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Greetings gentlemen holders today I want to spend a review of the Enjin coin cryptocurrency And show its further movement sit back and i start my guess is based on the technical and fundamental analysis that I own Technical analysis is the psychology of people in the market Therefore, I am delved into technical analysis already last 3-4 years As you can see I have I have been cooking in the topic of trading for several years, but now it is fully and to a greater extent true analyzing market movement What is Enjin coin in general? Enjn Coin cryptocurrency began to be created 4 years ago.

The programmers of the Enjin company worked on its appearance. She is the owner of an online gaming platform. Total number of platform users exceeds 20 million, the number of visits per month exceeds 60 million customers. To solve some of the problems in the gambling industry, the company's programmers decided to create the Enjin Coin cryptocurrency, based on blockchain technology. Enjin Coin cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 token, operating on the Ethereum blockchain, like many other digital coins. With a cross-chain blockchain embed application and cryptocurrency Enjin Coin into the game equation. Gamers who are clients of the platform when receiving in-game items, they can then buy, sell, exchange through a smart contract.

The platform payment gateway provides purchase, sale, trading operations with assets in different currencies. Enjin Coin is on the 72nd place in the cryptocurrency rating in the coin market cap It is watched by 227 thousand people and its market capitalization at full issue is 999 million dollars at the moment Now let's take a look at the engin coin chart and suppose its further movement. I'm at the graph Engin Coin And above all, the price needs to break through the oblique resistance level which time after time prevents the price from resuming its highs The wedge that has formed recently can help with this.

Price highs and lows narrow to a single value After the price breaks through the oblique resistance level, it needs to gain a foothold on it and after it is fixed, it will first go to the level at two dollars Further, its target is a level at three dollars AND a historical maximum of almost 4 dollars Well, for today put everything like if this review turned out to be at least a little useful for you subscribe to the channel in order not to miss new analyzes Well, with you was stas ekey trading time so far!.

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