okay guys who else do you know is gonna roll out 
of bed at 1 45 a.m to do a video about this listen   it's here the catalyst is here 
elon musk just tweeted out hey guys   y'all want some teslas for dogecoin less than an 
hour ago he literally tweeted do you want tesla   to accept doge and guess what so far there 
are 793 000 votes and right at this second 77.5 of people said yes so the world hasn't 
even woken up yet it's it's like i said it's   1 50 a.m right now in l.a meaning the east coast 
is like snoozing right now and a lot of people are   sleeping even even in the west coast but not me 
you know what i mean because a lot of people just   they count sheep to go to sleep i count doge okay 
so tesla's for doge make sure you go over there   click the yes button you know let elon know how 
you feel because what this means is from my very   first video i said that i thought elon was going 
to accept dogecoin for his teslas i didn't know   when it was going to happen but that was going 
to be a catalyst but if at some point elon musk   comes out and says you can now buy tesla's with 
dogecoin that's going to be that's going to be   crazy because then he sets the standard i believe 
in this cryptocurrency so much that i'm willing to   sell my teslas in exchange for it and if anything 
that'll be leading the way right other companies   will see that like oh wow okay he's selling 
tesla's for dogecoin all right he's serious   about this this isn't a troll this isn't a 
joke he's really believing in this currency   so other companies hopefully soon will 
start accepting dogecoin so just the fact   that he asked the question means there's 
some consideration there there's some   form of possibility that this will happen in the 
near future so this is huge this is insane we're   talking about dogecoin for teslas and you better 
believe when it comes time i'm gonna buy my very   first tesla with dogecoin let me know what 
you guys think in the comment section below   what how do you feel about this like will you ever 
consider buying tesla's with your dosh make sure   to put that down below hit that like subscribe 
the bell notification this is like breaking news   right now okay like i'm probably not even making 
a whole lot of sense because i'm half asleep but   i needed to get this information out to you guys 
so please please please go over there let elon   know how you feel say yes and let's get this all 
the way up just so we can finally get it to the   next level not to mention i'm gonna show you guys 
what my robin hood looks like right now as soon   as that tweet went out so yeah i'm not gonna lie 
to you guys i'm mad sleepy right now but check   this out while we're still within the hour because 
this will show you the past hour right so in the   past hour i made 243 000 but when that tweet went 
off i was right about here 1.8 million hey guys   do you want tesla to accept doge bam we're going 
all the way up all the way up all the way up to   2 million 134 000 literally at 20 a.m the 
tweet went off at 1 13 7 minutes later   i'm up crazy 300 000 so yeah man this is gonna be 
nuts this is going to be insane like you know as   soon as tesla accepts dogecoin talk about utility 
right if we can use dogecoins to buy teslas why   can't we use dogecoins to buy other cars from 
other car companies everybody's gonna follow suit   yeah there's a helicopter looking for me right 
now but don't worry about that um right now   where are we at look at that five it went all the 
way to 54 cents right now it's at 52 cents right   crazy over two million dollars 3.9 doge average 
cost basis point zero four seven over a thousand   percent total return crazy but yeah guys i'm gonna 
take my ass to sleep man for real this is insane   i just wanted to share that with y'all um over 
2 million i'm over 2 million man diamond hands   let's go let's go let's go this is the way like 
subscribe share hit the notification bell all that   good stuff and i'll see you guys on the next video 
good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite

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