and here comes here why
is Bitcoin subindo is going up, whats happening with the dogi   it's just that she influenced the moschetta in this
game  but the main thing I  m going to say that today is what I made my bitcoins
I voum going talk about 5 reasons that explain this handle pay attention to number four, it's number 4
because of it I'm going to had or sell my bitcoins I'll talk about later I wanted to
talk about this cute little boy here, right she some who live manipulator of the story global world
and outside the earth also not only of Christ coins   he tambéms also manipulated Tesla açõess actions  hes
inscribed he és the greatest expert, right?
that no, it doesn't stop getting hooked,
Bitcoin first thing I wanted to talk about, it's a first thing he's a hell of
a manipulator, that's what we've said here several times, it's just that now Bitcoin should probably be
manipulated This is my opinion because Fabrício, who is afraid of a hacker attack, can have
all the money in the world if Brazilian and Russian hackers, who are the best in the world, decide to
attack Tesla, you can be sure they will have one is of a problem so he still only turned now
to the dogi which is the entered does not know it was a meme so he messes with a little joke
as well as how he can take advantage of the profits but the dogi run Fabrício his vision
he has some foundation in this crypto there is some foundation in my view there is no foundation,
right, the foundation if it wasn't for the album you look for Doge Cohen would always be a meme
a joke, right but as he wants to test the power he has, he takes a meme and it turns into a
real cryptocurrency, even with the possibility of accepting it there in the thesis the other day he did a research,
whether it should focus the little lights there in the dark with the picture of the dog rinho, I don't know that Marry the
200 Brazilian real note Did he say it was that it is but beauty Fabrício I already understood that it is a big one,
you would have manipulated Doge was in your wallet, not even a dick Ah but if he appreciates three hundred
percent, you will if regret not because there is no basis in my vision and it's very easy,
we invest looking in the rearview mirror, agree that it's very easy to wear looking in the rearview mirror,
oil behind only ours should be simple   damn investing like that I see more
What are the five reasons why it's because there's one of them that you consider the main first
reason for this increase Here it started a few months ago, I think it was actually a month and a little ago,
when Amazon announced that it was looking for a blockchain specialist, you didn't need an
equal specialist there whoever had this information leaked that they are looking for these employees because
there are few specialists, it's just like the kitchen they've taken in the world still officially new and then
the possibility of Amazon accepting   started leaking its Crypton our transactions only you think
this will happen dude I dont think its going to be for now Talvez Maybe I nãom not the one coming in that stay anymore
one will accept now but for sure he will already they are seeing that what can no longer be denied will not
be able to close their eyes, so a company with the size of the handle, which grows absurdly,
is practically in every corner of the world, saying that there will be a connection or hiring
a specialist for a certain subject in what is the block had obviously this started the frenzy
he Oops the story is there again its coming backné Bitcoin put it again, its the little bug
beautiful in the story about the very cool 60 talking about coins described here, I have a position
slightly aggressive in cryptocurrency is in seen both through Exchange and is also
from etf I have both in my wallet but seven cart of fixed important and for yuck
because because even a variable variable is to see   what happens in the coin writer is a lot but
they are not a certainty, this is a probability   I even considered but the certainty is not still fixed  it is
always essential, its in the wallet even for you to take advantage of the lows there which has
in variable income and for those who know that there is a little fixed income in the portfolio Two hundred
Percent of the CDI has a bank that is giving Two hundred Percent of the CDI is exactly the factory I doubt
one billion a dot com.br/200 click go leave the link down here you click later you say
if its a lie you ére true, well lets go back here first reason Amazon, right there, the return
of Bitcoin dos rise again and it ends up taking all the coins together according to the big
reason  the miners were expelled from China, right because because the Chinese want to dominate
digital currencies like the American dominated the dollar, right mom should denounce the Chinese?
focused on 2 and the Krypton digital market exactly then they expelled the miners
for those who dont know who the miner is are those guys who build sheds
with multiple machines with multiple sides that keep mining, right, breaking the encryption to
find new bitcoins there by the way everyone knows what Bitcoin is finite it's not your number
unlimited ribbon coins when you find it all bitcoin is over there's nothing else
so second reason is what it is Fábio they left right out when they left everybody body you
will give a stop over there in Bitcoin that will stop finding new bitcoins will the infrastructure
of the network must take a download Of course, but this is the same as what happened in Colombia remember
when  Colombia was trading those white Pocinhos   in that white powder that happened now
group me to Mexico Why? Because everybody goes, where is the money? Do you think
that the miners being expelled from Chin I'm asking you if you think that the miners,
being expelled from China, they will simply go to Bitcoin mineral radio, if there is an average of one
money, it's not simply a time of adjustment, it takes some machines there, puts it on the plane, puts it
on the ship and goes to another location which has cheap energy and preferably a
cold place there so as not to heat the brands, for example Piauí, land of my dear Whindersson,
would probably not work third thing that explains movement in this rise in bitcoins
is increasing the number of transactions above 1 million dollars involving 24, which
means that usually more than a million elderly people transact, or I'm not João A Maria, it
's more than a million dollars are institutional investors, right big Funds or big
investors are moving, that is, if the big investors are moving it has a
much greater purchasing power in them to take advantage this drop it had in those who are m then it hit
29 my dollar and they took the opportunity to buy with people are buying again right now and now the price
goes up now that we will reach the point I wanted, I voull explain why I keep my
position in cryptocurrency orally or butter For a long time what is equivalent to our cvm is
that the regulatory body there in the United States has been saying that it will regulate Bitcoin, right?

