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elon musk and cryptocurrency always go hand in hand elon musk is probably known as the doge father in the cryptocurrency world this is because of his fascination with dogecoin elon musk is one of the most influential people in the crypto sphere and his tweets are enough to affect the prices of cryptocurrencies so what does this billionaire genius have in store for us now and this time apart from the usual it's not dogecoin he has to say about stay tuned to find out but first we're giving away 25 at the end of the month to one random subscriber to start their xrp journey all you need to do is like the video subscribe and comment your thoughts on xrp in the comment section welcome xrp army let's grow the xrp lab community by pressing the like and subscribe button ripple labs has launched a cryptocurrency name xrp as part of its network xrp can be purchased as a long-term investment as a trading token for other cryptocurrencies or as a means of funding ripple network transactions unlike most other cryptocurrencies xrp and ripple do not run on a blockchain with the 10x potential xrp will be the most valued currency in 2021 xrp is the odd duck in the cryptocurrency industry ripple labs developed xrp a centralized cryptocurrency that it mines maintains and administers ripple's digital currency xrp is said to be capable of processing 500 transactions per second and paying out in four seconds ripple a well-known provider of enterprise blockchain payment solutions has committed becoming carbon neutral by 2030 making it the first blockchain company to do so ripple has launched a number of initiatives to drive global finance towards a carbon neutral future including the open source technology that allows any blockchain to decarbonize the securities and exchange commission has refused to publish the records that explain how it decided that ethereum and bitcoin are not securities the good news is that whatever the sec is hiding will soon be revealed by the court and we'll all know whether it was worth it it will only be a matter of time before it occurs we've all heard that ripple and the u.s securities and exchange commission are working on a settlement deal over the recent case which we should point out might bring this long and laborious judicial process to a stop xrp and the broader crypto industry have had a difficult time in the last two weeks if everything goes according to plan a settlement might be reached soon followed by relisting and an indefinite price increase if you haven't tried your hand with xrp yet now is the time to do so before the ship leaves port if you've been keeping an eye on the price of xrp in recent days you'll notice it's been slowly rising elon musk is the most powerful cryptocurrency figure he can elevate the value of a cryptocurrency from zero dollars to billions and send it to the moon with a single tweet or he may drag down the entire crypto market down with it most of his tweets are on the popular cryptocurrency bitcoin as well as the meme dogecoin he's also tweeted about xrp on occasion though mainly in a covert manner he just tweeted about xrp again but this time in a secret encoded message musk tweeted on june 14 that pluto takes 248 years to orbit the sun while uranus takes only 84.

So what's the connection to xrp but first let's talk about germatria before we get into what the hidden message was behind the billionaire influencers tweet let's talk about gematria germatria is an alphanumeric code that uses letters to lend a number value to a name word or phrase depending on the cipher used a single word can have many values gematria is a hebrew alphanumeric code or cipher that was most likely utilized in biblical times and has since been borrowed by other cultures the secret meanings of elon musk's tweet were discovered when it was written word for word in gemitria the first result of putting the word pluto into gematria was austin when austin was further explored a slew of related names surfaced only xrp appeared twice and interestingly xrp589 also appeared most of us are familiar with the history of xrp and 589 the other result was lulu which is one of ripple's partners when uranus was looked up in demetria the results were even more startling xrp go go go was one of the initial outcomes this means that xrp will not slow down and will eventually reach the moon and possibly even pluto his tweet was taken to a new level by the investing site in terms of the investor position astrology wild twitter may have made uranus popular on the social media platform elon musk unwittingly made uranus popular among cryptocurrency investors if we delve a bit more into science and space we can learn that uranus is the solar system's seventh planet what is the meaning of the number seven yep you guessed it correctly by market capitalization example is the seventh most valuable cryptocurrency xrp is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency that exists as a native digital asset on the xrp ledger an open source permissionless and decentralized blockchain technology that can settle transactions in as little as three to five seconds that too with the least amount of transaction fees it is the most stable and sustainable cryptocurrency and can handle 1 500 transactions per second the imf is assisting its members with a network of more than 300 partners about 200 of which are financial institutions banks and none banks as startup companies continue to seek out services that are unique to ripple and would allow them to reach a wider audience while improving customer experience despite rising optimism among ripple co-founders and xrp holders brad young has won and if the legal battle with the u.s regulators lost the business is prepared to move forward without the xrp base settlement platform sarah nerburn has ruled in favor of ripple labs and its co-founders in a case that many believe may define the future of cryptocurrency the most recent update on the litigation appears to be an xrp's favor therefore price expectations for xrp ripple are presently rising in anticipation of a happy swing the judicial victories have helped xrp gain traction in recent weeks there are also rumors that the coin could be relisted on a number of different platforms ripple has also been touting ripple net's many capabilities such as the benefits of liquidity which removes pre-funding of destination accounts and lowers operational expenses ripple extended its global expansion with multiple companies around the world throughout the previous quarter through diverse agreements this blockchain company bought a 40 share in tranglo one of asia's largest cross-border payment companies in a recent interview with reuters ceo brad garlinghouse stated that the company is growing rapidly in asia and that xrp liquidity activity is increasing at an astounding rate in the market according to its official report ripple continued to participate in sales to support odl and important infrastructure partners as part of growing p to strengthen the odl experience of some clients eliminating the need for pre-funding and allowing rapid worldwide payments ripple's overall revenue net of acquisitions concluded the quarter at seven basis points according to crypto compare top tier cctt volumes according to recent statistics the number of whale addresses has increased significantly according to the business the number of wallets holding between 1 million and 10 million xrp climbed from 1125 to 1196 that's a considerable increase and the business appears to be doing well to make matters even better the business revealed that at least 10 million x is held in 319 crypto wallets on june 3rd xrp reached a high of 1.08 but this was just before elon musk's late-night tweet about his feud with bitcoin which caused numerous cryptocurrencies including ripple to plummet since the may crash it's been in a bull bear war bouncing back and forth between the 1.80 price level cryptocurrency experts stated that the xrp prices will undergo an explosion and experience new highs like never before therefore people looking for a stable investment with guaranteed returns xrp might be where you put your money into before heading forward kindly note that prices of cryptocurrencies frequently change so by the time you watch this video it might have changed to a whole new value the information provided in this video does not constitute investment advice financial advice trading advice or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the content as such the content in this video is for educational purposes only and hence should not be considered financial advice do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions so what do you guys think can xrp overtake its competitors and become one of the greatest cryptocurrencies in the market do let us know in the comment section below and do you invest in xrp if you want to continue to know about xrp we've got two more videos waiting for you on the end screen to check out make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up thank you so much for watching see you in the next video my friend [Music] you

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