Enjin Coin | What Is Enjin Coin? | Interesting Facts

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project called Enjin Coin. Interesting Facts
Market capitalization is more than 970 million  The volume of trades is 85 million dollars a day
The number of holders is more than 125 thousand  36 thousand subscribers in the telegram group
more than 215 thousand followers on Twitter What Is Enjin Coin? It is a project of Enjin, a company that 
provides an ecosystem of interconnected,   blockchain-based gaming products.

Enjin's flagship 
offering is the Enjin Network, a social gaming   platform through which users can create websites 
and clans, chat, and host virtual item stores. Enjin allows game developers to tokenize 
in-game items on the Ethereum blockchain.   It uses Enjin Coin, an ERC-20 token, to back 
the digital assets issued using its platform,   meaning that items can be bought, 
sold and traded with real-world value. Enjin Coin is a digital store of value used 
to back the value of blockchain assets like   non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Every asset 
minted with the Enjin Platform contains ENJ,   a minting resource which is locked inside 
NFTs and removed from circulation. Minting   blockchain assets with ENJ provides a 
variety of benefits to creators and users Enjin Coin has a fixed maximum 
supply of 1 billion tokens.   However, as the ecosystem grows and more 
ENJ is locked into in-game digital assets,   the number of coins actually 
circulating will decrease.

Enjin Products Platform  Create and integrate next-gen NFTs 
with your apps, games and websites. Wallet  Get a free, feature-rich blockchain 
wallet used and loved by millions. Marketplace
Discover, buy,   and sell rare and
unique NFTs. Beam
A   blockchain-powered way to grow 
and engage your target audience. You can buy Enjin Coin on Binance, 
Bithumb, Uniswap and Balancer exchanges. Click Like button and subscribe to our channel!.

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