Enjin Coin- 100 Cryptos in 100 days #12/100

what's going on guys this is B Wells and
this is a hundred kryptos and a hundred days and we're talking about engine coin
today engine coin is a gaming cryptocurrency that is built essentially
to add value to digital ID ohms so game developers are gonna be able to get
creative with using engine corn and placing real value skins and items
throughout their game in the very first game that it's gonna feature is
minecraft and that's because engine was a company prior that sold Minecraft
servers so their team has already been in the gaming market for quite some time
which is a really good thing to me for a coin that I'm investing in and I think
they're gonna easily be able to bring some good digital value to or some value
to these digital crypto currencies by placing them in games and stuff so
they've already had some really cool developments since they've been out
they've came out with an e rc 20 wallet that is capable of taking in a lot of
different of popular ERC 20 coins and it's an unhackable wallet and I say that
because they designed the keyboard to change every time so therefore even if
somebody had a key logger on your phone somehow they would never know which
keyboard was popping up so it's basically an unhackable mobile app
wallet which is awesome that's kind of outside of their gaming platform as well
and that just got announced on the 23rd I believe in March so we have the
affinity test that there's gonna be a lot of transactions able to run across
this blockchain using the ERC 20 tokens without excessive fees and it's gonna be
highly scalable as well they have some huge partnerships as well so not only as
engine coin already started with their minecraft SDK but there have also worked
with getting a deal with real gaming engine and they also just
sealed up a deal with community which is a huge gaming developing company so they
were behind some games like Angry Birds – Pokemon go I have a huge list of games
sort of spanning the last decade that they've been working on so it's another
great partnership the engine is acquired and in the terms of other gaming coins
an engine is far ahead and many different ways not only did they have
millions of customers and databases of of all those customers with their prior
platform that we're gamers playing the Minecraft game but they also now have
all these partnerships and they have all these developments that are gonna help
their blockchain succeed and be scalable with less fees and higher usage so I
definitely see engine coin taking off they have a lot and to do here in their
roadmap over the course of the next few months and we'll see if they release
some of the stuff that they're supposed to and as you can see it dropped under
two cents the ICO price was about there two and a half to 3 cents and it's been
as high as 43 cents so it's definitely a project that I can see hitting a billion
dollar plus market cap one day and possibly even more when certain items
and certainly digital worlds are more usable and especially when you VR is in
the mix and stuff like that and I think in vain' will dis pair perfectly with
stuff like wax token and some of these other projects and I can't wait to see
what the future holds for engine coin for me it's a definite fold and I own
like 20,000 engine coin and so does my brother and my friends whew my friends
own engine coin as well but it's a great investment if you're a developer just
trying to make some money or whatever the case might be definitely look into
engine core and do some research see what you think thanks everybody for
joining in appreciate you watching the video and make sure you subscribe as
soon as we hit a thousand we're going to start a weekly giveaways on the weekend
thanks a lot and I'll see you on the moon take it easy

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