your current hundred dollar investment may be up to 919.06 dollars in 2026.

The engine coin price can go up from 1.17 to 3.196 in one year also by the way know the prices of cryptocurrencies frequently change so by the time you watch this video it might have switched to a whole new value the engine coin is forecasted to reach 1.33139 by the starting of august 2021. the expected maximum price is 1.68495 and the lowest price is 1.14576 the engine coin price forecast for the end of the month is 1.34796 engine coin indicates a rising tendency so the assets future price is predicted at 2.1463 or 68.344 after a year according to the prediction system and it is expected that in five years it will be around 8.71 do you think this is adequate to sustain the enj uptrend position in the days to come and are you already inquisitive to know if that's the state join me and let us find out in this enj price analysis according to the analysts the price will be 1.87 by the end of 2021 2.24 by the end of 2022 2.76 by 2023 2.89 by 2024 3.8 dollars by 2025 and 4.25 by the end of 2026.

They also predict that the engine price will reach 5.55 by 2028. as stated by the wallet investor forecast the cost of the enj coin could hit 7.48 by 2026 up significantly from its latest price of 1.19 as of the 20th of june 2021 furthermore enj had a price boost of almost 300 from the first of january to 25. presently enj is trading at a high price of 0.42 per crypto with a 30-day surge rate of 96.3 a bullish position is favored by investors if this trend continues enj and the bulls may overtake its 0.49 resistance level and go higher in conclusion crypto can further raise its price to over 50 percent from its current trading position there is a considerable risk of this happening if the crypto keeps on winning its investors trust contrarily if the investors turn against the crypto the other might take over and dismiss enj from its uptrend post in simple words the price of enj might plunge to almost 0.3 dollars a bearish signal in this situation enj must get back and climb up again to the bullish level above 40 cents or else the bearish market might gain control of the crypto position and pull enj even lower in terms of market condition enj's market capitalization amounts to above 500 million dollars also the trading volume of crypto accounts for almost 400 million dollars per day with this market achievement the crypto ranks as one of the best hundred cryptocurrencies on coin gecko would this market achievement be enough for enj to sustain its bullish position in 2021 are you excited to know the results well what's holding us back so let's get into the very base of it in this enj price prediction 2021 enj was able to hold on to its uptrend position despite the high market fluctuations enj trades a bullish price of 58 cents with a 7-day increase rate of 53.8 percent also there is a cryptos price boost to over plus 250 since the start of 2021.

If this fast growth rate maintains enj might rally its price towards the bullish price of two dollars in no time indeed this is a positive trend preferred by the investors of the network best of all the price of the crypto could even touch the skyrocketing value of five dollars specifically the five dollar crypto price has a growth rate of over a hundred and fifty percent and an increased rate that enj already completed in its previous market rally for this purpose we can say that five dollar price is impossible to reach but of course this is most likely to happen if the bullish market continues to favor crypto engine coin may trade at 1.589 by the end of 2021 on average with regular buying and selling pressures when it comes to the crypto's relative strength index rsi enj has just crossed level 70.

In other terms the crypto is now overbought and may trigger a price repeal at any given time that's why traders must wisely trade and should not be affected by the market hype with this in mind traders can avoid unforeseen losses due to the crypto market's uproarious swings in any case the coin might soar in case the community concentrates on reducing the transaction fees moreover with a wide vote of the engine savvy wallet the coin may strike a high at 2.851 with advanced developments on the other side the tps is only 30 which may work as a setback pulling the coin to minimums at 0.65 the current crypto market is testing the strength of traders and proving the strength of many coins for example engine was doing surprisingly well recently having risen by nearly 40 percent but what's behind its recent price search and what to expect from enj in the near future let's try to find out engine has recently gathered momentum due to some intriguing marketing from its team dubbed as my first nft the marketing tactic lays the foundation for a revolution in social media marketing it showcased the engine beam technology enabling companies to conduct marketing campaigns by beaming nfts to anyone who sees the qr code the beam is active in early access and is being successfully used by established brands such as microsoft to engage and reward audiences with nfts nfts are revolutionary for the marketing industry they combine the simplicity and low cost of digital campaigns with the engagement of physical marketing conclusively engine ecosystem creators will mint nfts on jump net by consuming only 0.0002 percent of the electricity consumed on the ethereum blockchain this marks a significant technological milestone and engine's plan to enable carbon neutral nfts by the year 2030.

Another recent topic of discussion was news that a video game retailer gamestop is creating a team to develop an nft platform built on the ethereum blockchain in addition it has created a new subdomain on its website vowing to put together a team to make the platform improvements to existing projects exciting marketing campaigns the rising popularity of mobile and online gaming all these can contribute to engine chances to gain in value also engine does not rely on the astronomically high cost associated with ethereum transactions which is a positive indicator that the token is bound for an upward trajectory but though the aftermath of black wednesday continues to unravel the current crypto market is still very vulnerable to unforeseen periods of volatility it can wipe out all the possible gains so be careful also engine unveiled its jump net protocol this system provides free nft transactions to users anyone can now mint send and trade nfts at no cost via the jumnet protocol according to developers the engine community has been experimenting with this next generation of nfts for years engine coin may be a profitable investment for the long term because it points to provide more benefits to its users in case you decide to invest in cryptocurrency buying when costs are lower may be a wise move you can get more for your cash when buying amid a downturn in any case when you choose to invest make sure you're keeping a long-term outlook no one knows whether a cryptocurrency will succeed or not but in the event that it does you'll be able to maximize your profit by holding your investments for the long term the data provided in this video does not constitute investment advice financial advice or trading advice per se it would be best if you did not treat any of the content as such the content in this video is for educational purposes only and hence should not be considered as financial advice do conduct your due diligence and discussions with your financial advisor before making any investment decisions and with that it's time to end the video we hope this video was helpful and informative let us know your views in the comment section below and make sure to subscribe to us for more content like this and share it with your kith and kim also don't forget to smash that like button and press the bell icon right beside to get notified about our new videos until then bye

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