ENJIN (ENJ) UPDATE: Buy or GOODBYE ENJIN COIN? My Prediction 2021 – 2025 ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŒด

non-fungible tokens in the crypto industry have recently become increasingly popular they started as a niche movement around crypto artists but are now on the verge of becoming an ecosystem that is surrounded by billions of dollars stay tuned to know a leading coin in the non-fungible token platform this is mason from attain highly the channel where you will achieve greatly be sure to like and subscribe so you won't miss out on your success in today's video we will have a look at engine coin it's price predictions and if it's wise to buy it or not without any delay let's get into the video before moving forward it's essential to be clear with what non-fungible tokens are they are like cryptocurrencies a type of digital asset nfts are used to contain only the value of anything that comes as a unique item instead of holding monetary value that's why these tokens cannot be substituted by another it distinguishes them from regular cryptocurrencies where each coin has a value of the same type the video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with approximately 65 percent of american adults playing games in addition it is projected that the video game market will become an industry of 300 billion dollars by 2025.

Of the future gamers engine is hoping to get a few of these gamers out of the conventional games and introduce them to the blockchain so engine what is that in short it's a video game community based in blockchain and a development platform users can create websites decentralized game wraps and chat forms with engine the engine platform is specially built for the video game industry and gives its legion of players the chance to build their favorite communities engine coin was launched on the ethereum mainnet in june 2018 but in july 2017 it was first revealed engine coin is a cryptocurrency used on various websites and online games the coin can also be transformed into several other digital features such as game products or gold playing the coin is virtually made for the gaming industry enj is a digital store value that is used to support the value of blockchain assets such as non-fungible tokens and was created by maxim blagov and wiiteg radomski enj uses several on-chain as well as off-chain processes to conduct a transaction as per its whitepaper for the engine ecosystem the erc-1155 is essential engine improved the elc20 and erc721 tokens in 2018 the erc-1155 improves certain existing tokens by combining both fungible and non-fungible tokens nfts the package is stored in any erc20 compliant wallet on exchanges like binance it supports smart contracts with erc-1155 as well enj has a total of 1 billion supply and is not extracted it is mined and melted instead users may purchase products from enj in-game shops or use them with other games for individual dealings players can also earn enj as game level rewards these virtual objects are kept in engines private wallets instead price predictions prediction of engine coin price 2021 the trading price of engine coin came in 2021 at 13 cents the price began to go up again on an optimistic note with 3.48 being traded the price is expected to climb to a new height if investors concentrate on engine coin it is 3.59 as of 30th april 2021 if the group focuses on reducing transaction fees of the coin cam rise the enj value could hit eight dollars by the end of 2021 prediction of engine coin price 2022 enj could start 2022 with 11 the world should concentrate on the revolution in gaming by providing versatility and clarity it could improve its platform the price of engine coin is expected to be traded at 15 by the end of 2022 next five years prediction enj could increase with certain innovations and partnerships enj can be considered in five years as the market's biggest crypto gaming and may be included in the top 20 cryptocurrencies charts focusing on enhancing its protocol an instant transaction framework could achieve more investors and consumers enj could be traded at 34 by the end of five years reason for its rise there are ample reasons why enj is rising and rising prices the situation is optimal as blockchain could precisely in the game industry see its first big breakthrough one thing that distinguishes engine because developers and creators of content build virtual elements on a blockchain that allow users to own the blockchain the fact that engine makes it easy for third-party developers to integrate its products is also a major plus for engine's future coin telegraph markets and trading view data reveals that over the past month the eng's price has increased by 800 percent from 34 cents on february 23rd to 3.09 on 15th march thanks to a continuous increase in the volume of trade the launch of the jamnet ethereum scaling system increased visibility and trading volumes due to multiple exchange lists the continued growth of the nft sector is the three reasons for engines exponential growth it will continue to grow as to begin the first non-fungible token on the polka dot network engine raised 18.9 million dollars this move would contribute to stronger trade in nft games and other applications engine the maker of the standard non-fungible token erc1155 sold its private sale of 18.9 million dollars to infinity which is a next generation nft blockchain based on polka dot for gaming applications companies and developers behind cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin blockchain is the open and safe digital engine engine allows developers to mint one-of-a-kind blockchain digital pieces with nfts apart from this samsung the mobile giant has verified that the crypto wallet or gaming platform is partnering with engine as they unite forces for blockchain gaming on the phone and engine now reveals its collaborations with the phone wallet keystore feature of the phone future of engine coin engine's ongoing progress eng github major partnerships progress achieved so far the engine project is a project that is open source the repositories below on the engine github page show that the engine ecosystem has developed a ton these include the erc-115 sample implementation engine craft plug-in and the crowdfund contract from the bancorp protocol an example of plug-in developers how to use engine blockchain and minecraft service is the engine craft plug-in that implements the engine java sdk these involve contributors work in the repo and have 492 commitments in all branches the implementation of the erc-1155 sample has nine active contributors to this and 92 commitments across all the divisions that underline important engine ecosystem activity in doing so it was time proof for the engine project and further progress in space will continue to be seen a back service called trusted cloud is available on the engine platform engine trusted cloud services connect existing gaming accounts to block wallet addresses the engine platform was also designed to include a scaling solution called effinity since the games aren't going to be open narrow channels for top quality speeds between smart agreements and the game servers competition comparison with the like shows the most valued rival and the likelihood of overcoming it with engine coins launch and its full ecosystem ethereum cryptocurrency has become a leader it is currently at 44th and has a market dominance of 16 ethereum trustology lisk and the waves platform our engine's best competitors engine is an online gaming community development platform that provides a new cryptocurrency engine coin enga and a smart contract platform is it a good investment or not gaming has become a major enterprise and has only been further expanding with the proliferation of smartphone apps however there are still markets for pc and console games when you don't know the demand for virtual products and in-game currencies online is very big however most of this is silent as players sometimes exchange their virtual goods for real world currencies in the tos of these games but i see that it's changing pretty quickly and the engine's platform might be a strong force here a big issue with these businesses is that it is difficult to achieve them reasonably and healthily often a payment provider like paypal won't respect a virtual item dispute there is no question because they can't know whether or not it has been shipped the blockchain however offers a unique directory capable of recording not only transactions but also as an intermediate for completing the transactions using smart contracts moreover we believe that gamers can quickly hop on anything they could find a simple way to make money out of their hobbies now these are useful posts instead of putting their hard labor which collects dust in their virtual banks they are capital property that can be exchanged or even sold in the real world to buy products there are several market share ventures in this area and therefore what makes investing in enj a good idea in the beginning the branding is fantastic the best of any contestant possible and you can't forget that they also belong to the engine network of more than 250 000 players such a presence is an enormous benefit in comparison to other ventures their team already has a great deal of experience in this area and will play their part in achieving their goals they also have several high-profile consultants including anthony diorio ethereum co-founder and pat levine the technical director at bioware mass effect dragon age and other famous titles while a lot of gaming platforms are available this one is the best choice they seem to be ticked by all of the right boxes and we hope they will succeed with this we have come to an end thank you for watching the video the content in this video is for educational purposes only and hence should not be considered as financial advice all the financial decisions should be made after doing your own research let us know in the comment section your opinions on this will you guys buy engine or not don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon to avoid missing any further information catch you all in the next video

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