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Body:- Let's start today's video with the most amazing
news of this week. Enjin token gets listed on kraken the second best crypto exchange
after binance. This move will increase the liquidity of Enjin coin and it also introduces
the Enjin coin to a wider audience. So basically this means that there will be new buyers and
those buyers will push the price higher. News#2:- Enjin joined crypto climate Accord Currently, the cryptocurrency market cap hovers
around $1.5 trillion, and the industry collectively uses approximately 150 TWh (Terawatt hours)
of electricity annually more than Poland, Norway, Egypt, or Sweden. To paint a somewhat
different picture, Disneyland uses 1 TWh of electricity per year. According to Enjin's blog post, their block
chain technology can help in reducing carbon footprint which will benefit the sustainable
future of our planet.

Earlier this year, Enjin announced their plan
to enable carbon-neutral non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by 2030, and that plan is now full
steam ahead. NFTs have been a controversial topic of late
due to their large carbon footprint created via the process of creating consensus in a
proof-of-work mechanism. By using Enjin s interoperable bridging network
and scaling solution, JumpNet, Enjin say they can reduce energy consumption through a relatively
new consensus mechanism. The mechanism, known as proof-of-authority
(PoA), refers to a solely permissioned state where only invited parties can participate
as nodes on a private blockchain. Using PoA, the companies say they can reduce
power consumption by as much as 99.98%, when compared with other networks such as Ethereum
or Bitcoin.

The process to become fully carbon-neutral,
however, may take some time as Enjin says it has only just begun to implement a nine-year
plan to upgrade to carbon-neutral nodes. By looking into the vision of the Enjin community,
I'm pretty much bullish on Enjin for the long term and expecting a 5x-10x return in the
near future. If Enjin succeeds in reducing energy consumption,
then Enjin can surely make it to the list of top 10 crypto currencies by market cap. Enjin Coin Price Prediction 2021:- Enjin Coin entered the year 2021 with a trading
price of $0.13.

On a bullish note, the price started to rise further and is trading at
$3.48. The current ATH is $4.00 that evolved in April. Following this, Enjin surged significantly
with $2 figures by May. However, on May 19, the price collapsed, dipping from $1.89 to
$1.20. The ENJ price has not yet recouped from the market crash and remains sluggish! Enjin coin may trade at $1.589 by the end
of 2021, on an average with regular buying and selling pressures. However, the coin might soar if the community
concentrates on reducing the transaction fees. Also, with a wide vogue of the Enjin Smart
wallet, the coin may strike a high at $2.851 with further developments. Final words:- At the time of making this video, the Enjin
Coin (ENJ) price was roughly $1.31. Seeing its recent developments, it may reach at least
$10.00. Other analysts predict this too. Investors have just started seeing the yield
potential of gaming cryptos. As a result, AXS coins jumped from $3.00 to $18.00 within
a month! There s no doubt that ENJ could reach a similar
all-time high! That s why Enjin is likely to be a good profitable investment right now.

That's all for today's video, thanks for watching
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