Enjin Coin: A Digital Store of Value for the $50 Billion Virtual Goods Market

The blockchain games and items shown here are already available. Enjin Coin is a means of storing digital value. It will bring about a big change in the way assets are used in games and apps. Digital assets are already a big market. There are more than 2.7 billion gamers in the world, and the market size of digital items is about 5 trillion yen. This is expected to reach about 20 trillion yen in 2025. Enjin makes it easy to publish assets to Ethereum and integrate them with your games and apps. Enjin Coin is used to back up assets through a process called "Minting". Backed by Enjin Coin, developers have earned the trust of consumers You can add value to your assets, increase their authenticity, and control inflation in your assets. More developers are looking for ways to deliver value to their users in the fast-growing digital world. Enjin Coin provides users with digital assets and powerful solutions that increase value, usefulness and importance over time. Currently, over 10 million Enjin Coins have been published by the Enjin Platform and are locked into over 1 billion assets. As more developers deploy the Enjin Platform, the amount of Enjin Coin locked will increase, leading to increased value in the digital world.

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