Sec, right, the new head of Sec has changed the president, right, trump, the ball, the new
head of the series has already said that he's going to put it on the agenda right, the regulation of Bitcoin is about to come out.
right, being regulating, for
sure this should drive Bitcoin up, but there's another thing, the ball a President
American also put in his new plan the new plan is for infrastructure that and I think it's
going to inject a trillion dollars into your mistake.

It's in this new plan that they've taken it,
even he wants to charge a fee, even so the market saw it as positive.
will charge
a little box there is no mistake its not important that the United States enters the parade enter the
Beach Boys Game  let me ask you a question in this Bitcoin drop in that drop, the last
drop  now its just a violent drop, right but only there fifty drop percent you bought more
or you got scared and sell the bitcoins What you love to read the comments you can
sit your finger on the comment
know You can let it not just write a comment here, go there
in the comments that I like to read just fine for you whotáre super excited, I dont even like it very much
to talk to Bitcoin fanatics now I ll start dark with fanatics for nothing right Why
Poli cilantro tea a certain action why Because these people have confirmation bias She
only speaks a very particular asset if you talk to someone who likes Bitcoin she it's just going to say,
well, What business is going to explode? Then you ask, that's cool, I'm going to go out and what's the risk, the
person has to stop thinking, it's because of the risk, it's to end.

I'm saying this method R2 how do I do it is
diversification within the diversification since that taken if you have two very questions
well answered because you have crypto and how many percent of your portfolio You may have said there
I may have 80 no proof that you can't have 80 You're playing casino games it can go very well
or it can go very wrong right there you're betting big and it's over MR2 method doesn't waver because I
j I've seen the tragedy a lot.

It's mainly with the older market, I've seen people lose cars,
lose a wedding, I don't know if it's a man, but anyway I've seen a lot happening in this
market, by the way, if you connect here, I made a video with Orlando da Mercúrio da take a look up here
he said that Bitcoin should hit $70000 yet this year exactly, but I dont pick up mentation  it
s guessing and argumentation has fundamental analyses Im down here not up, right, hello  that
was another thing I wanted to tell you   you see the guy Cash editor puts a snippet there
exactly our new podcast but here dad doesnt do anything like everyone exactly for
whoever subscribes to the channel subscribes there just click write you have to also stay on
Tink on YouTube doesnt tell you when theres new video, go to Tinkerbell, don't be, you
'll forget that I know you're naughty, right now, go to Tinkerbell active there that the cast guy is the
podcast walking in the shine it's a piece of furniture, right, here in São Paulo convertible with an open roof,
so Fabrício here you need to change, you can see if someone puts a pistol and
steals mine, or my watch But it's ok son, something else, quickie, it's registered here, don't give a 1850
you won't see the [ __ ] you'll see bye bye

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