Enjin Ecosystem Update: Powering the Future of Play-to-Earn Games

Hey! I'm Caleb Applegate, I'm the COO   at Enjin and I'm joined today by Witek 
Radomski, our CTO and Co-founder. Witek thanks for taking a few minutes. Hey everybody – yeah thanks. Cool, so we decided  to do these videos once every 
few weeks just to keep our community in the loop   on news features, any updates. Really, the thing 
is we want to be better about communication, so   with that being said, Witek, I think it's 
an understatement to say that we have a lot   going on here. Yeah we're developing non-stop, 
it's crazy. Right, so you know, everything from   the new wallet upgrade that we're working day 
and night on, we've got NFT.io that's dropping   next month, we've got the Efinity network 
that we're building out on Polkadot.   We've got JumpNet that we're doubling down on, so 
we have a lot going on.

That being said, we talked   about this a little bit beforehand and I think 
it's important for our community to understand   a little bit of Enjin's vision, where we began and 
why we're building what we're building today as it   pertains to games and crypto gaming NFTs. So Witek 
maybe give our audience just a few minutes of a   kind of a backstory. What's the context for Enjin?
Sure, so Enjin started off about 13 years ago as a   social community builder for gamers and so we had 
250,000 gaming communities, 20 million gamers.

It   grew pretty fast. We were really popular with you 
know guilds, clans, online gamers, and Minecraft.   And the cool thing about it is it worked and 
it worked with hundreds and thousands of games,   so that turned into us realizing we could actually 
do something cool in the game industry and   give game developers tools to build better 
and more interesting, more compelling games.   Yeah and one of our community members asks, 
you know, why doesn't Enjin just build a game? Not saying that that's off the table in the 
future, but do you want to speak to that?   Yeah I mean, I'd love to build a game. I mean 
we have been talking to so many game developers   all the time, you know we're itching to build 
something ourselves and we might do that in the   future.

But right now we are so focused, 
we're building so many different parts of   the infrastructure that it's enough just to be 
building that infrastructure for game developers   and staying in contact with game developers to 
make a really robust, awesome system for them. Right, if I'm a game developer, what makes 
the blockchain and NFTs so compelling?   Why should I care about this? Yeah I mean beyond just you know a new way to 
monetize your game, the blockchain gives people   true ownership of their assets.

That's huge, 
I mean people are spending thousands of hours   inside your games. They're putting their mind 
inside your virtual worlds, and when they collect   items, when they build their characters up and 
they build social relationships in these games   they become, that becomes part of their actual 
digital identity. And so that is a sticking   sticky point that will make users want to play 
your game more because it feels so much more real.   And then you know there's so many more 
mechanics you can play with as a game   developer that haven't really been explored 
that much, the whole idea of the multiverse   you know taking tokens in from multiple games 
to other games and into the physical world and   out onto the web, that openness is amazing.

ability to see the whole history of your whole   gaming history that's going to be something really 
amazing and you know the stakes that it brings   when you have something of value, some token 
that you cherish, some unique collectible and   you're putting it inside that game or having the 
ability to steal that from somebody else inside   of a game in a competition i think that makes 
gaming a lot more fun. There's so much more game   developers can play with, but just those things 
alone are a reason to start investigating it.  Yeah, absolutely agreed so let's just get down to 
the bottom line: what are we building right now?   You talked about infrastructure.

What are we 
building to make this easy for game developers?   And by the way, I mean we've talked about this 
internally a bunch, we know that we have a long   way to go, but we're dedicated, we're passionate, 
we're inspired to create that full NFT stack,   that full picture, not just a marketplace, 
not just a network. We want the full picture.  Talk to me about that. If I'm a game 
developer and I'm looking at Enjin,   why should I care about 
Enjin? What's the difference? We want game developers—whether you're a 
small indie game developer or a large game   publisher with you know millions of active 
users—we want you to be able to create NFTs,   use them in creative ways in your games without 
having to spend years developing blockchain   and having a blockchain team and building out 
blockchain infrastructure. We want it plug   and play, we want it easy. And we also think 
that you know, if we build this as a platform   that this will be interoperable across the 
whole blockchain universe. So this is better   than building a walled garden, you know one game 
developer building their own walled garden thing,   because this will be compatible with 
everything and we think people want   that.

That's the whole that's the whole 
network effect, the community effect. Yeah, so let's talk about how that works for 
a minute. You have JumpNet, you have Efinity,   we have our new wallet coming out, and 
NFT.io. Let's talk to our audience,   our community about like how do we envision 
all of this working together? Specifically for   game developers who go "yeah this is the future 
of gaming. Crypto gaming NFTs are here to stay.   It's exploding, I want to be part of this!"
Talk to me about how they all work together.   Sure, I mean as a game developer you 
decide what you want your game to do   and then you pick your base-chain. You mint 
some tokens, you mint your token collection on   whether it's Ethereum, JumpNet, or in the 
future Efinity.

You create your your mechanics,   you create your supplies, your token economy and 
ecosystem and then you plug in our SDKs. Those   SDKs will talk to the blockchain and they'll 
provide your game with the data that it needs.   Then all these tools will work together, and 
our our long-term vision honestly is for the   blockchain aspect to completely melt away so 
people can just start playing your game, not have   to worry about you know going and acquiring crypto 
and doing all these complex things. So we want to   make it frictionless, easy, and so we're building 
all the pieces all the tools to make that happen. Right. Much like payments for the every person 
now where they can pay in say Bitcoin or Ethereum,   much like that we want to make gaming and crypto 
gaming NFTs available for any game players,   and make it easy for game developers to 
integrate – that's what you're saying,   yes? Exactly and you know I actually think, I 
honestly believe that gaming is is going to be   the Trojan Horse to the mainstream for billions 
of people to know what crypto is exactly,   what NFTs are and how they work, and using them 
sometimes, in some cases without even knowing it.   Because gaming you know you you play these 
games you're interacting in these fun worlds.   It's not numbers and complex addresses and 
consensus mechanisms, right? So that's a really   cool way for people to learn about blockchain and 
get into it.

Yeah awesome, well thank you Witek   for your time. In the next episode, I want to 
get deeper into perhaps JumpNet and talk a little   bit about how that works. We've got a big call 
coming up with our early adopter game developers.   We value their feedback, we listen, we take 
that feedback into consideration, we prioritize   features that they're asking for. I think that's 
another thing with Enjin is we do care. We we do   provide that white glove treatment.We want to 
be in collaboration with our game developers.   So all that being said, thank you to our 
community. Again this was just kind of high level   what's Enjin's doing, why are we 
doing it, and and how are we actually   executing this vision. So we'll see you in 
a few weeks! Thank you, everyone. Cheers!.

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