Enjin Coin Price Prediction: How High Will ENJ Price Rally in 2021?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) gained huge popularity
in 2020 and 2021 with buyers and the general public. Since 2017, Enjin (ENJ) has been inspiring
users and developers to launch their own NFTs and has served as a dominant player in the
NFT space. The Enjin is a unique project in the world
of conventional cryptocurrencies. Gamification is a new approach from the network
as their official website quotes, ‘More than simulation, these new realms will empower
us to create real-world value while having fun. Precisely, Enjin aims to map a path where
the users can experience digital realities! What is the Enjin (ENJ) coin? The Gaming community ventured in 2009 with
around 200 million users in no time! However, the Enjin Coin was first announced
in July 2017 followed by an ICO, and raised $18.9 million.

Subsequently, the launch of the Ethereum mainnet
occurred in June 2018. ENJ is in use across various different websites
and online games. The coin is convertible into numerous other
digital properties like game items or in-game gold. Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski, were the
hands behind this growing gamification platform to land its feet at the crypto market. ENJ is a digital store value and backs the
value of blockchain assets like non-fungible tokens(NFT’s). The token is capped at 1,000,000,000. Fundamental Analysis The Enjin network lets game developers tokenize
any in-game assets or items.

For doing this, the native token ENJ, an ERC-20
token is in use. In other words, any blockchain asset in-built
in a game can be backed by the Enjin token! As a result, when any player unlocks an item,
they can not only use them in-game but also trade and sell them in return for ENJ tokens. On the flip side, if you want to buy ENJ tokens,
then look out for Crypto exchanges. Coinmarketcap, quotes Binance, Uniswap, Bithumb,
Balancer, and many more. If you’re not a gamer yet want to trade
Enjin coins, check out these exchanges to trade ENJ for Bitcoin, USD, Euro, Ether, Tether,
and a few other cryptocurrencies! Enjin Coin Price Prediction 2021 Enjin Coin entered the year 2021 with a trading
price of $0.13.

On a bullish note, the price started to rise
further and is trading at $3.48. The current ATH is $4.00 that evolved in April. Following this, Enjin surged significantly
with $2 figures by May. However, on May 19, the price collapsed, dipping
from $1.89 to $1.20. The ENJ price has not yet recouped from the
market crash and remains sluggish! Enjin coin may trade at $1.589 by the end
of 2021, on average with regular buying and selling pressures. Enijin Price Prediction 2022 If this year closes on a bullish note, then
the 2022 trade might begin with an uptrend at $2.907. On the other hand, if the ENJ coin hits the
bottom flank, then the next year may commence with a bearish trend at $0.659. The community could focus on revolving around
the gaming industry. If Enjin enhances its platform by offering
flexibility and seamless transparency, Enjin may smash a $4.989 mark by the end of 2022. Enjin Price Prediction Next 5 Years In 5 years, ENJ might become the top gaming
crypto available in the market and might enter the top 40 cryptocurrencies list. If the network works on an instant transaction
system, then it may blow a high at $8.793.

By the end of 5 years, the ENJ coin might
trade at $7.414 with not much development. On the other hand, if new regulations pop
up in the coming years, the coin may entangle and drop even to $5.991. Know Our Enjin Price Prediction ENJ may concentrate on integrations and collaborations
with certain gaming websites. According to
COIN SITY formulated Enjin Coin price prediction, if it introduces new offerings to trigger
the problem of scaling, it might smash $2.85 by this year’s end. On the flipside, the lowest price ENJ price
may be $0.65, if the price continues to be volatile..

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