Enjin at E3: Interview with a Gamer

hi everybody this is Cameron Cameron tell me about you I've been a gamer as long as I've been able to walk I'm just it's always kind of been my lifestyle back in you know even when that was a nerdy thing to do and now you come to places like this and it's like that's the community that's the majority so why did you come to this news I came to this booth because I've been using engine for years I've been creating gilt clan websites on there and I love that they have like some options anything you think you can do you can either break down to like HTML and build it up yourself or they have lots of couple engines like the easiest on the web right now is go on there and just like build whatever you want or whatever game you're playing easiest UI for beginners to anybody who knows how to like but just break it down and building yourself thank you well you are why we do it right yes you are the perfect example of why we do what we do have you heard about this endeavor from the company so we'll talk about that in a bit what do you think of our booth engine nose like I wonder about the same engine or just another close company so that's all the e on the way over here that big logo that you guys are bad come check it out and see what you do with it awesome all right [Music]

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