Emerging Altcoin With Solid Potential (2020 Hackathon Winner)

according to a study by the apa or the american psychological association 61 percent of u.s adults surveyed out at 3 000 reported undesired weight changes since the pandemic began this has been attributed to stress lack of exercise unhealthy changes in eating habits and increased alcohol consumption it's time to get to fit and shed those pounds while making money at the same time and apparently if you eat hot pockets you'll most likely die before you get to enjoy your crypto gains don't die get fit let's get it [Music] so [Music] [Music] welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben every day i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we're going to be discussing a project we're invested in that recently crushed its public sale 360 wellness is a groundbreaking decentralized fitness and wellness marketplace being hosted on both of our partner launch pads firm advisory services and yfti yes you heard me right the world of defy is even invading the fitness industry d fit connects people with professionals all over the world to stay fit and healthy at home turning everyone's living room into their own personal at-home fitness studio but this isn't just another course for growing muscle and getting lean 360 wellness provides a powerful suite of mobile and web solutions for health wellness and fitness professionals to grow their online revenue and build their brand there's already pre-existing mobile applications launched on both apple ios store and google play in october of 2020 these applications have already been downloaded across 172 countries combined 360 wellness was just joined by 35 plus instructors during its test launch phase and the project only continues to grow kind of like these muscles d-vit is a cryptocurrency built for mass adoption by 360 wellness it's due to their fast-growing community of trainers and users globally the company aims to provide its community with their own digital currency as a secured reliable fast payment alternative to fiat currencies to process transactions but the dvit token also enables in-app gamification enhancing user privacy building user loyalty through staking and exclusive benefits for holders of the token gamification has gained the attention of many industries and fitness is no different by enabling gamification in the app the team says it is a user-friendly way to incorporate participation while gaining rewards the rewards are not only for the users but also for the companies and trainers who partner with 360 wellness they utilize the defit coin the coin's usage will drive demand from their clients that they are training and selling too the app is a revolutionary product that offers live virtual fitness classes and the world's first lifestyle tracker bundled in easy to use interface 360 wellness won the 2020 pitch deck asia awards in all categories which had over 600 plus participants 360 wellness is a project brought to us by 360 sports limited singapore incorporated company aiming to establish itself as the leading online fitness company in southeast asia but 360 sports isn't just focused on asia the company is further expanding and opening up its first european business unit overseas in france conquered the european market in partnership and with the support of technopole helia park bpi france and chamber of commerce region pal baron the company is already in partnership with brands and started referring on the mobile app a few of these are 50.store swazi.com and more if you use 360 wellness as a code you can get up to 30 off all their products the team plans to onboard a total of 7 000 trainers by 2022 and accumulate a total of 1 million downloads of its app diva has been audited by blockchain consilium certified security audits specializing in device nfts drc 20s crowdsale smart contracts so let's discuss the tokenomics of dfit there are a total of 50 million tokens that will ever be created there will be 1.25 percent put towards launch pad support 3.75 percent of tokens put aside for advisors 6.5 allocated for marketing seven percent for the team eight percent dedicated for operations 12.5 for exchange liquidity 15 towards loyalty and staking rewards and finally 46 will be sold during the angel and private and public sales the sale has a soft cap of 650 000 usdc and a hard cap of 1.152 million usdc there is also a planned staking program although details of the program have yet to be confirmed with verim and yf die staking wasn't enough there will also be a burning mechanism of staking fees in the future finally there will additionally be a buyback of coins with 10 profits coming from the use of the mobile application there are a number of benefits for users of the app referral rewards will be given to users for onboarding friends and family onto the mobile application achievement rewards based off fitness nutrition recovery and sleep on the 360 wellness tracker there will also be rewards for top users featured in the app top wellness user trending and top coin user feature besides benefits are stakers and users there will also be benefits for coaches of the app starting off there will be a welcome gift based on their most popular media channel coaches will be given a percentage of tokens once company and instructor profiles are successfully set up the revenue of the coach needs to be 10x of the coin value at the time when it was received an example would be like 11 cents per token would mean a coach receiving 500 welcome tokens comes to 55 dollars and would have to do 550 worth of revenue to unlock the welcome token gift token bonuses or coaches can be revised if the value of the token is not aligned with the 360 wellness business objectives according to the team coaches will receive extra visibility and higher ranking in top search results based on a specific formula of ranking in the marketplace ranking will be updated twice per week every monday and thursday to maintain engagement from coaches a coach will be ranked depending on his or her activity over a three or four day period to determine the ranking per period we use a two-step formula ranking will be based on a score of use of dvid coins experience points and the quality of classes there are several key advantages over competitor products for instance previously said earlier in this video the company has integrated the world's first wellness habit tracker 360 wellness innovative wellness tracker allows users to track how well they train feel eat and sleep all within one app delivers a daily update to each user with a unique w l and s score along with personalized insights recommendations to lead a better and healthier life the app has been developed in close collaboration with wellness industry experts and sports scientists this is a unique offering because it can be applied to any individual and anyone can use it to track their overall wellness the 360 wellness app is the first of its kind for fitness app to be integrated with a cryptocurrency for use case with live online fitness classes other applications out there are only doing fitness challenges or tasks as features while rewarding users with crypto 360 wellness offers a revolutionary product there's no menu feature and swipe function inside the mobile application creating a seamless and easy to use interface other competitors stick to the old and boring menu bar ui and ux what is coming next for digital fitness or dfit team recently released its road map and some highlights from this road map include the dvit token wallet creation with blockchain integration nft user and fitness journey integration plan finance smart chain integration with dfit erc's 20 token connected wearables integrated with garmin tsuntu polar and fitbit social the introduction to enhance user and trainer interactions so where can you pick up dvid if you missed the sale well the project will be listed first on unit swap after the sale and then other exchanges in the future that's all i got be blessed boy out [Music] you

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