Shiba token, a parody cryptocurrency, has just 
reached a record high, making it one of the most   valuable digital currencies in the world. Elon 
Musk just said something interesting about the   Shiba token that will make the coin blow up in 
the next 48 hours. Is Elon Musk investing in Shib   token? What the shib developers say about reaching 
10 cents? All these questions and more news,   you will find in this video. So, make 
sure you watch the video until the end.   Do not forget to like the video, subscribe, and 
comment down what you think about Shiba Inu.   With no more excuses, let's get started. CoinGecko 
reports that Shiba coin, a meme currency similar   to dogecoin, has increased in value by more 
than 40% during just the last seven days.   The coin is listed as the 11th largest 
cryptocurrency on the website.

According   to the site, the token's value has increased 
by over 45 million percent in the last year.
  After Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a major lover of 
dogecoin tweeted that he doesn't own any Shiba   coin, it dropped roughly 10% from its all-time 
high. The cryptocurrency markets have been   repeatedly affected by Musk's comments. Shiba 
coin, which is the ninth-largest cryptocurrency   by market value, has the Shiba Inu dog as its 
mascot, similar to Dogecoin.

Some investors have   become millions as a result of its rapid growth. 
Several celebrities, ranging from former members   of boy bands to professional athletes, have 
endorsed the currency. As recently as last month,   ethereum creator and co-founder Vitalik Buterin 
made news for contributing moreover 1 billion   dollars in Shiba coin to an Indian disaster relief 
organization called Covid-19. More than 300,000   people have signed a Change.org petition pushing 
Robinhood to list the Shiba Inu coin on its   platform. The value of other well-known virtual 
currencies has risen dramatically as well.
  As the most valuable cryptocurrency in the 
world, Bitcoin struck an all-time high last week,   surpassing the previous record established in 
April, with a price of about 67000 dollars per   coin. From slightly under 44000 dollars at the end 
of September, the price of one bitcoin has risen   by half this month. At the time of writing, the 
price of one bitcoin is close to 62000 dollars .   Increased confidence in the United States' 
authorities, encouragement from major investors   like George Soros, and the introduction of a 
first exchange-traded fund linked to bitcoin   futures have all contributed to the rise. Now 
let's get into the main topic of this video.   Dogecoin-inspired ERC-20 coin Shiba token 
witnessed a 20% price decline in two hours   after Tesla creator and potential CEO of DOGE 
Elon Musk revealed on Twitter that he did not   own any Shiba Inu tokens.

After a more than 500 
percent increase since the beginning of October,   SHIB rocketed to a local high of 0.000044 
dollars on Sunday, triggering the retracement.
  Twitter user ShibaInuHodler inquired about 
Musk's SHIB holdings amid the token's upward   price movement, to which Musk replied: "None." A 
few sellers had already stepped in at the token's   all-time high, but SHIB would drop another 10% 
to trade at 0.000035 dollars within 30 minutes   of Musk's response. Since then, SHIB's price has 
ranged between 0.00004 dollars and 0.000000035   dollars . SHIB investors' reactions to Musk's 
statements have been mixed, with one person   recommending that Musk invests in Shiba Inu 
tokens. While some have praised Shiba Inu Holder   for engaging Musk, others have condemned him for 
doing so, with Shibalaskan urging people to "stop   pestering celebrities when the community is 
doing fine without this sort of silliness.   It's all happening at the same time that 
Elon Musk is praising Dogecoin on Twitter.   "Lots of folks I talked to on Tesla manufacturing 
lines or building SpaceX rockets own Doge,"   tweeted SpaceX creator Elon Musk on Sunday.
They're not Wall Street bankers or high-tech   entrepreneurs from the Bay Area.

Doge seemed like 
the crypto of the people, which is why I decided   to support it. What the shib developers 
just said about the price of shib tokens?   Shiba Inu has just hit a new all-time high, 
according to the official SHIB Twitter account.   It's been a long time coming, but here we are. In 
May, the all-time high for Shiba Inus was reached.   This is the second time the Shiba Inu breed has 
done it! Shiba Inu was virtually unknown when   it first launched, save for the fact 
that it made reference to Dogecoin.   Much has happened since then and Shiba Inu 
is now the blockchain's trendiest coin,   with an unprecedented amount of momentum in the 
cryptocurrency market.

