Ellipal – холодный кошелек для криптовалют. Где хранить Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, Monero?

We are glad to welcome you to our EXMO channel, where we pay attention to the most advanced ideas from the world. cryptoindustry. We all perfectly understand that we are living in an amazing century of rapid development. digital technologies, and no pandemic can stop technological progress. One innovation is replaced by another, and in this turmoil it is difficult to keep track of the latest trends in the world of cryptocurrencies. But we are trying to erase these boundaries by introducing you to the most the latest projects of the world of digital assets. And the ideas that are discussed in our heading, able to turn this world upside down beyond recognition. But who is the engine of progress? You you have probably heard of such sites as Kickstrater and Indiegogo, where the most talented programmers, coders and just enthusiasts share their ideas with the whole world, making it a little better. And we keep on introducing you with the most interesting products from the world of the cryptoindustry, which are ahead of their time by several years ahead and show what our future can be.

Our goal is to help you, dear viewers, get acquainted with the presentations of such projects and draw your own conclusions about their feasibility and viability against the background of already available alternatives. And the next project is called ELLIPAL {ellipal}. This is a new generation of mobile, safe and easy-to-use cold wallets for storing cryptocurrency. Most modern cold wallets are focused only on storing assets and are connected to a personal computer, which provides a slight convenience, but still does not eliminate the risks. Owners cryptocurrencies are looking for the perfect and secure wallet in the market. For them, the ideal option would be a secure daily trading tool focused on mobile devices, fully functional and multicurrency support. Safety, functionality and usability are becoming the defining features of the next cold wallet generations. This is exactly what ELLIPAL offers. The product itself is a compact device, in appearance resembling a sort of LG {eji} of the early tenth years. But let's find out what the developers themselves say about their brainchild.

Translated and dubbed for the EXMO.RU portal Everyone talks about the security of cryptocurrency, paranoid about unlikely incidents, like my colleague Jeff. – Hey Jeff, can this device really reveal all the crimes on the internet? – In fact, ELLIPAL can much and even has a Framework that will allow you to see unique technologies security, and the best thing is that … “… was stolen for a million US dollars … hackers hacked $ 40 million … clients lost hundreds of millions of dollars … ". Online wallets are so easy to use, but definitely not the safest. a way to store your assets. That's why I wrote down my private key on a piece of paper so that hackers never get to it. A cold wallet is an effective solution to the security problem. So I myself came to a wonderful tool that generates a unique pin code on my home computer that no one can access my coins except me.

Time to be afraid! Has any of this ever happened to you? Let me introduce you to the most secure hardware wallet, ELLIPAL is a new generation cold wallet. So you can enjoy the new technology, like Jeff. ELLIPAL is the safest and most convenient cryptocurrency wallet. Unlike regular cold wallets, which still need to be connected to the computer, ELLIPAL is 100% computer free and works independently, making it the safest cold wallet in the market. On top of that, it uses an advanced application. This is the first and the only wallet that works in combination with a smartphone app. The device generates an ever-changing QR code that needs to be scanned smartphone to continue the operation. Even if the app on your phone gets hacked, your coins stay safe on your ELLIPAL wallet. ELLIPAL offers you market information in real-time news and prices, allowing you to buy and sell coins wherever and whenever whatever.

ELLIPAL is a cool wallet, support it on our Indiegogo page today and provide your cryptocurrency with security. ELLIPAL is a unique cryptocurrency solution next generation wallet! So what do you think? Actually similar there are not so many devices. ELLIPAL is an excellent cryptocurrency management solution. A mobile-friendly cold wallet that's easy to use thanks to the companion application. It is extremely secure thanks to the use of hardware and asset protection software, and allows you to seamlessly manage accounts, exchanges and provides the latest crypto news. You can add that this is ideal a combination of user convenience and secure storage of cryptocurrencies. ELLIPAL was still at the start compatible with major traded cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, ERC-20 tokens {and er si 20}. But over time, the multicurrency package has only expanded. At the same time, the developers collected 4,239,779 rubles, although they planned to raise funds, 5 times smaller volume.

Obviously, having collected such an amount, ELLIPAL has already gone on sale, and directly it is now available in five colors: gray, gold, blue, green and turquoise. Storage temperature: -20 ° C to 70 ° C, – 3.97 '' LCD display, 1400 mAh battery – what else do you need to be happy? It is likely that a crypto wallet is very convenient in use. What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments. We will continue to follow all the news from the world of the cryptoindustry. And if it appears something interesting, we will definitely tell you about a new project that can turn understanding of the use of digital currencies. Well, don't forget to subscribe to the channel. Click on the bell so you don't miss the next video. Good luck to everyone!.

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