Enjin Ecosystem Update: Q4 2021 Roadmap

My name is Caleb Applegate and I'm the 
Chief Operating Officer here at Enjin,   and I'm joined by Witek Radomski, our CTO and 
Co-founder. Hey Witek! Hey guys! Awesome, so we're   here with another update to keep our community 
informed with the latest Enjin news. So Witek,   you and I have talked a lot this week just 
about everything we have going on here at Enjin,   and as it turns out, we're working on a lot, 
yes? Oh yeah, yeah it's lots in progress,   it's building a whole ecosystem right? 
Right, so I'm just going to list off a few of   our core products that we have, we've been working 
on these – yo know we've got JumpNet, we've got Efinity   our cross-chain highway that we're building 
on Polkadot.

We've got our Beam tool, we've   got the new wallet that we've redesigned from the 
ground up. We've got our new marketplace NFT.io.   I know that you're working on staking, 
you're working on a Paratoken Standard. I mean there's a lot here. The bottom line 
is Enjin is working around the clock.   And I know that you and Lukasz have 
a very active development team,   we're super appreciative of all the work that you 
guys are doing, again around the clock non-stop.   But you and I this week we had to take a beat for 
a minute because while there's so much going on   it's our responsibility to make sure that 
we're delivering on our core products.   And so to that end, I thought just talking with 
you earlier today, that it would be really proper   for you and I to give our community an update 
on our product priorities.

Because there's so   much at any given time that we're trying to 
tackle. We've kind of narrowed it down to four   primary core products for Q4 that the community 
can anticipate that we will be delivering. So I   wanted to take a minute and just talk about these. 
So first, JumpNet. Talk to me about where we're at   with JumpNet and what the community can expect 
in Q4. Sure, so JumpNet is, it was initially   launched as a simple way to beam and do things for 
free with an EVM, but after talking to our early   adopters last week we realized that we actually 
need to support smart contracts.

Early adopters,   and game developers, and everyone actually wants 
to use it as a full network, so we are currently   working on enabling smart contracts, building 
better bridges, and making JumpNet fully capable   for larger use cases, so that's coming this next 
quarter. Got it, okay. And Beam. Beam is another   very important tool, we are using Beam – but talk 
to me about where this product is headed. Yeah,   Beam is an amazing way to basically deliver an NFT 
to anyone by letting them scan a QR code.

So we're   having people like Microsoft use it, we're having 
promotional opportunities with game developers,  but we realized that we need to scale it so our 
first step with Beam is we actually just brought   it up to around 100,000 NFTs that can be dropped 
in one campaign, but we're now seeing that we need   possibly millions in campaigns. So the first step 
is scaling it up to allow that and the next stage   after that point will be to open it up to the 
public, make it a full self-serve system so   once you have your NFTs you have your project, 
now you can start distributing them using Beam.   Awesome, that's amazing! And kind of coupled 
with that is our wallet, right? This is   very very important.

This we've built from the 
ground up, rebuilt I might add. Talk to me about   where we're at with the Wallet. Yeah I mean 
it's not taken lightly how difficult it is to   take a successful mobile app like the Enjin Wallet 
v1 and redo it from the ground up, I mean there's   three or four years of work put into the original 
one. So we realized that we're now going into   multi-chain, we're going to be supporting 
Efinity and Polkadot and that ecosystem.   We want social features, we want a lot of a lot 
more things that people can do with the wallet. So   we've been working on v2 hardcore, we've increased 
our mobile development team and that's something   we really want to deliver this next quarter, 
and that will tie into things like staking so   they'll allow people to do that directly through 
the wallet.

Right, right, and again our community   can anticipate each of these dropping in Quarter 
4 of this year. Lastly, I want to talk about   our marketplace, NFT.io. We've mentioned before 
in past updates that it was our aim to release   this in September but we've actually rethought 
that a little bit. Do you want to kind of inform   our community where we're at with development 
and why we decided to push back a few months?   Yeah the original NFT.io pre-launch was supposed 
to be in September and the goal was just to,   we had the core, the backend working 
and we were going to build out   these kinds of single campaigns for celebrities, 
maybe one or two per month, with a very   narrow interface for that. But as we started 
working through this we realized that   people actually need the full NFT.io, they need 
to be able to relist items on the marketplace,   they need multiple kinds of auctions and different 
kinds of capabilities, and so we need a bit more   time to get that ready.

We realized the best 
course of action: move it to a little bit later   this quarter, so we'll be looking at possibly mid-
to-late Q4 to launch the full NFT.io experience.   Amazing! Alright, so again as our community 
you can expect releases with JumpNet, Beam,   Wallet – our new wallet, NFT.io. Also know 
that at Enjin we're working on staking, we're   working on the paratoken standard, we're always 
working on Efinity, we have great progress there.   And there are other things like our web wallet 
that we're also developing. So all that to say:   know that your Enjin team is very, very busy at 
any given time and we are committed to our core   mission of making Enjin fully synonymous with 
NFTs and gaming.

This is our space – we love it,   we're so passionate and excited about what we 
do! And we just wanted to say thank you again   to our community for your continued support 
and your patience as we work diligently   in developing these world-class 
innovative products. Cheers!.

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