Welcome back to the channel, my name is Adam Lewis. welcome. I want to make a quick video for you on a coin called Enjin coin ticker code enj. It's beautiful. It's a beautiful thing that you need to know more about. This is not going to be financial advice, I am not a financial advisor. But the Engine Coin is the rock and roll currency going forward.

I found Engine Coin while I was searching online on various social media sites and things like that. It's a really nice thing I mean it's something you really want to look at. enj bar. I found it on Reddit and found it on YouTube and everywhere. It's something you'll want to participate in in the future if not now. We're going to do a little due diligence today you and I and I'm going to share my screen but go out there and look at it for yourself and I think you'll love it.

Now I'm going to be pumping some coins today and this week I mean I'm going to do some videos on some cute coins you might want to look at that are getting ready to go crazy. Believe me when I tell you so if you haven't subscribed to the channel please subscribe to the channel with notifications in this way you will be notified everytime I upload a new video and please hit the like and comment button of course I say under me if you know about enjin coin Do you I heard about enjin what are your thoughts on enjin… let's do the dialogue for you and me Let's talk about it now let's go to my computer take a look at some due diligence I do when searching for a coin I hope that helps you too .

So remember, wait until the end of the video. I will tell you what coins or coins might appear next in my next videos and again you will really want to check it out. So here we have it. The due diligence will not be complete unless of course you go to the website of the particular cryptocurrency you are looking for. These cryptocurrencies are called enjin and ticker enj and they will explode. This thing is ready to do amazing things. If you haven't heard of the metaverse, there are three major players in the metaverse enjin coin one of them.

I'll be doing some videos on others too later but this one is for NFT and gaming, you know, like all gamers and their huge gaming community, so let's take a look at their website real quick. They are now available, you can get their wallet on Google play or Apple store and you know they are trusted by Microsoft and many gaming organizations, blockchain dot com. Just go do some due diligence and take a look at this coin. You'll love it when you see what it's all about. Let's see what they have to say. What are NFT's? If you haven't heard of them, they are called non-fungible tokens which are unique digital assets created on the blockchain. It can be everything from games, digital art sports, sports collectibles, and real-life assets. And enjin coin is really set up for rock 'n' roll in this very arena. You can scroll through this yourself but I wanted to show you their website. And what happens. So basically, the engine is huge just I mean they're going to be something, they're going to be major competitors.

They are cooperating with Polkadot organization and other huge organizations. They just pumped a hundred million dollars into their infrastructure to make it that much better, so do some due diligence to check it out. All you need in one place is the beauty of this particular cryptocurrency. If you're into nfts, you'll need a platform to build it. The engine has a platform for creating different nfts. The most important thing about this is that it is lightning fast and does not consume as much power as some of these other platforms and it is very safe. As you know, people who create nfts are always worried about someone stealing their digital assets, and this thing prevents that from happening. The mover is one of those very safe websites and coins. As I said earlier, they collaborated with Polkadot. So let's see what we get as well.

Take a look at their website, it's huge. They are all over the place, let's take a look at some of the other things here that are coingecko and I always go there too to look at some of their thoughts on different cryptocurrencies. Enjin coin is now around $2.80. I bought butt loading from this. This is not financial advice, please take what I say with caution and always consult a professional before investing any amount of money in any type of cryptocurrency.

Of course never invest more than you can afford to lose. Because cryptos, in particular, are very volatile. Once again, Enjin is sitting at around $2.80 right now. Market value of $2,555,000. I'm sorry my billion with AB. $2,555,000. It's incredible. The market value has grown incredibly. It has become one of the top 100 coins on all the different platforms. As a matter of fact, you can buy Enjin right now on Coinbase. I'll leave a link at the bottom in the description box. You get $25, and I get $25 if you sign up and make a transaction. You can now get it flawlessly on coinbase. Let's see here, the rolling stock supply is 934 million. Total supply 1 billion. So, there are very good things. Price chart if you take a look at it. Let me show you something about 30 days ago, I was looking at it earlier.

I wouldn't be surprised if this thing jumps to $60 a coin in the future you know sometime next. It can go much higher much higher . But this coingecko take a look at it. Look at coingecko when you get a second. We'll take a look at the kraken. Find out what they have to say. Kraken is talking about a program. The software drives the ability to create and manage virtual goods on the Ethiopian blockchain.

