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Hello and welcome back to Crypto Lion. The price of Dogecoin soared after Elon Musk underlined his
power as a market tipster by tweeting about it. If this is your first time here, be sure to click that like
button and hit subscribe and that notification bell. So, you know, whenever you upload a new video, Dogecoin
surprise rose by 50 percent on the 4th of February, shortly after Musk, the chief executive of
Tesla and the world's richest person, tweeted that Dogecoin is the people's crypto. Dogecoin jumped to five point seven cents, according to
data on block chain and cryptocurrency website coin desk. Musk first tweeted Doege and immediately followed up with
Dogecoin is the people's krypto. The Tesla chief's tweets about certain companies and crypto
currencies have sent their prices soaring in recent weeks. Shares in GameStop, Etsy and Citi Project have jumped
following comments on his Twitter account about them.

No highs, no lows, only doge, she added. He also tweeted a meme featuring himself and dogecoin in
Disney's The Lion King. Dogecoin, which uses a Cheeba dog meme as its logo was
started in 2013 as a joke after the invention of Bitcoin prompted a wave of imitators crypto currencies. However, the joke caught on and the coins had a market
value of six point three billion dollars on Thursday morning, according to coin market cap Dotcom, a
cryptocurrency data provider. The value of a single coin rose to five point two cents
that Thursday morning, up by almost three cents in twenty four hours. The volume of trading more than tripled over
the course of the day. Musk has long been a prolific user of social media with a
familiarity with online culture that is unusual among prominent chief executives. He had vowed on Tuesday to take a break from Twitter before
returning with comments that pumped up the value of Dogecoin. Musker tweeted, Dogecoin is the people's crypto,
along with other posts such as Sandstorm is a masterpiece, a possible reference to the nineteen ninety nine song by the

He also removed the reference to Bitcoin from his Twitter
bio page. After languishing in relative Internet obscurity, Dogecoin
is riding a wave of newfound popularity this year after being promoted by Musk as well as other Internet
influencers in late January. Prices were less than one penny. He added that the most ironic outcome would be dogecoin
becoming the currency of Earth and the future. Crypto currencies are gaining traction with more mainstream
investors. The euphoria boosted the total market value of all
cryptocurrency above one trillion dollars for the first time earlier in January. In recent weeks, Musks tweets and comments have moved
financial markets at the height of the retail share trading menu surrounding GameStop, a US video game retailer. He tweeted GameStop a reference to stock market meems. How predators also help Dogecoin to develop its own
subculture in 2013, the digital currency instantly exploded on Reddit, generating a market value of eight million
dollars. At the time, it became popular for the practice of tipping,
which was a way of repaying people on the web for performing good deeds, like sharing an idea or making a platform more

Only about a week after launching Dogecoin became the
second most tip currency, according to Insider. The digital currency has long contributed to a culture that
distinguishes itself by a sort of irreverence for institutions like Wall Street. It's not surprising Reddit users would take up the stock
alongside GameStop and AMC and trading against big hedge funds. Dogecoin developed its own subculture of sorts in
2013, largely due to the currency having a lower barrier of entry than Bitcoin. For people who might be interested in crypto currencies,
it's not taking itself as seriously. It's not being used by people worrying about whether
they'll become rich. It's something to share for thanks or kudos. At that time, its creators said they had no plans to
compete with cryptocurrency giant Bitcoin. But in 2014, the trading volume of the meme worthy coin
briefly eclipsed Bitcoin and all other digital currencies.

A year later, one of its creators took an extended leave of
absence from the company. As he said, the cryptocurrency environment had grown
increasingly serious and toxic. In twenty seventeen. The currency crossed a new milestone. Two billion dollars market value. Dogecoin price prediction, crypto trading presents the
comprehensive Dogecoin price prediction and forecasts that provides a better insight into the current Doge market
situation. Also, future expectations concerning the price action and
dogecoin market capitalization. It will help get a grasp of what's going on in the capital
market right now, adjust the trading strategy accordingly and make calculated investment and trading decisions in the
future. Dogecoin is a mineable coin that is presently priced at
four point six cents and as a market capitalization of almost six billion, which puts it on the 13th place on the
global cryptocurrency rating, the currently available supply of Dogecoin is just slightly above one hundred and twenty
eight billion coins. It is important to grasp the projected changes in supply to
properly calculate future market capitalization, hence the future price of the cryptocurrency.

