Elon Musk accepting Dogecoin as payment for SpaceX’s mission to the moon

elon musk wants to send dogecoin to the moon okay he's got that popular expression is is yeah is that it is it is spacex that's his space operation is it accepting dogecoin it is indeed elon musk announcing that his rocket company will now accept dogecoin as payment calling it the first crypto and first meme in space now spacex has already accepted dogecoin as payment to launch a satellite appropriately to the moon next year the geometric energy corporation which is funding the mission called it the first ever commercial lunar payload in history paid for entirely with dogecoin which was started as a joke geometric says dogecoin is now the official currency for all lunar business between spacex and gec in the future calling it sophisticated fast reliable and cryptographically secure i think that's a made-up word cryptographically secure yeah the bottom line is the the value of dogecoin is all over the place that's all over the place from here still a joke to me all right

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