today we will consider an interesting project engine this is a
cryptocurrency used mainly in the gaming the world has performed the engine, players from different countries can
exchange various game features among themselves things like changing the skin of a weapon to a car
from another game this project was created in 2000 a year ago for gamers on this platform, players
created their own clans, chats and forums after that how engine took a niche in the game world he spent 
donkey 2000 in the seventeenth year having made a sequel for potential investors, your product using 
a bus block for exchanging virtual property in computer games and gin together with microsoft 
In the twenty-first year, we made an expansion for minecraft players, which allows you to get a
unique bass engine, it received almost 19 million dollars to create a new blac chyna in the network and the
shelf dot plans that they themselves are worth it to get out to the Asian market and make it so that the
entire network of them does not switch to working without emissions carbon dioxide engine is based on the heart and 
20 of ethereum when creating any thing in the game in the world developers use windows and Angie they
themselves are installed on we measure Angie for example legendary armor can be equated to one unit
and g This project has a limited number of what bitcoin amount the maximum amount and
jack is one billion then in the future it will affect at the cost of cryptocurrency, large and well-known
sponsors are BMW and microsoft and Samsung thereby the fundamental basis looks promising
and therefore I suggest that you consider for now the moment is a technical analysis in order to understand
whether it is worth buying and entering the market now we choose I jack dollar choose a daily chart
and look we see this situation here it is appeared in the seventeenth year grew a little grew 
and suddenly a rapid growth occurred later of course the fall began and the fall now I will say how much
by 77 percent this indicates that the lowest the trend is quite likely
to end soon and but we have already achieved especially if judging by the trend lines that I drew
namely this line is the resistance of support then the price is just rushing to the very edge
and this once again suggests that after if it goes beyond this framework, it will produce rapid
growth this is one of the variants of events that will soon if the price rises rapidly, another scenario of
events is that it will go into the sideways and approximately it will be at this level where the support level will be
approximately 1 dollar and the resistance will be 1 thus summing up the results we
can say with confidence that now it is very a good entry point right now
it is urgently necessary to purchase and install engine because what if you are a little late now and you can
just banally miss the hyip that can to happen namely to soar to about three and
a half dollars in other words you can literally in a couple of months to increase your capital by
three and a half times fundamental and a again we looked at it so we can say with confidence
that this cryptocurrency has a plus potential the same technical analysis to this is what is needed 
it's right now to go in and it's just perfect situations in order to start acquiring and
accumulating angie at the moment please put like subscribe I wish you more
money to earn everyone see you soon bye bye

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