EMCD Bitcoin & Litecoin Mining Pool Review

what's up miners today we're gonna be talking about the emc di o- what is this mining pool how does it have no fees and really what are the pros and cons with this mining pool well first let's touch on this whole No Fee thing right so EMC D is a mining pool they currently support bitcoins sha-256 mining as well as litecoin which is script mining you know based on their relevant algorithms there this is their firmware actually got a mining pool and they have firmware we're gonna get dive more into the firmware later on but the firmware has a fee built in and what this fee is a large revenue source of this company okay so with that fee they're able to cut out the fee from their mining pool but their mining pool is not completely without fees by default they have a donation percentage which is normally set to on once you make your initial account this is a mining pool that you absolutely have to make an account in order to use it you can't just you know connect your address in your miner and begin mining they also have a referral program which is pretty interesting so basically you receive 0.05 to 5% of the hatch of your referrals so naturally we have a referral link in the video description below if you're wondering if we've gotten rich with our links well you can see so far we've made about 2 Satoshi's so don't think that this is some kind of shell because the referrals are sort of lucrative here but if the video does help you find this pool while we appreciate when you guys use our links and to be clear and fully transparent in today's video as always this is a sponsored video thanks to EMC DJO keeping us in business how has the pool been paying out anyway well you can see last three days with 24-hour mining it's mine between a hundred and twenty thousand Satoshi's to about 150 thousand Satoshi's i think that this wrapped in a little bit more than 24 hours of mining because it was our first time money on the pool that's why the earnings are a little bit higher and then after that we're getting more average and with basically what you would expect from earnings if you translate that from a BTC to USD value that's gonna be about nine dollars a day but what miner are we using we're using an ant miner s 17 e right now compare those minor wards – what you know some of the common mining calculators say you should be earning or projected to be earning well actually exactly that and so if you are meaning the profit projections of money calculators then you're doing a good job so as far as we can tell the earnings on this mining pool are as good as other mining pools if not a little bit better they have a unique payouts game called FP PS plus it stands for full pay per share plus basically its pay per share but it's their way and there's no fee built-in normally PPS has a fee built-in and normally PPS is a higher mining pool of style fee clicking over to our statistics page you can see our hash right here over the last day pretty steady we can review what our performance is so we're saying that we're averaging about 65 Tara hash a second we're pretty much on par for where we should be but comparing it to what we were being credited in the last three days for average hash rate we're actually getting credited for exactly I mean this was like completely on the money for what our miner says it's doing so sixty four and a half tera hash a second and then here we can see we have literally sixty four and a half tera hash a second so this is a good thing you're getting paid and rewarded appropriately for your miners not something where you're getting gypped or you know they're skimming on the top and so forth at least what we can tell from our testing here here's without a doubt the coolest feature of this mining pool right light theme dark theme I'm a sucker for dark theme that's I'm gonna say the coolest feature but maybe I'm biased two of the other unique factors about this mining pool is that they are a profit switching mining pool by default and it's from the money pool as a whole so right now bitcoin is the most profitable thing further algorithm to be mining so all of their hash power is mining it right now they are not mining any Bitcoin cash did you buy it or litecoin cash but they're set up to do that if say Bitcoin cash skyrocketed their pool algorithm would automatically flip them over there so we would in turn hopefully be receiving the best possible profits they also boast 24/7 support sent a couple messages right now it's 333 let's see how long it takes up I am so annoyed I didn't even have it in the red spot it was behind me oh you know way to go way to go so it's not the only fee in that firm one so it's pretty cool I mean I asked this question at 3:33 I mean granted I did blow them up right here but that honestly has a pretty quick response I'm actually kind of I'm actually gonna impressed here and I've seldom impressed just kind of was unimpressed guys whatever that's worth that's pretty that's pretty cool I mean there's a lot of money pools I'd like to ask questions too so while we waiting for a response on this and to be clear I mean I only took a couple minutes you know start to finish to ask a couple questions and get appropriate responses honestly that's pretty cool that's this isn't some kind of scripted thing I mean they knew I was doing our video reviews maybe they were like really attentive at the time but it's not like this is some script behind the scene things like hey dude I'm asking my question you better answer it's not like that at all so I'm here in the minor classic ant Minor firmware this isn't their firmware this is just you know normal ant minor firmware and from here you can grab you know the address your user name dot minor and literally you can just put in a password that actually brings up one a point I did not cover yet so if you click the connect tab put this over here so you guys can see if the answer and you can click a stratum that's close to you so I'm in USA so I go to the USA a stratum if you're in Europe well you should probably go to the European stratum so that's cool to have global stratum support that makes it a global mining pool you always want to connect to the one closest to you because you have the best ping which will in turn give you the best hash rate and thus you will earn the most for your boards simple stuff and that's pretty much it guys that kind of rounds out the emcde io sha-256 and script mining pool I'm on their Bitcoin talk base their equivalent of a money pool announcement right here I have that link down in the video description below along with the referral link and just you know any other information that I talked about in this video like the profit calculator so you can go ahead and grab all this stuff and evaluate it your self oh oh we got answer PPS paper share the mine receives I'm pretty sure that English is not his native language so there's I think there's a disconnect here when I'm asking this question verse the answer I'm getting which is okay I mean everyone's not gonna be natively you know American English whatever and the last thing I still want to touch on here is that one they've got telegram community check that out if you want to do it if you want to check out their firmware so they're gonna drop down menu here it is Russian based firmware and with that you can select your minor so you know I'm running at s seventeen E which I believe should be the same for an s seventeen here and so I could download this this firmware and be off running with that so depending on which firmware you're using s there's a different development fee so we got the Venus firmware there and the misc aligners from or some two options here kind of interesting and so we go over here and minor s nine same options reducing the power consumption and running Auto tuning things like this are you know pretty critical in the current landscape of mining and we got the answer over here basically fpbs is their version of paper share so that's cool just get clear clarification on that and actually to get answers here you know via the mining pool so as always guys I hope you enjoyed the video if you did please make sure to subscribe to the Bosque own YouTube channel hit the thumbs up leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this mining pool in the firmware if you decide to use it see you guys on the next one just wanna be [Music] I just wanna dance [Music] now you know don't you know it [Music] I'm so [Music]

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