Enjin Ecosystem Update: Building and Scaling NFTs with JumpNet

Hey everyone, my name is Caleb Applegate, 
I'm the Chief Operating Officer here at   Enjin. I'm joined today by our Co-founder 
and CTO, Witek Radomski. Witek, welcome!   Thank you! So this last week was a busy busy 
week. We launched our new website which was   months in the works – enjin.io, e-n-j-i-n.io. 
I'm really proud of this, I mean our team worked   very very hard to simplify the messaging of what 
it is that we do, what the vision at Enjin is,   and how we actually are working to accomplish 
this. We are a product-first company, but we have   really we targeted kind of 
three primary audiences:   individuals, developers, and then businesses. 
And so it was hard to try to compartmentalize   this entire product ecosystem into each of 
these because they all are each unique use cases   but they're all part of the same framework. 
So, yeah the website took a lot of work but   it was a lot of fun and I think the way 
that it's presented now is very accessible   to our audience.

So anyway check it out, Enjin.io. 
Witek, we also had our monthly adopter call   and this is a time each month that we've set 
aside specifically for our early adopters   using Enjin tools – game developers that 
we've been working with, some for years.   We wanted to make a better more concentrated 
effort to talk to our developers, to listen to   their feedback and so we've been very intentional 
the last few months, we're going to be doing this   once a month every month to give them a platform 
to just ask questions. We want to give them an   update with our development roadmap but it's 
important to have that kind of open communication.   So one thing that came up, and you and I talked 
about this, is that we wanted to kind of set   the stage better for JumpNet starting with the 

What is JumpNet? Talk to our community   just starting over. What is it? Yeah, JumpNet is 
basically a sister network to Ethereum. It's an   EVM-based blockchain, very similar to 
Ethereum but the transaction fees are   free, or very inexpensive, so there's gonna be a 
limit of transactions you can do but for most game   developers that'll be enough and you can deploy 
smart contracts there, you can actually use it   with Metamask if you want, and you can use it with 
our whole Enjin SDKs and platform that exists for   Ethereum.

So the reason to do that was, you know, 
our game developers found it extremely expensive   and slow to use Ethereum so we provided JumpNet so 
now people can run their games on there much more   efficiently. And so there's going to be bridges 
in between JumpNet and Ethereum so you can move   your assets back and forth. Yeah, and we have 
prioritized this in our Quarter Four development   roadmap planning. Right now over 20 million 
assets have been created on JumpNet to date. You   mentioned smart contracts, can you give a little 
bit more about how this affects our developers?   Yeah, developers have been asking for this for 
a while, they want the same functionalities they   have on Ethereum. JumpNet started out as a very 
simple platform just to use the Enjin Ecosystem,   but now anyone can deploy a smart contract, you 
can use all of your favorite Ethereum tools,   and your users will be able to interact with 
that smart contract for free.

They can use the   Enjin Wallet, they can use Metamask or anything 
that they're familiar with. Yeah, fantastic. So   I want to transition – and thanks for giving that 
explanation about JumpNet – so Efinity and EFi.   EFI is the token that fuels all transactions on 
the Efinity network and for those of you who don't   know, Efinity is our cross-chain NFT highway built 
on Polkadot.

What's the utility of EFI on JumpNet?   We know we put out a blog post about this, we've 
been talking about this for a few months now but   I think it'd be good again, as we hit reset 
– What is the utility of EFI on JumpNet? So   JumpNet, you know we're offering free transactions 
on JumpNet but there's certain game developers   and certain adopters that want to do more 
transactions for whatever purpose, so to do   that to get that they'll be able to stake EFI on 
JumpNet and get a larger portion of transactions.   So that is the core purpose. In the future, we're 
going to investigate more things as we develop   the ecosystem. Yeah, awesome. We'll probably do a 
dedicated video about Efinity coming up in a few   weeks, just to again, hit reset, really start 
defining what is the role and function of each   of these networks that we're building and how do 
they how do they interoperate and work together.   The ERC-1155 asset bridge for JumpNet.

Can you 
talk a little bit about that? That was another   thing that came up with our early adopters. 
Sure, so this is an exciting update coming very   soon here. You'll be able to move your assets 
in between Ethereum Mainnet and JumpNet, so any   of those tokens in your games, you'll be able to 
do that. We're starting that off for developers   first, so you can basically ask the SDK, "I want 
to move assets," and you can do that from the SDK.   After that's been fully tested and adopted by 
some of our adopters, then we'll work on a user   interface on the Wallet so anyone can just click 
a button and move it between JumpNet and Ethereum   anytime they wish. That's great! Any other 
future plans for JumpNet that you wanna give us,   give to the community? Sure yeah, I mean one of 
the big things is, you know, people want to be   able to move huge amounts of assets in between 
JumpNet and Ethereum, so if you already have a   game that's built on Ethereum, and you have, let's 
say hundreds of thousands of assets on there,   we're investigating and working on a total 
account, full account merge like bridge over to   each network.

So if you need to move that 
many assets, we're working on that. But right   now you can do batch transfers or single 
transfers of tokens through the bridge.   And yeah we're basically, the next goal with 
JumpNet is decentralize it further and you   know just keep developing it so it grows into its 
own unique network. Yeah, well, Witek thank you   so much for all that you're doing. I know we often 
thank the community in these videos and it's true.   Without the support, the loyalty, the feedback, 
that kind of fuels us internally.

I mean that   drives us, right? But I want to take a moment and 
just kind of look inwardly at our company – we've   grown significantly and with that type of growth 
come different complexities that our team has   had to navigate. And I just want to say I'm so 
proud of the Enjin team, the Development team,   the Operations team, the Legal team. We have such 
a world-class group of people coming together   that are so dedicated to the mission and cause at 
Enjin. Yeah, it's just a privilege to be here.

So   I think that's a good note to end on. We're 
going to keep doing these we're going to try   to do them even weekly, bringing new updates 
talking about things like JumpNet, Efinity,   different features we're working on, different 
updates, news, so that we can keep you better in   the loop. So to our community, thank you! Please 
leave a comment, subscribe. We're gonna do our   part to keep you as up-to-date as possible. 
Thanks, everyone, have a great day! Cheers..

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