According to Stock Talk   Weekly, Shiba Inu's 24-hour volume increased by 
over 500 percent, making it a new all-time high.   Analysts estimate that the token's year-to-date 
gains are approximately 54 million percent.
  A continuous bullish trend that began on October 
15 has been blamed for the most recent price   increase in SHIB. As a result of this surge, 
the token's value increased by more than 26%.   On the other hand, the token's price 
went into a bear market on October 17th.   SHIB bulls, on the other hand, should be on the 
lookout for a breakout after the consolidation   phase, according to market analysts. Shiba 
Inu's bull run has restarted, as predicted,   and it has already risen by 46% in the 
last 48 hours to reach a new record high.   Dogecoin, on the other hand, has fallen by a 
stunning 65 percent since its May high. Shiba   Inu is currently the 13th-largest cryptocurrency 
by market capitalization, only three steps away   from Dogecoin, therefore the expected flipping 
is getting closer and closer.

It's getting closer   as Dogecoin's sluggish performance in the 
crypto market becomes more pronounced.
  Shiba Inu is currently the most 
traded cryptocurrency on Coinbase,   according to CoinMarketCap data, in addition 
to achieving a new all-time high. Shiba Inu's   daily trade volume topped 1 million dollars 
on the exchange! To put things in perspective,   the 24-hour trading volume of Ether, Bitcoin, 
and Solana combined is greater than this.   Exactly why are Shiba Inus assembling now, and 
where do they see the rally going from here?   You'll have to see what happens if you keep 
watching. We'll get to the good news soon enough.   As SHIB develops, so does the SHIB military. 
Last week, the number of SHIB holders had   surpassed the 750,000 thresholds. Shiba Inu has 
now surpassed the 760,000-holder mark in just a   few short days. That is ridiculously large! 
When SHIB continues to grow at this rate,   it may reach one million users by the end of the 
year. Also, as the number of holders increases,   transaction volume is expected to skyrocket, 
perhaps even reaching 1 billion dollars.
  As a result, prices will soar and potentially 
even lose a smattering of zeros in the process.   However, tremendous burn is what Shiba Inu 
urgently requires in order to achieve this   huge price increase.

There are currently 
390 trillion Shib Inu in circulation,   and if we want SHIB to become more valuable and 
profitable, we need to drastically reduce the   supply. Several burn techniques have been put in 
place by the group. There have also been joint   ventures that have resulted in varying degrees of 
heat. Today, we've got more news about the burn,   and we know you're going to love it. Shiba Inu's 
circulating supply contains approximately 888   million SHIB tokens, according to Watcher Guru. 
This is a 28000 dollars burn in today's money.   terms. Even while it's not as dramatic 
as Binance's 640 million dollars burns,   this is a huge step forward for Shib. It's 
unclear who set fire to the tokens.
  Now that we know that, let's take a look at 
the results of @shibainuart's Twitter poll.   Weekly, Shiba Inu's stock price has risen 
by astronomical amounts. In just one week,   the token's value has increased by over 200% and 
is now at an all-time high. To put it another way,   nobody knows just how high this 
token will go in the following week.   Shiba Inu appears to have developed the 
practice of paying weekly visits to its owners,   bringing pleasant surprises in the form of price 

So, what do you think will happen next   week? Most people who took part in @shibainuart's 
prediction poll believe that Shiba Inu will   attain a new all-time high price of roughly 
one-tenth of a cent if the zero is removed.   You may be asking why Shiba Inus are currently 
rallying. Coin Bureau, a crypto Twitter   personality, is likewise perplexed. Last night, he 
tweeted that SHIB was just outside of the top ten.   I'm stumped as to what's igniting this rally. 
And I'm hesitant to ask at this stage.
  SHIB Informer, on the other hand, 
responded with a lengthy list of   all the various variables that are conspiring to 
drive the price of Shiba Inu surging. Robinhood.   It's clear that Shiboshis is a big hit. Two main 
payment platforms have been integrated (you can   buy with SHIB in a lot of places already, even pay 
salaries). Right now, we're working on Shibarium,   an L2 blockchain of our own. Community members 
who are actively involved and natural influencers.   SHIB Informer has a point, and I tend to concur. 
Shiba Inu's recent bull run has been fueled by   all of these causes and more.

This is the end 
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