The trading volume data allows us to assess the overall
strength of the trend, which in turn provides means for a more precise stock price forecast and predicts the shifts
in supply and demand that play a decisive role in price changes in both immediate and distant futures. According to current market cap dotcom, those coins trading
volume for the past twenty four hours is 11 billion three hundred thirty two million, two hundred thousand and nine
hundred and eighty seven. That constitutes the increase from the previous day. The current tendencies with regard to changes in the
average trading volume reveal the increasing demand for Doge coins on the backdrop of the decreasing supply of the
corresponding cryptocurrency to get a better understanding of the recent Doege market fluctuations.

The Crypto Volatility Index that clearly depicts the
present price dynamics and offers some hints of the possible scenarios of future price action was introduced. Most traders come to the cryptocurrency market in search of
digital assets. The promise high and extremely high returns, which is
achieved, among other things, through volatility that is inherent in the space. And even though the capability of most crypto currencies to
showcase tremendous gains has been hampered by recent crises, they still remain the point of attraction for those
who see this market as a good alternative to stocks, forex and other traditional markets.

Therefore, volatility represents an immensely important
aspect of crypto training. Crypto trading always proceeds from a range of factors when
analyzing the price of dogecoin and offering short, medium and long term price prediction, using their proprietary
algorithm that successfully incorporates artificial intelligence and specifically deep learning mechanisms. Employing the volatility index provides a profound insight
into the underlying sentiments in the Dogecoin market as it accurately depicts the mood of the participants before
delving into a more detailed Dogecoin price prediction. A short recap of the history of the Crypto Volatility
Index, the mechanism of its calculation, and also a few important tips on how to trade when KVI is low seem
worthwhile. The representative of the traditional markets, the Chicago
Board Options Exchange, served as the birthplace of the volatility index, the primary purpose of the volatility
index is to efficiently measure the expectations of market participants concerning the price movements of the S&P 500
index over the coming 30 days.

A quick reminder that the S&P five hundred is arguably the
most important equity index that reflects the performance of America's top 500 corporations such as Google, Facebook and
Apple. Taking into consideration the crypto market demands and
specificity, the volatility index was reinvented. The original index was used as the foundation and added the
showings derived from the crypto market that has been developing dynamically over the last several years. The Crypto Volatility Index effectively reflects the 30 day
backward looking volatility within the 10 percent range. The crypto volatility index has been incorporated into the
price prediction model due to several key factors. One, it's arguably one of the most effective instruments
for determining the crowd expectations. A critical element of price movement to the index also
takes into account the occurrences in the crypto market that has a proven and increasing correlation with the Bitcoin
price action, a dominant cryptocurrency that exerts a profound impact on the market, including that of Dogecoin.

And three. The bullish convergence arises when the crypto
volatility index is going down, whereas the price starts plodding to the upside. In that case, the algorithm will conclude that there is a
high probability of the upside action over the designated period of time. To summarize, the Crypto Volatility Index
displays, how fearful are the market participants of the price of Dogecoin dropping significantly over the last 30
days, which is synonymous with the expected negative volatility? If the index is high, it flashes red and
signals the increased probability of sharp price fluctuations. The green index, on the other hand, means
that participants expect the market to remain calm and predictable over the set period of time. Yellow Volatility Index is a moderate value, meaning the
traders are to expect some swings to the upside or the downside.

But without any disruptive changes over the
overall trend structure. The Crypto Volatility Index of Dogecoin is currently
flashing at ninety four, which means the traders must brace themselves for significant price fluctuations that need to
be dealt with accordingly. The most basic approach to use when trading with crypto
volatility index in any market, whether it is cryptocurrency or stocks, is to set the buy triggers when the volatility
goes overboard. The fear is prevailing in the dogecoin market that will
subsequently lead to a substantial price drop. For those traders who already acquired a position. The higher SEVIS implies that the time has come to
elaborate on an exit strategy, since high volatility, combined with fearful sentiment, generally results in a
sizable price drop. The current price of Dogecoin is four point six cents
established on the back of the forty seven point twenty eight percent increase in the last twenty four hours.

In the past 30 days, the price of Dogecoin has increased by
three hundred and seventy nine percent, while its accomplishments on the one year time frame amount to one
thousand three hundred and sixteen percent. The expected volatility for the next ten to fifteen days is
at its highest values. This is a chart showing Doege USD eighty four percent to
six hundred twenty five percent profit. As expected, there's huge trade coming for Dogecoin six to
seven full gains expected based on the AB equal seed pattern time ratio and gain analysis. It's a potential long position with great returns and a
lower time frame. This long position has also been confirmed. We hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up. Subscribe and click on that notification. Bill, would you like to know more about Dogecoin? Let us know your answers by placing them in the comments
section below.

Good luck and happy investing..

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