EMERGENCY!!! Chainlink NEXT for SEC? (Urgent Warning for LINK holders)

welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency today we have a very important announcement okay right now there are stories going on out there saying that chain link is the next to get hit by a lawsuit from the sec that's my dressing room here's here's what i'm going to say about this guys don't believe the hype i told you guys that this was going to happen it's not a coincidence that this is happening on christmas eve let's go back to a video that i told you guys about or that i i did about two months ago i told you guys that zeus capital the company putting out this report that the sec will be targeting chain link next is a fake company created by link marines whales on the deepest insides of chain link in order to flood the price down so they can make more it only cost them about twenty thousand dollars to put out the press on this erroneous report right now everyone's scared because xrp is getting delicious from exchanges and they're facing severe sec action this is what i will tell you though something interesting to think about is that the most regulated exchange in the united states probably the the the people that work the closest with regulators and have since the very beginning of their entrance in crypto or the winklevoss twins they never listed xrp on gemiini they did list chain link the stories and the rumors about the sec going after chain link are totally false totally erroneous by flood capital or uh by zeus capital we told you guys that there was going to be and you guys remember this i've seen people in the comments saying it there was going to be an attack from zeus capital on chain link right around christmas and here we are christmas eve merry christmas eve to you and yours remember the reason for this season okay but here we are on christmas eve and they're putting out these reports now could they have possibly anticipated the news regarding xrp no they could not have absolutely could not have totally unrelated it's kind of like i tell you guys about catalyst events in crypto the bitcoin price was always going to do what the bitcoin price was going to do we look at different times and we say this may have costed this may have caused it this may have caused it but what's really caused the bitcoin price to go up is actually its fundamentals and the rarity and the scarcity the and everything that goes behind bitcoin the catalyst event for the chain-link fud at christmas is irrelevant what matters is we knew they were going to find something around this time and they actually just got one of the greatest christmas gifts ever with this story going on because there's already a lot of fear circling around all coins right now so here's what you need to know could chain link ever potentially be investigated by the sec yeah absolutely it could happen it could happen we have a lot of precedent to think that it probably won't happen the reason why in my opinion the sec is going after xrp is because they've been so bold and brazen that they will fight the sec i don't know if you know this about the government but they squash that you've got to just say please do with me as you please do with me as you will that's what you have to say to our government overlords so listen guys the chain-link stuff coming out right now totally false totally fake do not believe this it's chain-link insiders themselves trying to get you to sell your bags so they can load up and double up look for a huge move from chain link in the next two weeks hey guys once again merry christmas eve we got big videos coming for you guys later today including an interview with charles hoskinson of cardano we're calling out some scams here in just a few hours let me know down below in the comments what you're doing for christmas eve that's all i got be blessed

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