Elon Musk Just Can’t Wait to Invest in VeChain VET! (Here’s Why)

can v chain replace bitcoin in this crypto world a vast number of people worldwide have already accessed the quickly expanding crypto industry bitcoin has remained the leading cryptocurrency but other cryptocurrencies give tough competition to bitcoin one of those is v chain can v chain be the next big cryptocurrency can it reach one dollar is it a good investment option ensure to keep on watching because we have a special hidden surprise for you in today's video hi v chain lovers welcome to v chain land your daily dose of v check if you're interested in everything around vechain this is the place for you make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more vegan news and let us know in the comments how much you think v chain will cost next year or month or week let's get to it the information is given for educational and entertainment purposes on this channel and should not be considered investment advice financial advice or trading advice viewers should do their own research before making investments and consult their financial advisors there's been an intense crypto boom at this point how far and how rapidly bitcoin's gone this year buying other old coins makes more sense in addition given its sheer capitalization size about 1 trillion dollars bitcoin is more likely not to climb as fast as other cryptocurrencies lastly some cryptos may have more attractive features like no mining dividends and more useful blockchain features from a list of non-bitcoin alternative cryptocurrencies in which investors might consider is worth investing one is v chain there is a good chance that this coin will outperform bitcoin in the long run vechain is a cryptocurrency and blockchain that aims at enhancing supply chain and logistics for companies the cryptocurrency vet ended at 1.91 us cents in 2020 it's more than nine times since the end of 2020 in the past four months this is one of the few significant cryptocurrencies which is not yet available on coinbase however vechain is becoming known as a blockchain solution for the supply chain for stock tracking purposes several significant companies are adopting it v-chain also has the main feature of paying a dividend of its kind every vet token holder shall be rewarded an offshoot coin named thor or v-thor for every 10 000 vet tokens the rate is around 4.32 vtho that is around 1.2 or so each year at today's usd rates which is fairly unique among cryptocurrencies the proof of authority protocol system an offshoot for the proof of stake system is also a unique feature of v chain the total amount of tokens is therefore slightly inflationary due to its double token supply mechanism however given the popularity of the blockchain with large companies v-chain seems to remain here since its launch the coin is up by 6972 and before we get into the rebound of the entire cryptocurrency market v chain will be compared with bitcoin btc usd that boomed from the 2018 lows of course but btc has gained just a thousand percent on its price in the same time the et works as a blockchain linked asset to the v chain however it is not a currency unlike bitcoin and is not a way to gas blockchain use unlike ethereum eth-usd instead vet is a token that creates value each vet makes a thor vtho off-shooting currency which functions a little like a dividend the more v-e-t you have the more thor same wallet you are given and node bonuses are offered along the way and it's mostly the same thing vet remains an asset that provides a vtho dividend and both the tradable on the open market while vthos utility uses the v chain blockchain for what do people use it that is the core business of vechain the blockchain is utilized as a tracker primarily in logistics supply chains and for its customers by big companies this is where vechain takes her turn from cryptocurrency which is new and hot it's neither an nft mining chain nor a decentralized finance platform and yet all these things can be done it boasts the best active use roster for true customers in the entire crypto sphere and is now the 19th most valuable market cap coin although the price of these new assets is notoriously tough the re-evaluation of other cryptocurrencies demonstrates that it has substantial room to run by its my care methodology viking line became the first shipping firm in the world to be verified by det norsk veritas german sher lloyd dnvgl this verification covering all seven ships and operations in six terminals of the viking line demonstrates the company's competence to manage and prevent infection risks including covert 19.

Authorities take decisions in sweden finland and estonia that impact the ability of viking line to provide service on the baltic sea the health guidelines and infectious disease management manuals used and regularly updated for their operations are a major component of the company's security activity this work has now been stepped up and expanded due to the covert 19 epidemic v chain is positioned as an enterprise solution unlike some of the stores that value cryptocurrencies in the crypto sphere one of the major companies strategically associated with the vegan foundation is a norwegian corporation named dnv dnv is a multinational audit and certification service last year the corporation itself generated sales of more than 2 billion this is the largest categorization company in the world it offers 13 175 vessels and mobile offshore unit tracking services seeking alpha states dnv was an early adopted logistics blockchain on a site called vechaininsider.com existing vegan collaborations and major companies using vechain are tracked this includes five collaborations of strategic importance including dnv price water has coopers and many chinese enterprises the project's partnership with big corporations including microsoft shanghai gas walmart china bmw group h m and others have shown success examples are provided for projects like reese which enables an enterprise to recycle marine resources to produce consumer goods another example is dnv's my story which helps producers to trace their products from something that's like farm to the table anti-counterfeiting transparent supply chain as dnv uses v-chain for its program tag trace trust and how to use it with the large global aluminium corporation hydro v chain scope becomes a significant aspect of business tracing in the coming decade trust is important here and that is why it was fantastic news that vechain was accredited last year as the only five-star blockchain by an international agency walmart china is the lead customer when dnv is the silent giant behind the establishment of v chain relationships and how a major client to have as large as utilizer the largest corporation in the emerging global economy tagging regular household and consumer goods time for a surprise mini quiz who is the founder of v chain one santoshi two charles hoskinson three sunny lou let us know in the comments below what you think the answer is all right back to the video staking has soon become a terrific option for crypto users to create crypto passive income with minimal configuration at the same time many cryptos may present a high probability of your investment reaching zero vet may deliver not only significant returns but also security for investors as stated the growth of vegan in collaboration with bmw and walmart china has proved that both vechain and vet and vtho are at the forefront of the blockchain revolution given both the current position of v chain and the prospects for the future the opportunity to start with the v chain staking possibility could be a good option vtho is priced at 0.015 by the marketplace as of march 2021 based on the vtho production rates an annual return for vet investors is around three percent some exchanges have more to offer or allow them to hold a vet of up to five percent i prefer this rate however far below atom usd coins which provide up to 15 percent for staking because the new vet will not swamp the market this is why a fee delegation service update from 2021 by vechain is a huge unblock for investors you can find that the change is very complex but one thing that enables organizations to buy access to the system of v chain without having to buy vtho and is still on demand for vtho being burned with each blockchain entry these have all led to the enormous increase in prices in 2021 which included the customer list a revised proof of authority the demand and vtho it is more than 4x since 1st january 2021 thus this hot coin might be exhausted but we don't think so one is that vtho prices continue to provide new investors a good return just on production with their fixed production ratio hey another factor is that many consumers have not yet embarked on their own vtho and second the global logistics and supply chain business is huge the fourth party logistics will be anticipated to reach more than 80 billion dollars by 2026.

China has announced its interest and v-change relationship with byd is directed straight at the decades to come to cut its carbon emissions also in the newest five-year plan china put blockchain we know that europe has indicated an interest in a digital covered green pass and vechain does it very beautifully in cyprus the possibility and the comparison that is returning to in the crypto sphere is ripple another blockchain firm aiming for a popular s-a-a-s potential international payments for transfer it's also become a company partnership leader but not as much to show as v-chain there are still many opportunities for v-chain even with the price increase as seen in 2021 and now before we wrap things up don't you guys want to know the answer to the mini quiz question well without further ado here's your answer the answer is c the founder is sunny lou with this we've come to an end thank you for watching the video till the end and make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up see you next time at v chain land until we meet again adios [Music]

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