As I said, the most important thing is safety and speed. Use little energy. Which is a beautiful thing. So take a look at some of these sites I am going to visit so you can make an informed decision for yourself. Again, don't take my words seriously. I put money into it but you will do whatever you want. Let's see here. How it works? The main use case for Enjins is to enable users to manage and store virtual goods for games. Once again, very large in the gaming community. It will grow as people learn more about it. Everyone migrates to the engin. It says unique game items such as swords or accessories for characters. I'm not into games, I always say like who would you rather be? Gold miners or men who sell axes and shovels to gold miners? you know what I mean? I'd rather be on the back end to sell this stuff. Better buy a motor and invest in Engine then Games. I'm not a player I've never been into that much, take a look at that on kragen. The big stuff.

Let me tell you something on coinbase 61% of people on coinbase buy Engin. This is something I read that day. Something you need to look at too. very famous. It will become great. Mark my words. Here's the thing about the $20 million that I think they have on venture me.com. Enjin raises $20 million to launch nft blockchain on polkadot. it's huge. I'm going to do a video about the future probably this week on polkadot and what it's all about. I am also engaged in Polkadot. A very good cryptocurrency to share. It has raised 19 million to fund the blockchain its non-fungible token nft on the polka dot network.

This move will help create a better commerce for NFC-based games and other applications. I tell you now, people will start migrating here. This is a big deal. Now like I said, in the metaverse, there are three main players in it, this is one of them. I will be making two more videos later in the other two so sure if you haven't subscribed to the channel please do it now with notifications this way you will be notified every time I upload a new video. And of course like the video and write something in the comments, let's get the tone together. Let me know your thoughts on Engin. Have you heard about it, are you getting some? But that's a small thing here. In the past few months these have exploded into other applications such as art, sports and music collectibles.

This will just get sick. This will be one of the pioneers in the metaverse and digital gaming platform. So, big time, big time stuff. Take a look at Venture Beat if you like. And last but not least, we have some predictions about coins. This is crypto news.com and let's see what they have to say about the enjin coin. Okay. So we know that they raised about 19 million by selling engine tokens to build the new blockchain. The engine started in 2018. Here is the indicator ENG. Now 272-2280. It has gone up quite a bit in the last 24 hours. In the past seven days, the market value has risen again around 2 billion and 500,000. Which is a good piece of information. But the trading volume is 409 million. This is crazy for a relatively new code. Once again these numbers will go up . These numbers will definitely go up. Yes, I mean this thing is huge.

Dedicating its mission to provide a scalable, multi-chain decentralized network engine from its inception that is fully functional for the benefit of users who absorb all the advantages of the native token engine currency in the wallet. huh? crazy. community paths. Identity renewal. They change a lot of things. Immediately. Currency forecast. With a five-year investment, revenue is expected to be about 532.19% from Abby, so like I said, like I said, check out enjin, enj.

You will love it. And this is how I do my due diligence when I check a coin. just for your information. So what are your thoughts? With over 61% of those currently using coins buying a motor? And it's relatively unknown, have you heard of it before? Let me know again in the comments section below, let me know what you think of Engin. If you haven't already, sign up for the platform on coinbase, I have a link at the bottom of the video, you can join coinbase and we'll get you $25. The webull is there too because they have amazing promotions if you sign up through my link in the description box on the webull we get free stock…two of them I think, worth up to $2000. What this means is that you are entering the sweepstakes.

You can get Apple stock or get some common stock, but in any case, it's still a great deal. Webull is also out there and I have some other links for you to check out but definitely check out enjin enj. You'll be glad you did. Please if you have not already subscribed to the channel please do so with notifications. You will be notified every time I upload a new video, please also like the video and again please comment below, and let me know what you think of enjin coin.

See you next time to make sure you sign up, we'll be doing some killer videos on my crypto and stock picks. I wish you a happy day. God bless. Girl's face! I almost forgot, as promised, the next video I'm going to do that I know for sure. Of course what I'll do about AMC you know that. And the other… let's go with Ethereum Classic and I'll do some due diligence before you even watch my video. I haven't shot him yet.

It will be uploaded soon so subscribe with notifications. It would be Ethereum classic. It's a bomb. It would be crazy!! You will see. check it out!.

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