Elon Musk looms as divisive figure at world’s largest bitcoin conference

elon musk is a divisive figure even though he is not physically present here so already today michael saylor of microstrategy a company that obviously was among the first movers to add bitcoin to their balance sheet last year before the rally began uh appeared to take aim at some of elon musk's comments saying that uh bitcoin by a long shot was one of the most energy-efficient assets in the history of the planet uh jack dorsey as you mentioned also speaking uh at the event today and he said that he thinks that you know bitcoin is good for renewables and in effect is good for the environment he also appeared to uh kind of take aim at elon when he said that uh he thought that there was a consensus among notable figures in this space on that topic so definitely coming up also in conversations that i'm having like i asked people do they think that this step back from elon musk's comments has lasting power and they think it's just it's a blip and so how much talk then shifts to jack dorsey who's been very much a proponent of bitcoin and decentralized finance has power communication through twitter and uh is certainly big in fintech through square i mean this uh hardware wallet possibly getting a lot of buzz right yeah absolutely and i mean a lot of positive comments from him saying that if he wasn't involved in twitter and square he'd be working in bitcoin he'd be a full-time employee somewhere in the space but this isn't new right like he's always been a big time fan so like even though he's very bullish on his bitcoin comments it's just a continuation of things that he said for years yeah that hardware wallet would be interesting um you know security of bitcoin one of those things a lot of people are concerned about keep hearing about people with millions of dollars stranded when they've forgotten their passwords uh you hope you hope maybe jack dorsey can get that figured out mackenzie thank you shepard smith here thanks for watching cnbc on youtube

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